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Classical-crossover singer, pianist, public speaker born-lives in Jkt. Moonlightbae🌙Arianator. Biskies the yorkie🐶 Butterflies🦋 Similar users

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Farida Andriani
Tasyah Ceria Celalu 💎
Alexandra Andreana Dea

Little girl with dreams becomes a woman with vision. ♠️


/ #tb December’2017/ Our 2 years anniversary dinner❤️ With you, (and all these foods), everything is so much better 🤗 Here’s to a lifetime of happiness & beyond 🥂✨ at The Cafe at Hotel Mulia




🦋 . #cathysharonxurbanlips in Mega❣️


I’m always thankful for every single lesson life’s taught me. Am thankful for all blessings and obstacles that have made me who I am today, as I learn to grow to be a strong and sincere woman. So here’s what I’m telling you: Life is only 10% what you experience, while the other 90% is how you respond to it ☺️ #ThankYouJesus . 📸 @dennyaprilio. #throughhiseyes at 250 North Bridge Rd


Forever❤️ at Raffles City Singapore


Terkadang begitu sukar Untuk dimengerti Semua ini Kita terlambat Meskipun tlah kau semaikan cinta Di balik senyuman indah Kau jadikan seakan nyata Seolah kau belahan jiwa.. . Ketika audit ccr disulap ala kondangan 👌🏻💐 Saxophone @tabah_arifr Piano @dindaarana_ Strings @mdhiko Violin @walrdhanarman Kamera goyang2 salahin @dennyaprilio haha . Thank you Statistika Ria!


(Pose geleuh😅) Who had fun with us last weekend on @masukkampus TryOut Chapter Jekardah?! 😝💕 Sorry it took me quite long to catch up with you guys again, been so busy especially after the sick, but I’m all good now 🤗 Anyway, pls let me know siapa aja yg blm aku folback? And I’ll reply your DMs soon! Thanks for all the love 😘 . Manggung kali ini seru bgt karna malam h-1nya trombosit drop, demam tinggi & literally terkapar di UGD, diinfus sampe jam 11 mlm. Lalu besok paginya udh joget2 jai ho di panggung 😂 I can get sick but when it comes to music, I’m insane 😚💕🎶 . Hittin’ another stage with my irreplaceable dancers @marisyafi @myaified @arivasatyani @larasatiayudia, my source of energy and cheerful (and weird) girls 💗 at UHAMKA Jakarta


Dancers kesayanganku!! 💋 @arivasatyani @myaified @larasatiayudia @marisyafi ade2 kecik yg aslinya imut2 emeshh lalu they turn so hot on stage 🔥🔥 • I’m open for follow backs! Please mention me kalau ada yg blm aku folback yah 😘 . Menurut aku, Jai Ho ini bener2 dream song for stage junkies! Really fun & enjoy bawain lagu ini 😍💃🏻🎶


The real us off stage ✌🏻 Eta kucing lewat lgsg diajak poto :(


#tentangAkma Sebenernya main lagu apapun dia selaluuu bagus bgt, bikin melting pokoknya 👌🏻 Tapi di lagu ini gw bnr2 jatuh hati sm pianonya @akmalazuardi ciaa😭💕 #tentangTabah Ini pertama kali gw main sm @tabah_arifr, lgsg hajar 2 stage dlm satu hari, pagi & malem. Dan meskipun diajaknya mendadak (h-1 manggung wkwk) he really learned & did his best. Welcome to the team bro 👍🏻 •Piano by @akmalazuardi •Sax by @tabah_arifr


My second time making new Japanese friends! Kawaii ne ☺️ Never thought that Music (and English) can really bring me to so many places & so many people. Can’t hardly wait for more experiences 🎶 • Japan has taken a special place in my heart, since I was just a lil kid. Not only that their animes are lovely or they have beautiful cultures & language, amazing travel sites, cute kimonos, tasty foods, anything you can mention... Turns out they also got brilliant music (If you’re a fan of Casiopea you’ll understand their insanity. But Maaya Sakamoto’s Purachina will forever be on my top list. A song invented by geniuses❤️) • So for me, making friendships to these cuties are just lovely! See you very soon, Japan 🇯🇵💕


Cantik itu dari hati 😘 Thanks for having me, @wbabogor 💖


I finally gained 3 kilos... (after so many years) ☺️ • wearing #mojangkabbogor sash. It’s an honor 🙏🏻 #mokakabbogor


Dewan juri Miss Inspiring Wardah Bogor 2017 🌸 Happy bgt bisa kenalan sama perempuan-perempuan cantik, cerdas & inspiratif ini! Sampai jumpa lagi di lain kesempatan yaa teteh2ku 💗 at Hotel Salak The Heritage


Mom&Dad's 24th Wedding Anniversary 🌸🌸🌸 Greatest couple and greatest parents on earth. Thank You Jesus for all the love! at Blue Jasmine Restaurant


Nerd by birth.


Thank you for loving me, eventho all that I do is just sleeping, or talking about aliens, outer-space, fictions, legends and myths. Sincerely, your weird & nerdy girlfriend.

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