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Welcome to the official Canon Nordic account. Share your summer with us on #canonepicsummer to win a Canon EOS M6 camera 📸 Similar users

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There are times when you just want to stand still and look at the view. @eljackson tested the timelapse feature in the new 6D Mark II as part of our #canon48 challenge #liveforthestory


#Canon48: Over the last 48 hours @eljackson has been pushing the EOS 6D Mark II to the limit - one challenge being to test the Camera Connect App and take pictures remotely. What a place to do it! 😱  #liveforthestory


We've challenged @eljackson to take the new 6D MKII for a spin for 48 hours and complete three assignments from pro photographer Frits Van Eldik. So far he's doing great 🙌👀 #canon48


It looks like @stianphoto had a truly #canonepicsummer, when he captured the sun set in the western part of beautiful Norway 🌅 Captured with a Canon EOS 5D Mark III and Canon 16-35mm EF f/4L IS USM 👌🏻📸 at Norway


We love these moody tones from Copenhagen, shot by @mortenordstrom with a Canon EOS 5Ds and Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II USM, his go-to setup for unplanned street and travel photography. What's your go-to kit? We would love to hear! 👇 at Nyhavn, København, Denmark


We're excited that we on Thursday will take part in the pan-European #Canon48 Challenge using the new EOS 6D MK II 📸 We're teaming up with a special guest to take on challenges set by professional photographer Frits Van Eldik - watch this this space to find out who 👀


If you're into amazing photography and important stories then swing by the World Press Photo exhibitions. There's one day left in Helsinki and it will touch down in Copenhagen by the end of the month. 📸 by Tomás Minotaur for New York Times. It's taken at the Fidel Castro's funeral procession early at dawn. #liveforthestory


What's the next destination on your travel list? @matias__molina and his trip Corsica has won us over as potential destination "This was the views we had hiking in corsica yesterday, the bays and water was unbelievably beautiful!" #canonepicsummer #liveforthestory at Corsica


Nothing like that epic view at the end of a hike👌 @matias__molina showed his hike in our stories yesterday "Reaching the top of our hike, we were rewarded with this amazing view, worth every step!" Remember you still have a chance to win an EOS M6 camera by sharing your summer story at #canonepicsummer 📸☀️ at Corse, France


Today we've launched four new lenses to optimize your equipment and help you tell great stories. Which lens or lenses would you put on your next B-day list? EF 85mm f/1.4L IS USM TS-E 50mm f/2.8L Macro TS-E 90mm f/2.8L Macro TS-E 135mm f/4L Macro #liveforthestory #canonnordic


Did you see the girls from @weare365 flying high in our stories the other day? 🎡 They spent their #canonepicsummer day out and about in beautiful Stockholm #liveforthestory at Gröna Lund


The last moments of summer enjoyed by @louiseamelie during her #canonepicsummer takeover yesterday. "We went out to one of the beautiful islands in the archipelago of Gothenburg, to enjoy the very last moments of Swedish summer. Walking over the hilltop, sunbathing on the warm cliffs, skinny dipping in the sea, watching the sun slowly set and the stars come out, and then staying up all night talking, curled up in front of the fireplace. There is something so magical about this island. Our very own hidden gem out in the ocean, quite impossible not to fall in love with. ”


Those Norwegian reindeers in the midnight sun 👌📸 @jmplait had an epic summer in Norway and shared this story with us on #canonepicsummer


No matter who you are, where you are or what kit you have, World Photo Day can help open your eyes to the possibilities of photos. These are some of the most popular photos shared with us on #canonnordic by amazing photographers 👌 Inspire others by telling your story and use #liveforthestory and tag @canonnordic 🙌


"It was one of those summer days where you do nothing and suddenly the sky explodes right before the sunset" What a #canonepicsummer picture by @visualoptic 🙌 at Uppsala, Sweden


Yesterday we had the pleasure of @kristjaana who took over our account to show her #canonepicsummer ☀️ A trip to the Viru bog trail. "And into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul". Win a EOS M6 camera by showing your epic summer by tagging #canonepicsummer and #liveforthestory at Viru Raba


This entry to #CanonEpicSummer just oozes coziness! @_ulalla says "We had a relaxing girls only weekend getaway at my granpa's summer cabin. We spent the night at beach warming up by the fire, toasting marshmallows and sharing campfire stories until dawn. Perfect summer memories!"


No story or words necessary to explain the beauty of Iceland. 📸 from @eljackson and his #canonepicsummer takeover. Remember you can still win prizes by showing your epic summer story and tag it with #canonepicsummer and #liveforthestory

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