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Josh and @samanthalook at Point Reyes. There’s magic in the wind. @lambertfloralstudio. Processing by @negativelab #contax645 #kodakfilm #portra400 #filmphotography #pointreyes


Stories live and speak through these walls, in this home. Thank you for helping us tell them @thewellsmakery, @commun_s, @tazo_rtveliashvili, @mariambudagashvili, @yana_bendeliani, @a_linaefimov_a, @geomodels, @stephen.s.sellers, @negativelab #contax645 #kodakfilm #portra400 #ishootfilm #tsdo


Uyen before seeing her man, Phillip, at their ceremony in La Jolla, CA. Processing by @negativelab #contax645 #kodakfilm #portra400


I love this Malibu engagement session with @claire_Loren and @paff_design. Processing and scanning by the one and only @negativelab. #malibu #contax645 #kodak #ishootfilm #mediumformat


Shot for @wilderlybride. Styling by @thewellsmakery. MUAH by @lizweg. Floral bomb by @bostonpollen. Film processing by @negativelab #contax645 #filmphotography #kodakfilm #portra400 #oaxaca


Another sneak look at our editorial shoot for the Ardor workshop in Georgia. Less than a year earlier, just before the winter season closed off this small village to the outside world, I found myself here with the twelve year-round residence. I fell in love with the people, the community, the life here. It felt like a dream to be back, looking at this car, hugging the owner, and shooting here with some of my favorite people and my new friends and attendees for the workshop. @thewellsmakery, @commun_s, @tazo_rtveliashvili, @mariambudagashvili, @yana_bendeliani, @a_linaefimov_a, @geomodels, @stephen.s.sellers, @negativelab thank you all for contributing your talents to bring this shoot to life. And thank you @tamaragigola for all your hard work in coordinating the details! #contax645 #kodakfilm #portra400 #ishootfilm #tsdo


I’m so proud of this campaign shoot for @meet.swear, a new dress and clothing line started by the talented @rmalo5aapi. We shot the campaign in Paris on mostly black and white film, adding some color rolls to the mix when needed. I couldn’t be happier with the results and with this team. makeup - @katrin_alabama, model - @karinaross, Jewelery - @saharokstore . Processing by @negativelab #contax645 #kodakfilm #portra400 #paris #mediumformat #120mm #ishootfilm


@a_linaefimov_a at our Ardor workshop in Georgia 🇬🇪. The light was still high, so we crouched down behind a big rock and used the available light to add shape and rim her hair, shoulder, and arm. There is always good available light. You just have to find it and adjust your plan accordingly. Also, if you’re unhappy with your scans and feel that your work looks washed out, I highly recommend giving @negativelab a shot. We’re doing things a bit different than other labs. I’d love to connect you with our main lab tech, photographer, and guru, Brian, to explain. I’ll be sharing more about that soon! Look for updates. #contax645 #kodakfilm #portra400 #mediumformat #ishootfilm #therepublicofgeorgia


@srosefitzgerald waiting in this little chapel in Tuscany to meet her love, @elidefaria - one of my favorite days. Processing by @negativelab #contax645 #shootfilm #kodak #tuscany #italywedding


Jameson & Kira's engagement session in Florida. Somehow, we had the entire South Beach hotel to ourselves. Processing by @negativelab #contax645 #kodakfilm #portra400 #filmphotography #ishootfilm #miamibeach


We're heading back to India at the end of next month for another @jlambertfilm workshop. We have one seat left if you're interested. November 6-11. DM me or email for more info! ⠀ ⠀ Processing by @negativelab#contax645 #kodakfilm #portra400 #ishootfilm #india #kerala


@thewellsmakery styled our editorial shoots to perfection, thoughtfully curating colors and pieces perfectly suited for both Georgian landscape and heritage, making handmade fabrics for @mariambudagashvili to wear, commissioning @seidenband to hand dye this silk fabric to offset the rich green tones of the summer mountains, finding the dopest coat from @flyingpainterstore in Tbilisi, and this dress from @alexandragrecco. I’m so stoked to share more. Thanks @negativelab for creating beautifully dense scans that speak to the nuances of @kodak_shootfilm #contax645 #kodakfilm #portra400 #mediumformat #georgia


I’m feeling so thankful for all of the attendees and the lasting friendships that emerged from our time together in these mountains at our Ardor workshop in The Republic of Georgia. Thank you @thewellsmakery, @commun_s, @mariambudagashvili, @stephen.s.sellers, and the community in Tsdo who made this possible. Processing by the best @negativelab #contax645 #kodakfilm #mediumformat #ishootfilm #portra400 #120mm


I feel so much joy when I see images from this wedding, one of my best friends, @brianwertheim, making a promise to @sarra.rizk after a series of divine stories brought them together, and the crew that gathered to celebrate the occasion was a quilt of faces @thewellsmakery and I had met with Brian in our travels together. Thank you for the killer flowers @bostonpollen and the groom scans @negativelab. #contax645 #kodakfilm #portra400 #mediumformat


So stoked for my friend @lambertfloralstudio to be listed by @harpersbazaarus as one of the best florists in the US. This one is from a shoot we photographed together with @jennsanchezdesign for a workshop they were teaching in LA. Thank you @negativelab for the beautiful scans! #contax645 #ishootfilm #kodakfilm #mediumformat #120mm


Love these custom paper goods from my favorite human: @thewellsmakery Thank you for preserving the proper density of #kodakfilm in my scans @negativelab. 😍 #contax645 #kodakfilm #shootfilm #mediumformat


After spending months on the road in several countries, shooting campaign shoots for two different dress companies, teaching and shooting a #brumleyandwellsworkshops in The Republic of Georgia and a @ponderosa_and_thyme workshop in the south of France, shooting weddings and personal work for @jlambertfilm in between, I’m home, loving the little rhythms of life here, the trips into our own majestic mountains, the company of life-long friends, and the thousands of images processed and scanned by @negativelab. @mariambudagashvili is by far one of my new favorite models. I’ll be heading back to the area to shoot with her again at same point. Also, @alexandragrecco dresses are divine, especially when paired with the magic of @thewellsmakery And these mountains. Thank you for the collaboration and for all the love poured into this workshop! #contax645 #kodakfilm #ishootfilm #republicofgeorgia #mediumformat


Fresh scans from our recent shoot in Oaxaca, Mexico for @wilderlybride. Thank you @thewellsmakery for your incredible vision and the rest of the creative team for bringing this shoot to life: @lizweg, @bostonpollen, @isiaraa, @whitneykilowatts. Processing by @negativelab #contax645 #kodakfilm #portra400 #oaxaca #mexico

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