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Adventuring my way through life by way of good food with flour in my hair. Coffee shop owner, cookbook author, cake maker in Jacksonville, Florida. 🍰 Similar users

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Restaurant Orsay
Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams

Thankful for today and for @annastasiacharles being here to capture it. Not pictured is the giant baby fit I threw when the back glass for our pastry case didn’t arrive because it got broken in transit. Even more thankful for a team that holds it together when I can’t. #brewfivepoints at BREW Five Points


It’s honestly crazy what you can do in 3 days. #brewfivepoints at BREW Five Points


Haven’t baked in a while. Haven’t really been home in a while. My best friend had a baby. We are remodeling BREW. What an exciting summer this has been.


Catching up on Big Little Lies, drinking beer, and eating more pizza. We should all eat more pizza...or cake.


Most precious are the weddings with @thewildingcollective.


Do no harm unless it’s to a pot of mac and cheese then fuck that shit up. at Restaurant Orsay


Perfectly not perfect, featuring powdered sugar shoe.


Naked cinnaknots before their icing dip. Let me just say that constantly evolving and finding your identity as a restaurant is the hardest thing I’ve ever done. It’s a nonstop state of change and growth. Thankful for everyone who has been along for this ride. Ready to get this new phase done and move on to the next. Feeling real thankful for today in the midst of an insane plumbing emergency. @brewfivepoints will always be the craziest adventure I’ve been on. at BREW Five Points


Lil’ colorful guy.


Just admiring this pretty ass flower.


When you make a wedding cake and an anniversary cake for a couple it feels pretty special to make their kid’s first birthday cake too.


TFW you love a shirt so much you have to get it in every color. Check out the shirt I never want to take off and the simplest cookie recipe ever on @uniqlousa’s blog and then buy yourself one and one for me. #uniqlolifewear 📷: @shannonrosegreene at Jacksonville, Florida


Channeling my inner @hellyeahglutenfree. 💐


I have to admit that I miss weddings during the summer. Looking at past cakes and feeling in a bit of creative rut. Time to spice it up or time to go on a vacation or time to go to bed and stop beating myself up about cake.




Magical cake for a magical place, @goodeyehouseandstyle. at Good Eye House & Style


Not thinking about cake. at Atlantic Beach, Florida


Happy birthday, @wadeaustinellis. #oldasshit

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