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Happy sunny Sunday 🌞 if you’re up for shaking it out this weekend in your living room or on your lawn - we’ve got you. We’re not just here for audible learning, but also for audible joy, which is what our party playlist is - head to stories now to listen! 🤗🕺🏻💃🏻👯‍♂️☄️


Plucked straight from our episode with Gillian Lawtie-Currie ( of @wearetheweddingcollective, we thought we’d kick off our brand new IGTV tip series with a note on how to make the most out of your listings. In a time when we want to make money already spent stretch as far as it can go, making your directory listings work for you is a really good way of doing it. All you gotta do is ask! I explain a bit more here 👆🏻


Today’s episode is all about steps to take to being a more eco-friendly business. This tee is by @deliciousmonstertea, whos approach we’ve admired for a very long time - we talk more in depth about her brill sustainability review in the ep, as well as the bits we can all be doing! 💚🌿🌎


*WINNERS PICKED - WE HAVE DMED YOU!* COMPETITION TIME! We're offering TWO people/businesses the chance to win a sponsorship slot on this ol' pod of ours 🧡 We've been thinking about how we can do something to support the community in this horrible old time and we thought spreading the word of your amazing businesses would be a great place to start. All you have to do is comment on this post with who you want to win - there's no shame in nominating yourself, but you could also nominate another biz if you wanted to too! Extra bonus entry for sharing in your stories 😘With over 32,000 downloads and counting, this slot is usually £100 - but you'd get it for nada/nothing/zero/nill/nuttin nuh-uh. Winners will be picked on Monday 6th April at 12pm, and must be redeemed by the end of April! GOOD LUCK 💙⁠ ⁠ *not affiilated with instagram, although if you wanted to...hit us up Kevin...


SHOW US YOUR OFFICE/STUDIO! We wanna feel close to you right now, Calvin Harris style, so show us where you’re working from by tagging us in stories. This is neither of ours - it’s *far* too tidy to be @theweddingenthusiast’s & not paper-filled enough to be @rachelemmastudio’s - but is in fact lovely @beautieuk_’s. She tagged us in this last year, after reshuffling it thanks to our ep with @beckystanton_mindsetcoach 🤗 #swindonsfinest


This week, we’ve both been really stumbling over posting stuff. What should we say? How should we say it? Should we say it at all? 🥴 All the questions have run through our mind, and oftentimes we’ve just thought ourselves into a hole and abandoned it completely, totally at odds with our actual desire to show up & be visible & post something. So, this is our new mantra when it comes to posting stuff in this weird time: think it over - but don’t overthink it. Here’s some Qs we’ve been asking when we’ve been posting: 1️⃣ is it helpful? Or is it just adding to the noise and overwhelm? 2️⃣ is it kind? Or is it judgey? 3️⃣ is it exploitative? Or is it genuine? 4️⃣ is it authentic? Or does it feel a bit icky? That’s helped guide us! 5️⃣ is it sensitive? We could all do a bit of a hug right now, and this means through the screen too! 🤗


This intro needs no words - in today’s episode we spoke to the lovely @madandsadclub about mental health at work. She promises to be a good friend who can give you a big squeeze and also a gentle shove - and she’s AMAZING. As a warning, we tried to keep triggering C-chat to a minimum so talk about mental health generally, but we do also mention times of crisis. Thank you Jo! 🧡


These words are via @saspetherick, who is offering a lot of wonderful wisdom at the moment (and always!) @zabbyallen recommended her on our episode last year and we’re very grateful she did 🤛🏼


Putting on some groovy music and seeing what we can come up with with this cute 123 from @hallithbates 🖌


Thanks to the lovely lovely souls out there who asked us how they could support the pod even further than your v generous downloads & listens, we’ve set up a ko-Fi link so that if you do feel so inclined, you can buy us a brew when it’s responsible to go out again 🤗 the link is in our bio & on the website - and thank you again for all of your support, all the way through. It’s never been more apparent how lucky we are to have so many virtual friends 🥰


Today we have the pleasure of having not ONE but TWO experts on the podcast - lovely @devinebride & @perfectlyplanned4you, talking all about what wedding planners do and why they’re helpful for suppliers as well as couples 💙 we also pitted the Caribbean against Motherwell (cast your votes now), and threw it back to the lovable wedding planner who gave us all a bad name with that headset - miss Jenny from the Block. Listen now pals!


Did you see our stories today? All 750000 of them?! We were just popping the Spotify links to every single one of our episodes up, meaning you should be able to access them in one click now - just head to our highlights to see all available episodes! Here’s a round up of Season 1’s topics - which were your faves? 💙🧡