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I am at Alhambra, maybe the most picturesque place in Spain, and I ended up crawling through bushes to take pictures of cats. I like kitties 😅 #missingChlamer #Spain #maybeevenRuby #pleaseloveme #Alhambra


You may be surprised by the sense of accomplishment that can come with summiting a mountain on a motorbike. To look at a looming range on the horizon and challenge yourself to getting to the top no matter what it takes. Having your own mode of transportation when you travel is a dream. Having one that can get you absolutely anywhere you want is invigorating. #Colorado #Telluride #RockyMountainRiding



Out of all the incredibly cute animals that don't have the ability to rip you apart, our parents choose the "teddy" bear to be the animal that cuddles you to sleep. I cherished several of these desensitizing cuddle buddies throughout my childhood. And now, as I tremble in the presence of grizzly bear in shoulder season deep down I want nothing more than to wrap my arms around him and cuddle! #cuddlebuddy #Alberta #grizzlybear #teddybear


For three days we crept through the thick of Sumatran jungles with every sense on edge. The number of places in the world where wild orangutans exist has dwindled to a small handful. We knew how special it would be to spot one but we had no idea just how powerful of an experience it would be. I have been humbled time and time again though not many instances stand up to the experience of being in the presence of these creatures in the wild. #Sumatra #Indonesia #Orangutans #hairycousins #theygotthegingergene


From the top of Portugal I look on to the next leg. Spain! I have crossed a number of borders but at the bottom of this descent lies the first I would cross by bicycle and mark Portugal as the first country that I have conquered entirely by my own endurance. As is, entering a new country is dizzyingly exciting. The sense of accomplishment I felt crossing it on my own accord lifted my spirit higher than the clouds overhead and filled the rolling hills with my joygastic bellows of cheer. #f*ckyeah #1down12togo #imontopoftheworld


I really enjoy the feeling I get while exploring the ruins of past empires. Cities and civilizations who saw nothing but greatness in the future, like all things, brought to rubble. As I try to imagine myself living in such and age I also consider what future civilizations will think of ours once it too is in ruins. #Rome #Italy #ruins #makesyawonder


Air Transat and ET Canada are looking are looking for a travel correspondent to head to Mexico and share their experiences abroad. I am a hopeful candidate and have posted my application video. If you would like to see your very own buckabroad selected for the position then please offer your support and click on the link in my bio and check out my newest upload. Wish me luck! #¡miencantaMexico! #wishmeluck


Solo travel is an enriching way to meet new people and gain an invaluable level of confidence knowing that you can head out into the world on your own and thrive. Inevitably there are times when you experience moments you wish you could be sharing. My social media extensions allow me to enjoy these experiences knowing that I have the chance to share them with thousands of people. For this I wanted to express my gratitude to each and every one of buckabroad's followers for being there with me along the way. #Bolivia #greatlyappreciated


The first few rays of sunshine shimmer off of the Colorado river which has carved it's way through the Grand Canyon for the last 6 million years. #Arizona #GrandCanyon #ColoradoRiver #NationalPark


This picture of lake Ohrid was taken from Macedonia. The far shore is Albania, and when I climbed over the saddle of the far mountain I could see Greece. Historically, this lake is incredibly rich. Once considered the very centre of the world and the very womb from which we all arrived. #Macedonia #lakeohrid #locationlocationlocation #fallenempires


Since I am far from being a morning person I have overlooked the power of enjoying a sunrise. Though, being gently rocked to near breathlessness by the sheer beauty of the world around us is a pretty refreshing way to start your day. #andacupofcoffeeofcourse #AngorWat #Sunrise #horses


Such a peaceful spot a midst one of the craziest cities I have ever visited. Hong Kong has it all! #HongKong #Asia #ilovegooooold


The picturesque towns that have settled in the hills of Southern China are populated with incredibly dexterous villagers. It took centuries to carve the hillsides to sustain such ample surface to grow their fields of rice and it takes a great deal of work to keep them from eroding. As the younger populations continue to move into the larger cities these terraced hillsides are loosing the man power it takes to keep them in such vivid condition. #China #Saskatchewandontknowhowgoodtheygotit


When its +45°C at high noon near the equator, a spot of shade like this is a 5 star resort. Especially if you are a semi-ginger Canadian where even the locals need to take refuge from the heat. I struggle! #hothotheat #sweatyboy #cansomeonegetmeacoolglassofwater


The beauty is in the walking - we are betrayed by destinations. #GwynThomas #takeastroll #Uruguay #dunes



"CAUTION TOURISTS, ROBBERY ZONE. DO NOT WALK THIS STREET. DANGER" Very thoughtful warning in Quito Ecuador where they are doing their best to help tourists feel less threatened by the outrageous number of pick pocketers and muggers by increasing police presence and posting warnings such as these. Note, I would have appreciated the warning even more if it had been posted at the beginning of the street. Not in the MIDDLE of the dangerous robbery zone!! 😂🔫 #Quito #Ecuador #SafetyFirst #betterlatethanneverIguess

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