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Adventuring my way through life by way of good food with flour in my hair. Coffee shop owner, cookbook author, cake maker in Jacksonville, Florida. 🍰 Similar users See full size profile picture

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I love me a Florida strawberry. at BREW Five Points


A bunch of beautiful women and their beautiful auras. This was the first time my aura has been one solid color which was neat. I am starting this year off grounded, focused, and determined with extreme passion. at Inguz


I am so proud of the work we do at @brewfivepoints. I am so thankful for our team. I love these damn pastry bags so much. It’s the little things. #brewfivepoints


Furrowed brow forever.


2018 was really great, y’all.


Always a fridge full of cake.


Happy Crimmus. at BREW Five Points


A beautiful wedding for even more beautiful people. at Congaree and Penn


I’m excited about right now, I’m excited about the future, I’m ready to eat more croissants and look at more art I’d never thought I’d see. I’m ready for the new projects and for refining the existing ones. I’m ready for the all nighters ahead of me and for the failures that happen when you try new things. Bring it on, 2019.


A vanilla bean cake filled with apple butter and salted caramel apples. Covered in cream cheese buttercream which is honestly my favorite and drippy caramel. Topped with flowers from @theantibride who just gets it. I love the holidays, y’all. 📷: @marctylerfoster at BREW Five Points


“After all, well, moon is a polka dot, sun is a polka dot, and then, the earth where we live is also a polka dot.” #infinitekusama but I prefer stripes. at High Museum of Art, Atlanta


Messy and much needed breakfast with my lil mama. If a place has pastries I always have to order two or more. I always get full before my food even arrives. It’s worth it. at Community Loaves


Blackberries and cream dreamin’.


Overflowing with happiness much like this marshmallow topped cappuccino at the shop. Thankful for my little space and for the people I get to share it with everyday. at BREW Five Points


My favorite time of year, my favorite kind of cakes. I hope you all enjoy your lil mini as much as I enjoy making them.


Let the holiday minis begin. This little one is filled with caramel apples and apple butter. 🍎


The best culinary creation, let’s be honest.

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