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#MondayMotivation Say hello to New Jersey’s newest & hottest certified personal trainer 👏 I want to say a special Congratulations to my best friend for achieving her long term goal of passing her NASM CPT exam. Everybody go follow @jaeda_chantelle to learn how to achieve the fitness goals you’ve always dreamed of 😻 #bae #thatsmybestfriend #gobestfriend #NASM #cpt #gains #bodybuilding


Naughty or nice?🎅🏻 #santacon at North Pole


Why use pre-workout?👇 .. .. ‘Tis the season... ❄️it’s Monday 5 PM and you just got out of work after the sun already went down. (It was also dark when you went in 🙃). .. It’s freezing, you’re sitting in traffic and all you want to do is go home, sit back, chill & relax. .. BUT WAIT it’s Monday, you need to go the gym... need... motivation ... need energy... Can you relate?? .. 👆THIS is why you take pre-workout. .. I cycle my pre (meaning I take breaks) but I am sure to take it in the winter because I know it will benefit me. .. 👉My pre-workout of choice: Pre-Brodude by @destinyformulations .. If you love the hype and if you love the gains this is the pre-workout for you. If you’re just starting out in the gym & need a little boost, just half a scoop of pre-brodude will do the job 💥👊 .. Try it out for yourself, go to @destinyformulations click the link in the bio, use code CATKELLY10 at checkout for a discount. .. Comment your favorite effect of a killer pre-workout! Mine is the tingles 😜 #health #fitness #bodybuilding #supplements #nutrition #gains


Beep beep #JeepGang


This world is a beautiful place .. .. Flexibility is a very important aspect of fitness. Lifting weights causes your muscles to get tight. Stretching will help loosen you up & relieve soreness before or after a lift. #health #fitness #nature #healthybodyhappymind


Took a little trip to cloud 9 for a quick yoga flow with @maggiekellyyy Sorry I’m so un-synchronized 😅 #health #fitness #yoga #yogaflow #workout #healthybodyhappymind


Does this wall look familiar?? In honor of working out at the Mecca of Bodybuilding, here is a video of a very tall man showing me up at leg raises 😅👏💪 #WhosFaceIsBetter .. This is an exercise that I want to get better at. It is pretty difficult but very effective for strengthening & toning the core. It kills my lower abs when I focus on form! Workout powered by pré-brodude (@destinyformulations) .. Swipe to see the process of how calluses are formed 🙃 #health #fitness #bodybuilding #goldsgymvenice #musclebeach #abs at Gold's Gym Venice Beach California


Rise n grind 🔆 it’s 8 AM here in Cali & I just finished my 10 min incline walk and 10 min sand sprints.. .. I try to get in at least 3 sessions of 20 minutes fasted cardio a week! .. Doing so greatly supplements my fat loss program. It also helps to start the day off right 💪👏💯 .. If you have any questions about fasted cardio, DM me or click the link in my bio #health #fitness #bodybuilding #cardio at Marina del Rey, California


Plyometrics for a better booty, better squat, & better strength 👇 .. Plyo movements train your muscles to contract with more power. Taking time to add this type of movement to your workouts will enhance the force production ability of your muscles. This will allow you to be more explosive in heavier lifts such as a squat or a deadlift, improving your strength & form AKA #gains. .. Switching up your style of glute training will shock your muscles. This is necessary for shaping & growing the booty 🍑 @officialbetterbodies #health #fitness #bodybuilding #plyometrics at Carlsbad, California








Game day w/ game bae #rutgers #imherpersonaltrainer 🍑 at Rutgers University


Me to me: calm your traps, take a break from the weights & focus on yoga/cardio. Me: *lifts weights* #progresspic #health #fitness #bodybuilding #poststairmasterglow


An exercise I used for my client tonight. He is 380 lbs and has gone through multiple knee operations/ACL surgery’s (he held onto something while doing this). .. Benefits of this exercise: ▪️strengthens the glutes & quads ▪️slow & controlled movements isolates the glutes & quads, improving mind/muscle connection ▪️mind/muscle connection helps with form and muscle fiber recruitment(gains) ▪️great progression for a client with a knee injury/pain (after spending time on stabilization) ▪️improves balance/stabilization ▪️working multiple muscles in multiple planes of motion ▪️functional exercise ▪️accessory exercise to tone glutes/quads #health #fitness #bodybuilding #training #weightloss #quads #glutes #kneeingury #exercise at Elite Fitness Club


Aligning my muscles with Yoga centers my body and mind 🧘🏻‍♀️. I don’t do yoga all the time, but I really enjoy practicing the balance poses. It also helps prevent/relieve pain in my lower back and traps from when I over do it with the weights. Is it just me, or is this a lot harder in the wind?? 😬 #PracticeMakesProgress #Health #fitness #yoga #bodybuilding #beach #muscles #alignment #balance


👉Swipe to see how I relieve tightness in my neck (In or out of the gym, I feel like a lot of you will benefit from this)👇 .. Every now and then I wake up with extreme tightness in my upper traps and levator scapulae. Roll shoulders back and down for all. .. A lot of this tightness comes from over use. For example I carry my stress in my shoulders, and I also have a tendency to activate them during a lot of exercises (have improved on this over time). .. Today it was pretty bad so when I went to the gym I couldn’t really do anything without feeling sore. So I did these stretches and feel a million times better. (This morning I couldn’t move my neck, & now I just did all of these with no soreness at all). .. This stiffness is common in weightlifters, ppl who sit at a computer all day and people who are always looking down at a phone/laptop/other work. If you are someone who experiences tightness in these muscles. I would recommend performing these stretches multiple times throughout the week. .. I learned them by being a personal trainer, a corporate wellness professional, and working in a physical therapy office. .. ❗️Important to note: if you are very stiff, these will be pretty uncomfortable/tight at first. But it’s worth it. Stretch as far as you can and aim to gain a little more mobility each rep. Keep shoulders back and relaxed for all. #health #fitness #tightneck #wellness #stretch #mobility #flexibility #corporatewellness #personaltrainer


Took a break from training to save the world from the average man 💪😉 #WonderWoman at Asbury Park Boardwalk

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