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Daily reminder: I didn't even know where I was at this precise moment but I just knew that this is exactly where I was meant to be. Been feeling lost and stuck the past couple weeks but it makes you really appreciate your highs after the lows. I realize that there are some things I cannot change so why even bother in stressing over them. The best gift is just taking the moment to appreciate everything you have. Gratitude grounds you. I have no more worries, my problems seem so minuscule and I feel at peace with my mind. If you're ever looking too far into the future or always caught up in the past it will create unnecessary stress and anxiety on your mind. Your mind was meant to be taking in the very exact present moment because let's be honest that's all we really have. Take a moment everyday to settle your thoughts, take a moment to sit in your favourite spot and just concentrate on your breathing. Be grateful for that precise moment where all your fears and worries leave your body. Because it's a good day to be alive. 💜🌸🌻🕉💚🌍✨🔮


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PLEASE share this!!! Humble Life Bands can now ship to Canada only for a limited time offer so make sure you share to all your Canadian friends & family 🇨🇦❤️ - I am super excited about this!! The more people that can get their hands on these bands the better because I promise you will LOVE them. I appreciate all the love and support I’ve been receiving over this business I started, thank you thank you thank you!!!! 🌸✨ Ps. Don’t forget my listing is in USD! Link in bio!!! #StayHumble


Please follow my business page!! It’s cute and covered in pink @humblelifebands 🤣🌸✨❤️🌈 #StayHumble


Can’t have a honeymoon without jiujitsu 🤣❤️ #bronze #vegasopen2018 #ibjjf #ibjjfvegasopen at Las Vegas, Nevada


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Hi friends!! So about 6 months ago I started a little project and finally my listing is live! I have created a product that I personally LOVE and use every workout (cause everyday is booty day 😉). I’m super excited to share with you guys my cute booty fitness resistance bands! * What you’ll get is: -2 different size cloth non slip thick resistance bands 🔥🍑 -Drawstring bag with my adorable little logo on it ✨🌺 -And a product made with all my love 🤣(but actually ❤️) * My listing right now is only available on US amazon but next week I will be receiving an order with limited quantities. If anyone is interested in purchasing one they go for $40CAD! Please message me or text me if you’d like one because I need to get all the orders in by MONDAY. And if you could please share and like this post I would greatly appreciate it!! LINK FOR LISTING IN BIO! * A lot of hard work has been put into them and I hope you guys love them as much I love them!! 💜✨🌸 🍑🔥 #humblelife #everydayisbootyday


Blue belt 💙🖤 Eric’s just lucky I tore my ACL so I can’t catch up to him 🙃 #ijustwannaroll #BJJ #bluebelt #rodrigoresendeacademy at Rodrigo Resende Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu Academy


🌸Summer with my lovebugs🌸


“Diets” aka ways of eating; there are SO many ways of eating that WORK for example, vegan, carb cycling, vegetarian, keto, IIFYM, carnivore etc. But that doesn’t mean they work for EVERYONE so keep in mind that your body could react differently to a way of eating compared to someone else. It’s just sad that on social media nowadays you seem to see people pushing certain ways of eating or even bashing people for following something that works for THEIR body. I never ever push my clients to eat a certain way unless they want to eat that way. Everyone needs to respect other people’s choices because not one of us are created equally. - - Making a change to your diet should come from your own experiences/experiments and from being aware of how much better you function off certain foods. Food is healing and not everyone has the same healing to do, so to force yourself to eat a certain way just because everyone else is makes no sense at all. Any lifestyle changes that are made should be made sure it’s something you can sustain long term and that it is YOUR approach to a balanced, healthy lifestyle. Be mindful of what makes you have more energy, be mindful of what has helped your chronic pain, be mindful of food sensitivity and the list goes on. Be in tune with your body and don’t force yourself to eat things you do not enjoy. Most importantly don’t ever take a rain check on your mental health just to lose those last 10 pounds. Speaking from experience, losing those last 10 pounds in a miserable way WON’T MAKE YOU HAPPY. Enjoy the life you’re living and remember to live it YOUR way. ❤️🌸✨


#transformationtuesday ; Another one of my lovely clients 🌸Victoria🌸. Down 20 pounds and a whole lot of inches!!! So proud of this girl for the hard work she has put in and the countless deadlift reps 😉. I’m always so surprised at how much personal growth my clients go through; not just physically but also mentally. I’m so blessed to be part of the journey especially when I get the chance to meet bad a$$ woman that have nothing but determination and fire within them 🔥✨ okay okay I know I just really love my clients; they make my heart smile on the daily 😭🌸💜 === “Have to say working out with Camila has been life changing. She helped me lose 20 lbs and 24 inches off my body THE RIGHT WAY. She also made me custom workouts that I can do at the gym or home using the the equipment I already have. This is the first year in many that I haven’t gained weight and that feels amazing! My training sessions are challenging but extremely rewarding and I’m always looking forward to our next session." - Victoria Inman


#transformationtuesday : Laccccy, one of my group superstars (even tho when I say burpee time they all moan 🤣). I’m super proud of her and I can’t believe these pictures are only 7 weeks apart!!!! She’s been following the macros and the workouts I gave her and she has been killing it. Also no restrictions, no eating boring foods all day everyday and no long hours doing cardio. I give all my clients the tools they need to succeed and to reach their goals. It’s their choice whether they want to use it or not which is why I give all the credit to them because I’m blessed to have the most hardworking, determined and badass ladies as clients. I appreciate all of youuuuu!!! 🌸💕✨ — “I've always been one to try many different things to lose weight . But this is my 2nd time with a personal trainer (the first time I had an online fitness coach) and this journey has been the best for me so far. If you want a trainer that will motivate you and kick your butt than I highly recommend Cami. 😁 And a bonus is the flexible diet.. I can still eat chocolate and lose weight 👍🏼” - Lacy




Who the real MVPs tho 😂❤️


EVERYDAY IS VALENTINES DAY 😝💜✨💋💕❤🌸😘 #iloveeveryone #especiallymydogs


We were put on this earth to evolve into the happiest humans; to be completely fulfilled in every aspect of our lives. GOALS play a huge role in motivating us and opening our minds to the fact that we CAN change without having fear take over us! 🌸 -- *5 key steps to crushin' goals: 1. Know your goals; financial, relationships, health etc. Think about the things that you have complained about or maybe things that are making you feel miserable. The key in this is that it is NOT normal to be feeling miserable over something in your life that YOU have the power to CHANGE. 2. Write down goals; this has so much more power to it if you write them down and not just having them in your head. My clients write down their long term goals (6-12 months), their short term goals (monthly) and little daily/weekly goals that Will LEAD you to your long term goals. Remember the daily/weekly goals are VERY important, they are the building blocks to your long term goals. 3. Details; this step is what differentiates you by actually making your goals happen vs putting them off. Be as SPECIFIC as you can be; always have a time frame and ALWAYS have a date in mind. Ex: "I want to drop 8% BF by June 1st 2018". The more specific the better. If you don't have a date written down then it is easier to keep putting it off till the next year etc. Be REALISTIC; be realistic with yourself cause if you make goals that are highly not possible or unhealthy (ex: lose 20 pounds in a week) then you're setting yourself up for failure. MEASURE your goals; every month track your results to make sure you're on the right path. 4. Find your motivation; ignite your fire, think about WHY you want these goals and use that to actually turn these goals into REALITY. Always remember to be patient and stay consistent. 5. Support; find individuals that LOVE to see you thrive and find relationships that surround you in POSITIVITY. These goals should only be for YOU so don't let others get you down when in your heart you truly want to make a change. -- I hope on the way to slaying your goals you become very proud of yourself and I hope you begin to realize that if you can imagine it you CAN create it. 🌸💕✨


#clientspotlight - Amber peach aka Archie's long lost sister and possibly the funniest person ever 😝 is down 10lbs, a whole bunch of inches and a whole bunch of BF%! It's a miracle she is with us today (she went into cardiac arrest during her second pregnancy) and I'm super grateful in being able to be a part of her recovery. With everything she has gone through she still kicks a$$ at the gym and never ever complains. Proud of her is an understatement (always wanted to use this fancy word lol). 🌸✨💕 -- "I started going to the gym because I was sick of all the aches and pains and ready to be comfortable in my body again. I was recovering from CPR, plus 2 c-sections and scared to try anything on my own or to be pushed too hard. Since working out with Camila I am stronger, less jiggly, and can fit into my pre baby jeans!!! She helped me get out of my cardio comfort zone and designs workout plans to keep me motivated to go to the gym. I’ve come so far in the last 6 months and I’m so excited about this major lifestyle change for my future and my family!" @amber_petch


#clientspotlight - This is my beautiful client and good friend 💜 she has lost a total of 50+ pounds!!! There was never any restricting/starving or doing 2 hour gym sessions everyday. I teach every single one of my clients how to take their goals one step at a time and to find their own balanced approach to it. I want to teach others that you don't have to go to extreme measures to get to where you want to be. You just have to start! ✨ If anyone has any questions about fitness or nutrition please don't ever hesitate to message me because I love doing this and I love helping others. 🌸💕 -- "YOU CAN DO IT TOO!! I've struggled with weight loss my whole life. Always up and down with the scale and motivation. Every couple months I'd tell myself "ok today is the day I start fresh"... then proceed to fall off track and then tell myself "this is my body, I'm stuck with it, accept it". I was always looking at other people's transformation pics and was soo jealous. Finally I learned instead of restricting myself completely, I had to make small changes and realistic goals. First I became more aware of my nutrition, more veggies, less processed foods. As the weight started shed, my motivation for the gym went up. Cami helped me realize it's ok to fall off track but ALWAYS get back on track. She also taught me how to make healthier food choices. A healthy lifestyle doesn't mean completely giving up your love for chips or donuts or whatever it may be. It's all about MODERATION and CONSISTENCY. You're going to lack motivation and get discouraged and have a shitty day or week! But you have to take control of your mind and body and just DO IT! Start with small DAILY changes and it will become HABIT. Stay CONSISTENT and fall in love with the process." -anonymous 😉

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