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Skeleton of color.

I am a performance artist, painter, illustrator who loves to create. 💨Smoke sponsor by Enola Gaye USA💨

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"Smoke City" Planning for 2019. This is a good direction I want to move forward too. If you watched my stories, there is a lot going. I have two spinning arms with smoke grenades rotating behind me, another 2 circling around me. I have 2 smoke grenades in each hand. A total of 8 smoke grenades going off at the same time. The whole time I'm standing on a platform thats moving forward. I wanted to create this environment of a worldly heaven of smoke. I want to create more scenes and environment to live in. Creating this wouldn't have been possible without @solinfx_efectosespeciales and @soytualex. Thank you so muchA Song by Bajo El Laurel- "Bésame Mucho". One of my favorite songs I've found in Oaxaca. at Mexico City, Mexico


Behind the scene for "smoke city" To see test footage. Check out my stories. at Mexico City, Mexico


Success through what I do has been a driving force for me to continue to stay passionate about what I do. I consider myself deeply blessed. I got into this lengthy conversation with somebody who to me, desperately wanted me to have more of a deeper meaning and philosophical reason to what I do. First of all, I'm not gonna make up some stupid stories or lie about anything I do to make myself more appealing. I do realize later in my life I could place more reasoning to my art and I have created something for myself that gives me the ability to place my art and ideas in some form or another in the "art" world but for right now. I love what I do and it's fun for me. It's that simple. at Los Angeles, California


A different time and different place. I miss those days when I started out! We did whatever because it was cool and now looking back 3 years laters. It's still cool! I miss @mkthebest and everyone I was collaborating with. Photo by @franks.pov at Los Angeles, California


Check out and follow @heavyhittersvape page! Photo by @higherhand at Los Angeles, California


"AMOR A LA HUESUDA" Photo and video for "The Pasala" newspaper. Video by @soytualex Reporter @snarulax at Mexico City, Mexico


I plan to collaborate more with others in 2019! Photo by @angelawo07 In the frame with @jessefireperformer at Los Angeles, California


I'm stuffed with smoke! I love, LOVe this painting from @paintings_by_the_prince!!! Great Job! at Los Angeles, California


😋🤗Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! 🥧🦃 I have a lot of things to be thankful for. This year had been an incredible year for me. I'm thankful to God for everything. at Mexico City, Mexico


A photo from @platon_yurich is the inspiration reference for this photo. It was a photo of a baby and gentleman. I remember seeing it 3 years ago and always wanted to recreate that photo for myself. Towards the end of my performances in Oaxaca. That photo immediately poped in my head with I saw this street and that little girl. I took the opportunity and improvise a performance with her. It meant something to me to get this shot. I'm happy that I was able to execute it, which was almost like a dream. Anyways, just in case anyone is wondering. I took this photo. I hope everyone is having a beautiful day! at Oaxaca, Mexico


24fps vs. 240fps at Mexico City, Mexico


True story. Few days after my Oaxaca trip. I got the lucky chance to collaborate with @pursuitofportraits. It was so random when I ran into them. I had groceries bags in my hand and just about to reach my apartment in Chinatown. That's when I saw them, 5 photographers shooting in the red lantern district that's in front of my apartment. Immediately could tell they weren't from Mexico and lucky I recognize one of them. I introduce myself to the one I recognized and soon found out they are a team traveling together from Pursuit of Portraits. I wasn't in any shape or form for a photoshoot but meeting them gave me the sudden urge to go to my apartment and change into "Skeleton of Color", I asked if they could wait 10 minutes so I can change and would love to collaborate with them. They agreed. I felt like it was destiny. I've learned from my experiences. When an opportunity like this presents itself, take it! It was a short amount of time but I had so much fun! They are a fun professional crew and all of them are good looking too! I wish I had some smoke grenades though. Hopefully next time I will. Thanks @pursuitofportraits! at Mexico City, Mexico

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