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Photographer // CrossFitter// Traveler // Dreamer Empowering, raw, portraiture for women.🌙✨🌙 Est. 1990 - Rooted in Philadelphia - Similar users

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We were subconsciously on the hunt for all the brown, yellow, and mustard-ey orange backgrounds in Annapolis. There’s actually quite a lot! Katarina- you’re the bomb. 🔥✨🌙 at Annapolis, Maryland


Annapolis never looked so Wes Anderson-ey. at Annapolis, Maryland


Went to a meditation class today, and was asked to think about a place out in nature that I loved. First I thought of Colorado, but quickly went back to Thailand. This earth is so beautiful. I’ll never forget the first day on the beaches of Koh Samet. Literally astonished at how gorgeous it was. I have been in some beautiful oceans before, but man. Thailand is amazing. I can’t wait until I can travel again and explore more of this world. 🌏 Thanks Mother Earth. at Koh Samet


Hair inspiration : the moon || thanks to the best stylist out there🌙✨


So excited to be coming back to the desert in June! Creative people! I am looking to shoot while there! Who’s interested? Calling models, hair and makeup artists! 🌵❤️✨🌙 at Scottsdale, Arizona


#MyPositiveStory time. As many of you know, CrossFit is a big part of my recovery from anorexia and disordered eating and a disordered relationship with exercise and body image. Period. Aside from doing yoga from time to time to stretch and recover, I move my body by going to my crossfit gym 4-5 days a week. It is constantly varied, functional movements, performed at high intensity. And it is for ANYONE and EVERYONE. Any age, any skill level, regardless of your journey. I’ve seen it change the lives of every kind of human. I fell in love with the way I feel when I leave that gym. I feel strong. The feeling I get when I accomplish a task that I didn’t know I could, is simply amazing. It’s what helped me move on to a better relationship with food. Like, I need to eat well to perform well- DUH. And “well” for me meant EAT. Period. I can’t enjoy these workouts if my body is not fueled. I talk about this so often because it is so important to me, and relates to so many aspects of my life and my own personal journey with self-love. This type of gym environment is more than just exercise. It’s community, and family, and encouragement. And it’s why I decided to get my Level 1. I would love to coach someday, and help others with similar backgrounds to mine develop healthy and good relationships with food and exercise. I am not and will never be a Crossfit Games athlete. And that’s not important to me! The good that crossfit does for people all across the world- regular, everyday people LIKE ME with real struggles- that’s what people need to see and hear about. There is so much to be said about all of this that may have to be saved for another time, but I’ll end with this. When you find your “thing” that makes you feel good in all aspects of your life, let it take over you. Let it manifest itself into something you never saw coming. I never knew crossfit would save my life, but it did. And I am forever grateful. at Annapolis, Maryland


This is really the photo I should have posted for Nick’s birthday shoutout. God damn. 😍💃🏼 Happy Birthday, my dude.


Happy birthday, Nick- my ride or die (honestly) pain in my ass. You’re an old man! Our life is not typical. It’s an adventure every three years and it’s something I don’t believe is for the faint of heart. It’s tough, but it’s a lot easier with you. I know you aren’t 100% happy in your career right now, but I’m thankful you have a career that lets us experience more than what we grew up around. It’s pretty amazing. You make it possible even if your heart isn’t in it all the way. Let’s focus this next adventure on finding what fills you with happiness. ❤️ in the meantime, happy birthday old man!


It’s Friday, but I’ll be working/shooting all weekend! Not complaining, but rather, super grateful to have this bomb AF work ethic- something I got from both of my parents. Happy Friday! at Washington, District of Columbia




5 minute impromptu shoot vibes with Quinn. at Annapolis, Maryland


Friday feels. Can’t get enough sleep lately. My anxiety has been heightened due to things in my life, very much so out of my control. How do you guys deal with anxiety? I found early on that medication didn’t work for me. I don’t like masking the way I feel. I enjoy feeling. But, it sucks to feel anxious 24/7. It wasn’t until I developed a healthy relationship with exercise - which is a whole other story - that I realized exercise is critical in helping with my mental health. As someone who has been in therapy most of my life, yes, talking it out helps so much. But also finding an activity that lets you work through it helps a ton too. At least for me. I find on the days I don’t do some sort of physical activity, I’m exhausted, my anxiety gets unmanageable, I am cranky- the list goes on. It’s times like this, where I know I need to trust the process and surrender myself to the universe, that I am so grateful for my gym. ✨


Babes of Maryland, DC, and VA! I am moving in September! I will only be taking on boudoir sessions until August. I want to fill my books! Now is the time, if you have been even thinking about it. Let me photograph all the babes before I’m goneeeee! My sessions are one flat fee. We look at your gorgeous un-retouched images right after we shoot, you pick out your favorites, and we place your product order right then and there. It’s magic, I tell ya. ✨🌙 at Annapolis, Maryland


I have struggled for a really good portion of my life with body image issues. Growing up, I always felt like the odd kid because I was brought up with a big family of really amazing athletes. I was never athletic as a kid. I always felt the pressure to be, even though I was really drawn to and interested in art and riding horses. So my relationship with exercise was already terrible from an early age. I was the chubby kid growing up, too. Then, when I developed an eating disorder, I turned to working out as a means of controlling my weight and it was all again, a negative thing. Even when I was 22 and ran a half marathon, it was because I was trying to convince myself that being a long distance runner would make me lose weight. It wasn’t until crossfit was introduced to me that something clicked. The gym has become my therapy. I go because I genuinely freaking enjoy the release I get from pushing myself. The muscles and strength I’ve gained are an added bonus. The other day I was walking around with a sports bra on and my sister said “Oh hey there abs!” - something I am not used to hearing or seeing. That’s so fun to hear because I also have rolls when I sit- like most people! It’s just fun and really amazing to be at a point in my journey where I can embrace the new muscles I have, and also embrace the little things like back and stomach rolls which make happy too. I am fit, and I also enjoy my life by not starving myself anymore. It’s all about balance. Balance, balance, balance. To be at a point where I love my body is a blessing. I only hope everyone gets here one day. Life’s too short.


When I decided to order new business cards, I decided I wanted to make them not so ordinary. I chose square, all black and white images, and instead of just calling myself a photographer, I decided on Woman With A Camera. My identity as a woman is so important in the work I do both commercially and for my own business. Looking through fashion magazines growing up, I always saw names of my favorite photographers, like Steven Meisel, Tim Walker, Juergen Teller- to name a few. Very rarely did I personally ever see any female photographers working successfully in this industry. I think at a young age, all I really knew were Ellen von Unwerth and Annie Leibovitz when it came to well known female photographers. As I work as a photographer in 2018, I may not be shooting for Vogue or major publications, but I do realize my power and responsibility with how I choose to portray my subjects. Female gaze, people. It’s important. I am a woman with a camera. My viewpoint and eye in this industry matters and absolutely is different than that of male photographers, and that’s something I want to celebrate. ✨🌙


It’s hard to believe it’s almost been 3 years since @meiying_thai captured me frolicking by one of my most favorite abandoned houses, back home in Willow Grove. ✨🌙 I am learning quickly that time really flies the heck by.


Exactly a year ago, I began this adventure of being 100% self employed. I was scared. Apprehensive. But I was also confident in my ability to succeed. I knew that this is what would bring me happiness. I enjoy the chase. I don’t like being comfortable, in the way of having the same job everyday. It’s been a wild, wild past year. I’ve learned a lot. But here I am, 1 year later, a fully self employed photographer and artist. Disheveled hair, bags under the eyes, tired, but freaking happy that I am in charge of my career. I was so excited to get my taxes done this year. Not because it’s stressful, but because it was my first year working for myself. And it is so satisfying to do everything yourself for yourself. Here’s to being in my second year of business! Where this adventure will take me next, I don’t know. But I’m really, really grateful that this is my life. at Annapolis, Maryland


Dreaming of sun + palms somewhere far away on this snowy day.

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