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My grandparents always told me to never stick out my tongue. I clearly take direction really well. - - - Which is why when people told me to skip out on Nazaré, I did exactly the opposite. No idea why, but I was really drawn to the town of Nazaré and had to make a stop on my drive down the Portuguese coast. Turns out it’s a popular coastal city with amazing views of the beach if you take the funicular up to the cliffs. Even though it gets quite busy, I felt it was still very authentic. In the summer months, the waves are pretty small but I’m hoping to go back to Nazaré one day to see the monster waves that roll in! Is there a place you’ve been that you absolutely love even though you were told not to go? - - - #portugal #roadtrip #eurotrip #travelguide #travelwithme #letsgoeverywhere #athomeintheworld #thefairytalebloggers #europetravel #girlmeetsworld #sheisnotlost #darlingescapes #theoutbound #gltlove #tlpicks at Nazaré, Portugal


Back with some summer vibes 🌊 - - - The #algarve in southern Portugal was one of the more picturesque regions I drove through this past summer. Lagos is pretty full on but a decent place to make home base while exploring the nearby beaches. We spent our days sleeping in until the late morning, lounging under orange rocks or whatever shade we could find, and taking quick dips in the Arctic temp waters. How would you spend your day here? - - - #portugal #travelguide #travelwithme #letsgoeverywhere #athomeintheworld #thefairytalebloggers #europetravel #girlsmeetglobe #sheisnotlost #darlingescapes #theoutbound #gltlove #tlpicks at Lagos, Portugal


Day trip to Îles d'Hyères at Porquerolles, Provence-Alpes-Cote D'Azur, France


Heavenly finds hiking the coast of France at France


Really underestimated the ease of making a jumpsuit look photogenic. Can’t say I succeeded, but this is the only one that’ll do. at Bordeaux, France


The most stylish French woman told me that this hat is absolutely perfect for winter. Little does she know I don’t do winter. at France


Majestic at France


Completely unnecessary basket purchase. Just felt right. at Menton, France


Accidentally ended up in the cutest little French village just outside of Nice 🤷🏼‍♀️ at France

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