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Super excited to announce the Soulful Art of Growth and Empowerment Retreat, (S.A.G.E) for the woman who is a curious seeker and knows there is more to life. She has the best intentions to make 2019 “the year” but the promise of the year starts to lose its shine as real life play out and tends to be a repeat of previous years, unless something changes. So how are we doing ladies, is 2019 all that you thought it would be? If you want an extraordinary life, you must raise your standards and find your voice. Speak unapologetically about what is best for you, and more importantly take action on your dreams now. Equally important is to find YOUR tribe who will cheer you on in a judgmental free zone, no matter where you are on your journey. It sounds so simplistic, but many of us settle and convince ourselves we are okay until we can’t ignore what we can no longer deny! The S.A.G.E Retreat and Experience (Soulful Art of Growth and Empowerment) for Women who are looking for a massive upgrade in the quality of their lives. Your experience will start before we meet with pre and post trainings, membership site, immersion in a safe and supportive sisterhood, surprise goodies and so much more to support your transformation. Come spend 4 days with me and my spirit sisters in a luxury $4 million dollar home with nutritious food, trainings spa and so much more......... Details are in the link and if you have questions, just message me!! Raising my standards is how I started to honour ME through an integrated mind, body, spirit approach to life. Monitoring all my inputs, food, people is crucial if you wish to make changes in life to increase your vitality and nurture it with the highest quality fuel and relationships. No more excuses!! So the question is do you really want to change 2019? If you don’t buy into your excuses, you will find a way to transform your limiting beliefs and start to claim yourself back by saying YES to YOU today, for what will be an unbelievable transformative opportunity. Who’s wants to up level their standards? This retreat will sell out and Space is extremely limited to first 10 women. Link in bio👆🏼


Show up, level up! The dark night of the soul. Crushing defeat. Cash-flow limbo. Unmanageable success. Attacks on you and your work. Put downs. It can be hard. Really hard. But it doesn't have to stop you in your tracks. Join this panel of committed lightworkers to learn how they handle the ebb and flow of challenges and success, continue to level up their connection to source, their commitment to those they help, and how they manage to create a lifestyle following their spiritual calling. The truth is this: you can do this too. Let us help you see that, and keep showing up for the whole experience. @thepathofix @walkingcrow_sacreddrummedicine @ingrid.turner @carrietrinidad_mindful_living Event page coming soon. Panel discussion will take place Monday 1/21 ❤️🙏🏼


Do you notice number synchronicities and wonder what they mean? Do they mean anything at all? I believe they mean something. I believe there are no coincidences in life. What are the lessons to be learned? We are all exactly where we need to be on our life path. Embrace change and know that there is always a lesson that will make sense to you days, months, or years later. That’s when the ahhh haaa moment hits you. Sharing this post with you because my following number hit 555 this morning and I’m feeling inspired to be a bright light for all that need it. My mantra is, I am a beacon of light for all. I choose to lead with fear rather than fear. ❤️Love is a universal gift that we need to embrace when we are struck with fear. #555 #love #mantra #


Cheers to 2019!! #celeryjuice #medicalmedium #mindbodysoul


It’s easy to believe the negative self talk you tell yourself. It’s a new year! Time to step into the life your are meant to lead. Stop playing small and just start showing up and doing the work. YOU are meant for greater things.📸cred: @luv2cmoon #empowerment #levelup #mindbodyandsoul #mindfulliving #permission #stopplayingsmall


Sometimes it’s all about perspective!!❤️


Don’t ever let anyone project their BS onto you. See them with love and shine your light. Your light is contagious! 😘❤️❤️🙏🏼. Thank you for being my spiritual running buddy @karen_sulzerr! So much 💕 love! Share the light! Tag your spiritual running buddies!


We are surrounded by beauty daily. Do you choose to see the dark and think about all the bad or do you choose to see the beauty? It’s important to recognize the dark, as everything is not always rainbows, but always remember the rainbow 🌈 is what appears after the storm. Perspective is everything. Nothing is permanent. Change your mindset, change your life. I’m grateful for these beautiful women who continue to lift one another up in the times of dark. 🙏🏼❤️ Tag those who you are grateful for. at Lumeria Maui


Perspective is everything. It can be the difference between making choicest for your highest good vs. choices that are low vibe and potentially life changing. #mindfulness #highvibe #shiftyourperspective #waynedyer


Are you on LinkedIn? Corporate can be brutal. Surround yourself with positive, like minded individuals and watch your life begin to flow as you adjust your mindset. #coaching #corporatehealing #mindfulness #motivator #speaker #loveroflife #corporateburnout Connect with me.


I am thankful for my life, my family, and friends. This year has been full of highs and lows that would have been almost impossible without the love and support of my family and friends. Wishing you all a wonderful Thanksgiving! 🧡


I enjoy crystals so much and wanted to share a few of my favorites. Tiger’s Eye is one of my first gems that I purchased for myself. I purchased a bracelet for myself and found that I was always gifting it to those who complimented the stone. Fun facts about Tiger’s Eye.... Tiger’s Eye is a grounding stone that is used for many attributes. Self love, manifesting, self confidence, and helps with mood swings just to name a few. *Purpose and Action* ** aids in resilience during overwhelming situations** ***affirmation .... my actions are in alignment with my values regardless of circumstances***. #mindfulliving #crystallove #tigerseye #protection


Life is not a competition, it’s about lifting one another up! #empoweredwomen


Who wants to join me? Suzy is amazing! 💕🙏🏼☀️11/11! Message me and we can meet u p or car pool. For more details click here.@thecoppervessel at Venice, California


Retreat gift bag prep! So honored to have such great partners to collaborate with. These gifts are some of my favorite items that bring out my inner goddess and keep me true to who I am. #releaseyourinnergoddess #joshuatree #indigohaus #carrietrinidadmindfulliving #authenticity #mindbodyandsoul #spirtjunkie


It looks like what I really want to say is “How you doin”, but this is one of my favorite recent photos. I wasn’t only smiling on the outside, but i was smiling on the inside 10x more that my exterior. My heart was so full in this photo. #wewillrise 📷photo card @janalyn.rose ❤️


While being in your true zone of genius, flow happens with ease and grace. #thebigleap #carrietrinidadmindfulliving #chopracenter #mindbodyandsoul #authenticself #dropin #selflove

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