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who else talks to their plants


Brenden has a problem. He eats 8-9 Tbs of peanut butter a day plus a Planet Protein peanut butter cup bar 😅 I am not exaggerating either, he is peanut butter. We bring our reusable jars and fill up on bulk peanut butter about once a week 😂 #SustainableDuo at Whole Foods Market


When I don’t make my own laundry detergent, this is my go to 💚 Its a zero-waste detergent bar and it’s absolutely insane because it lasts me a full year of washing and is only $0.08 A LOAD. I dilute 1/3 of the bar in a large 48 oz kombucha bottle filled with water♻️ it is made of plant-based oils + essential oils that @_conscious_community_ and I love.... ROSEMARY 💚 And yes... it’s available in the Zero-Waste Survival Kits on @sustainable_duo Etsy for discounted✌️ #RefusePlastic #LowImpact #ZeroWaste at Naples, Florida


She is a goddess, a wolf. She is wild and beautiful. She sleeps with a lion and has no fear. She is a guardian and a nurturer, with spirit young and soul of old. Women and wolves are instinctual creatures, wise beyond their years. She has a precognitive animal consciousness that deepens her femininity and sharpens her ability to move confidently in the outer world. #WomenWhoRunWithTheWolves at Naples, Florida


Happy SUNDAYYYYYY 🌞 Time to get out of bed and bike through this jungle to the farmers market with my reusable produce bags 🌱 if you saw @_conscious_community_ story post, Gabriela mentioned how 39.9% of plastic pollution comes from packaging. #RefuseIt at Naples, Florida


As you all know, a hobby of mine is traveling around the US doing vegan shit and eating açaí bowls. To be honest, I’m rarely satisfied with the açaí bowls I get since most juice bars have small portions & expensive, don’t use organic, don’t offer zero-waste options, use ice in the blends, etc (I know everyone is trying their best but maybe I am a little picky since I worked at @purejuicecafe for 5 years and it’s still the best cafè I’ve ever been to lol) But let me tell you... these Peanut Butter Bliss Bowls from @buddhablendsft with @planet_protein Peanut Butter Cup “nibs” is one of the BEST BOWLS I’VE EVER HAD! And it’s even better since they let me use my reusable coconut bowls (also sold in @sustainable_duo Zero-Waste Survival Kit on Etsy!)🕺 #DrowningInPeanutButter #IAmPeanutButter at Fort Myers, Florida


I have had natural curves since I was 11, but these curves were never enough for me. I bought this waist-trainer on the internet when I was only 16. I had this visual in my head of the perfect Carly with flat abs and no bottom stomach pooch & I was obsessed about reaching that perfect being, even if it meant putting my body through absolute pain and discomfort. I hid the trainer from my friends and parents & I would secretly wear it under my clothes to high school, work, to the gym, and to bed. I found this trainer a couple months ago hidden in one of my drawers, untouched for years. I broke down crying, feeling for the girl who thought that this trainer would help her achieve her goals and solve every problem. This Carly was living a façade, a false reality, feeding the ego 🔥 I NEED my bottom “stomach pooch” so my body can survive and thrive ✨ I need body fat so I have energy to think, so my hormones can balance, so I can dance around, laugh, and practice yoga. I need my wide-set, curvy hips for the future if I decide to have any children (kids aren’t for me, though 😊) On this #InternationalWomensDay I am gathering all of my self-love energy and sending it to you goddesses. You are A GODDESS ALREADY. It is SOO TRUE I CAN’T STRESS IT ENOUGH. Rather than focusing on appearance, heal your mind and elevate your consciousnesses. It’s not easy.. it’s a lot of UNtraining, but it’s what our experience should really be about 🌍 🌳PS- I have a cameltoe in these pictures and I’m proud of it... because I am a WOMAN ✌️ #DivineFeminine at Naples, Florida


Made some CBD infused tumeric almond/sunflower seed mylk since I am eating with the moon cycle and need to nuture the progesterone dominant, luteal phase 🌙 🌝 Make your own zero-waste mylk, it’s so easy!!!! Plopped a reusable glass straw in my drankkk because who needs a plastic straw? These glass straws are in our Zero-Waste Survival Kits on @sustainable_duo Etsy for discounted! ✨ #CycleWithTheMoon #EatWithTheMoon at Naples, Florida


Sunrise cleansing with some juices from a local juicery called @irenes_dream ✨ She gives customers the option to grab juices/juice-cleanses/smoothies zero-waste by putting them in mason jars. Pro tip- always bring a mason jar + reusable bowls with you to smoothie cafés so you don’t have to use their plastic cups/bottles✨🌱 #SupportEthicalBusiness #DetoxAndChill at Naples, Florida


Currently exfoliating by the waterfall in my backyard that is powered by the river and also uses the river water ♻️ Here are some zero-waste exfoliating essentials I use weekly: reusable razor that will last THE REST OF MY LIFE (I will save $4,072 because I made this razor switch lol. I’m selling these razors in the Zero-Waste Survival Kits on @sustainable_duo Etsy), exfoliating dry brush, and my diy coffee scrub I infused with cbd (recipe is in our e-book on Etsy too!) #SupportEthicalCompanies #ZeroWasteLiving #TrashIsForTossers at Naples, Florida


Second hand outfit, including my sacred bag!! ✨ This is my sustainability bag that I take EVERYWHERE! I made bringing this bag around habitual and now I leave my house thinking, “Got my keys, wallet, phone, and sustainability bag!” In the bag I keep reusable items such as coconut bowls, bamboo cutlery, glass straws, mesh bags, bulk bags, to-go containers, and mason jars ♻️ These necessities can be purchased in the Zero-Waste Survival Kits in my bio to help get your sustainability bag started #SupportEthicalBusiness #DontBeTrashy #ZeroWaste #MindfulMarch at Naples, Florida


Meet my partner in crime, my SCOBY. This beautifulllllll symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast ferments my tea to create some magical kombucha, which I typically flavor to be pumpkin-spice, apple harvest, persimmon/citrus, and holy basil strawberry! Making kombucha is a contemplative practice for me since it requires purity from ingredients and patience. I highly recommend brewing your own to anyone who wants to save money and minimize their waste from kombucha bottles ✨ #KombuchaQueen Check out @_conscious_community_ later today for some more sustainable kombucha tips ♻️ at Naples, Florida


Tag someone who might benefit from these Zero-Waste Survival Kits/Zero-Waste tips!Today we are launching our Zero-Waste Survival Kits on Etsy & B and I are so excited!! (Link in bio)🌱♻️We have created 2 zero-waste kits (newbie and advanced) that include sustainable products from companies that we agree with in all aspects of ethicalness. This is your one-stop shop to buy some staple zero-waste essentials! These kits are amazing because the products in them are meant to prepare you for reducing your plastic use and last you a LONG time (some of them can last the rest of your life with great care aka saving money!)The kits are shipped for free & also shipped zero-waste using recycled Planet Protein boxes ♻️ Keep and eye out for posts/Instagram stories from @_conscious_community_ , @the_sustainable_ceo and I where we will explain the zero waste products and how they are helping to heal the planet 🌎 #MindfulMarch #SustainableDuo at Naples, Florida


My #FuturisticFebruary final product. First of all, I’m in shock with how far this campaign spread (not really though because I totally manifested it 😉 ) From Australia to Texas, there are so many people that are willing to spread the waste word! This month I finished off majority of my old stored food that were in bulk plastics so I can transition them to zero-waste (like frozen fruits, veggies, wheat gluten, flours, and some protein shakes) I have some boxes that were unavoidable (no zero-waste shipping options), and kombucha that was totally avoidable (even though I make my own kombucha, I splurged😅) and Planet Protein bars (that will be in compostable wrapping in the near future ♻️🌱) However, since some trash is unavoidable, it’s so important to do your part and avoid what you have 100% control over! Throughout the month I brought my reusables EVERYWHERE and even called restaurants ahead to make sure they didn’t use plastic anything and still managed to accumulate waste. I noticed all the plastic stickers on my fruit, I realized that blueberries and strawberries don’t have zero-waste options at the store, I realized that A TON of non-farmers market organic produce is wrapped in plastic (so you either have to choose conventional produce in no packaging or organic produce in packaging) I am beyond happy with my progress since last year, but I will still continue to better myself every single day. Tomorrow I will announce a special business endeavor I am starting with @the_sustainable_ceo and we are thrilled to share our sustainable lives with you all 💚♻️🌱✨ at Fort Myers, Florida


Building an empire with my king... and there are lots of plants involved. One year down in the books✨🌱 #SentientBeings at Sarasota, Florida


I hope your Saturday looks like this at Naples, Florida


Right now I feel like a goddess with every ounce of my being. I have played outside all day and feel an intense connection to the energies surrounding me. After this picture was taken some time ago, I was proud because I thought I physically looked like a nature goddess. However, today I truly feel like a Gaia goddess with every fiber of my being, regardless of how I appear physically. I am uncovering universal knowing & basic trust. Experiencing life as it is, manifesting positivity & self-love, seeing the beauty in all... beginning with my very being. This, in essence, is my ultimate goal. Just want to share my experience to you all because we are all here to evolve our minds together. You all are goddesses, too ✨ #EmbraceTheFeminine at Fort Myers, Florida


FINALLY FOUND WILD GOJI BERRIES 😍 #iloveyouiloveyouiloveyou at Captiva, Florida

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