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Had a popsicle, a cuddly kitty, a hammock, and view like this. Not a bad way to spend an afternoon. #Eucuador #cuddlykitty #breezyafternoon #daydreaming


The Terracotta Army is made up of more than 8,000 soldiers, 130 chariots with 520 horses and 150 cavalry horses, the majority of which remained buried in the pits protecting Qin Shi Huang's, the first emperor of China, in the afterlife. For nearly 22 centuries they lay undisturbed until being rediscovered by a local farmer in 1974! That's amazing. If an entire life size army can go undiscovered until just 40 years ago, just think of what else is out there!! #Terracotta #China #everysoilderisunique #didIspellsoildercorrectly?


It's not every day you use the handlebar warmers but this was one of them! #RockyMountainRiding


Pygmy Elephants are tiny relatives of their Asian mainland variants. Until arriving on the island of Borneo I didn't even know they existed! I am still on the hunt for the house-hippo but got this miniature elephant scratched off the list. #camoflauge #Borneo #endangered #closeencounter


A little known piece of paradise off the coast of Borneo, Derawan Island. Nine days spent swimming with Sea Turtles, eating fresh grilled fish and young coconut. Some of the sunniest living I have ever enjoyed! #Indonesia #holyturquoise #coconutbreakfast #seaturtleheaven


Everyone loves monkeys! ... Except for those who have had to deal with them often enough to know that they are jerks! I have seen them steal, scratch, full on attack, pee and poo on people, and second to bears, are the worst to have discover your campsite. This guy along with his entire crew are waiting for us to leave our campsite in order to rob and pillage our supplies. #Rylansworstenemy #campinginSumatra #lookingforOrangutangs #dealingwithmonkeys



When I was a boy I thought my dad was superhuman. An infallible, invincible and omniscient force. As I matured into my adult life I grew to learn he is no different then me. Vulnerable to blunder, he has to face fears and he learns through experience. Now that I know he has never had these super human powers and that he too deals with fear and stress, I look up to him with an even greater air of awe and respect. So, as I race up cliff side Rockie mountain roads I do so not with superman, but someone who deserves even more credit. He is my hero not because he is super, but because he is human. He managed to offer love and care to four grateful children. Now that is a mountain I am not even close to being prepared to conquer. #inhisfootsteps #retrospect #respect #oneday


I would never have discovered some of my most beautiful paths without first getting lost. . . #Morocco #changeyourdirection #riskreward #whenyourelostasoftenasme...


Happy Movember everyone! Now, seeing as my mustache growing abilities are weaker than a fifth graders I thought I would share this video of some footage shot while I was exploring Guatemala and came across another rider known as "One Nutter". He acquired that nickname for a reason and because of this reason is now raising awareness for testicular cancer. Boys, get yourself checked out, don't wait till it is too late! #OneNutter #itsabigonethough #Guatemala #Movember


You don't always need a plan. Most times just a direction will do. #toughtalk #takethefirststep #EuroBorders


They told me that road goes nowhere. Perfect! That's exactly where I was hoping to go. 🌄 #ruralAlberta #Canada #whereeverImaywander


Is it a bird!? Is it a plane!? Is it a young Nicaraguan boy showing off some pretty slick moves after kicking my butt during friendly sunset soccer game? #SanJuanDelSur #PffIcandothat #westoppedkeepingtrackofthescore #we'llcallitadraw #Nicaragua


Places I like to ponder.. #Macedonia #cycletouring #howdoIgettothetopofthatMountain?


Travel Tip #2571: Blend in! #Tokyo #flyonthewall #whichonesBuck?


Owners of dogs will have noticed that, if you provide them with food, water, shelter and affection, they will think you are god. Whereas owners of cats are compelled to realize that if you provide them with food, water, shelter and affection, they draw the conclusion that they are gods. #ChristopherHitchens #TokyoZoo #BengalTiger #tohimIamabigbagofMeowMix


No matter how many stories you acquire along the way, never forget where yours began. #llamamomma #alpacapapa #Peru

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