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a zine of my work published by @drawdownbooks will be available at the MoMA PS1 art book fair in nyc Sept. 20th-23rd. I’m personally selling 5 copies which are signed, numbered and delivered with a 4x6 archival pigment print (pictured here) $150 each + shipping to the first five people to message me. 32 pages, full color, 6.5 × 9.35 inches. Link in my bio for anyone interested in ordering unsigned versions 👽


I met @eastolivia a few weeks ago through an open call I did on here (yooo thank you internet) She offered to model for a picture + let me borrow some flowers for an idea I had. Gotta say when I showed up at her apartment, I was so intimidated—girl literally had a buffet of freshly picked floral things organized by color like it was no big deal and I’m so used to working with whatever I can find in the moment. So instead of doing anything with flowers, I nervously pet her dog and made a bunch of strange pictures of a chair. After repeating these steps for about an hour, I finally gained my nerve and made this (still featuring a chair cause ya know sometimes just gotta ride the wave of inspiration) 🌊


a series born from my inexplicable desire to sink into patterns (feat. @kewwss)


part II


pay it no mind


as usual




*edit* thank you to everyone who sent me a message—I’m overwhelmed by how many of you are willing to volunteer your faces/friend’s faces/family members/bodies/misc. body parts towards creating my weird world. One person literally submitted a picture of his entire family ready to model so special shoutout to you 😂 I’m closing submissions for now but I do open calls a couple times a year so if we don’t book something this time around there will be others ! To those of you who are waiting in my inbox: I’ll be going through your messages tomorrow and will do my best to respond to each of you ❤️ Original post: looking for people in nyc to photograph in the coming weeks. No experience necessary and all bodies welcome, just looking for those down to make strange art w me. DM your location and availability if interested


a lil selection of “As Usual” is hanging out under the Brooklyn Bridge on Water St. now through September 10th !! If you go please send pics cause my phone died yesterday after taking 16 different versions of this same video 😬 Thank you @photovillenyc ❤️ at Brooklyn Bridge Park


summer of slime 👅


prima donna

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