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Custom plush made from photos of drawings/people! Plush pets ➡️ @petsies. As seen on Shark Tank. 📧support@budsies.com Order yours:

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Shoutout for this amazing plush design that we're so proud of!! This is the Special Creek Monster plush to benefit Waller Creek Conservancy in Austin, TX. Original design by @marc_burckhardt and shared by @butfatherthecurtains #creekshow #creekmonster #wallercreekconservancy #plush #budsies


Everyone feels royal on their wedding day! Remember your fairytale wedding with Budsies Selfies, custom made to look just like you and your loved one saying “I do”. Order today at Budsies.com. #RoyalWedding #HappilyEverAfter #HarryandMeghan #wedding #Budsies #IDo


This is Toast Snow Leopard. It has blue wings and a green unicorn horn. It always wears bread on its head. We’re loving this character! Thanks so much to @toastleopard for sharing with us. Click the link in our bio to get your own Budsie today! #budsies #toast #toastsnowleopard #leopard


This young boy had to say goodbye to his Pop Pop in December of 2017, so his mom surprised him with a Budsies Selfie so that he could bring his Pop Pop with him everywhere he goes. Swipe ➡️ to see him open the Budsie! #BudsiesLove #FamilyLove #CustomGift


This young girl drew a dragon named Emma. Emma is a happy, pink fire breathing dragon, with 2 large pink wings, purple scales, a heart-tipped tail, blue eyes, and long lashes. She's also supersized! Click the link in our bio to bring your own drawing to life today! ------------------------------ #Budsies #Dragon #DragonStuffedAnimal #Supersize #CustomDrawing


Tammy's grandson drew this monster drawn by Milo. He was so excited to see it turned into a stuffed animal! Surprise someone you love with a Budsie :) Link in bio! #Budsies #Surprises #ArtworkToLife #Coloring #TooCute #MilosMonster #MonsterStuffedAnimal


Check out Mark with "Goldie", the mascot of the "Golden VinylSpin YouTube channel! If you have your own logo or mascot, turning it into a Budsie is an awesome and fun way to really bring it to life for your customers or members. Visit Budsies.com to order your own today, and check out Youtube.com/GoldenVinylSpin to look for Goldie in the background of some of the videos! ;) Thanks so much to @markpelton_ for sharing the photo with us.


This is Aubrey with her blue puppy with purple spots; looks like she loves it! Click the link in our bio to bring one of your awesome drawings to life today! ----------------------- #Budsies #Puppy #CustomStuffedAnimal #Unique #MyBudsieMonday #TooCute #DogStuffedAnimal #Mondaysbelike


Happy Mother's Day! Celebrate mom with a Budsies Selfie. This is a super fun gift that she is sure to always remember! Click the link in our bio to order a Selfie today! #MothersDay #MommyAndMe #LoveMyMom #Family #Budsies #Selfies #MotherDaughter


It's that time of year parents, your babies are all grown up! Graduation is one of the most rewarding moments in any young person's life, and it should be treasured! Surprise someone you love by getting them a Selfie, fully dressed in the cap and gown. Just click the link in our bio! #Graduation #CapandGown #Budsies #Selfies #MakingMemories #GrowingUp


This little girl drew a picture of a gymnast and we got to turn it into a Budsie! The gymnast has a streak of pink in her hair just like she does! Get your own today; just click the link in our bio! ---------------------------- #Gymnastics #Budsies #Pink #TooCute #Happy #CustomGift #Surprise


Eli got this Specialty Commission Budsie as a gift! His name is Bendy and he's a wolf dog. Bendy is one of our supersized Budsies, so he's 30 inches in size! Eli is an awesome artist and we were so happy to bring his drawing to life! Thanks @pigeonprince_ for sharing this with us! Click the link in our bio to order a Specialty Commission Budsie today. ------------------------ #Budsies #SpecialtyCommission #OC #WolfDog #OriginalCharacter #characterdesign #custom #supersize


Teacher Spotlight: Oswald was a cat drawn by one of Mr. Matherne's students. The student hung up the drawing on his wall and then one day pulled up the Budsies website out of pure curiosity. It sparked the idea: a class mascot. The class started saving up for the fun of it, especially after learning that Mr. Matherne would be leaving next year for Hawaii because his husband was stationed there. The whole class is sad to see their favorite teacher leave, and they decided that this Budsie would be their gift to him when he left. What an amazing group of students, and what a wonderful teacher who inspires them so much. We are so grateful to hear about amazing teachers like Mr. Matherne! Thanks so much to @firedryad for sharing this with us. #TeacherAppreciationWeek #Budsies


This is Geo with his watermelon creation! The watermelon also has a catapult attached—how cool! Would your son or daughter like a Budsie? Order yours at Budsies.com! --------------------- #Budsies #Watermelon #Design #Creativity


This girl was surprised with her drawing of Kronk to life! They described Kronk as a huge and soft beast. He turned out amazing and we're so glad she loves her Budsie! Surprise one of your friends today at www.Budsies.com ---------------------- #Budsies #Beast #TooCute #Kronk #WeLoveIt #wednesdays #Pink


Victoria’s daughter LOVES dragons and she drew this pretty amazing one. We were so excited to turn it into a Budsie! Head to Budsies.com to order your own creation today and don’t forget to select the supersized option! ———————————————- #Budsies #Dragon #ArtworkToLife #CustomMade #DesignAToy


Shannon is a third grade teacher at Van Rensselaer Elementary School in Indiana. Each of her students is writing their own book, and Miss Shannon sent each of their main characters into us to turn them into Budsies! How inspiring for each of these kids to see their own characters come to life. They are so lucky to have an amazing teacher like her! Head to our blog to read the full story. #TeacherAppreciationWeek #Budsies


Happy #CincodeMayo from Budsies! #ArtworkToLife #LetsCelebrate

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