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All pictures taken by my dog T-Rex on a Polaroid camera, then edited with crayons & markers before being uploaded. Denver, CO | Cbmurtagh@gmail.com

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Anyone have any recommendations on flying robots? Christina and I were talking and she said that if she had one, even she might get into taking pictures! at Grand Teton National Park


I don't know what this guy was dune out there. It was a little windy. Or a lot windy. I hate wind. Do you like wind? Now I'm at a place where the word wind just sounds weird. I'm almost second guessing if I'm spelling it right. Anyway, Finley is pooping his pants right now. It does not smell good. at Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve


I'm going to eat ice cream now. at Iceland


You know how people say "it's not about the destination, it's about the journey?" I guess those people really love sitting on airplanes for hours or sitting in traffic on the way to a delicious pizza place. Me? I like the destination, and pizza is the bestination. at Colorado


Ughhh too many inspirational captions out there. Here is a picture of a tent and those are mountains in the background. There is a fire to the right of the tent, but you can't see it. at Grand Teton National Park


Have you guys seen that new Apple commercial? The one where the neighbor asks the girl what she is doing on her computer and the girl says "what's a computer?" That commercial bothers me. A lot. How does she not know what a computer is?!? I'm assuming it takes place now, and not at some point far in the future, since they are advertising a product that's currently available. First of all, the girl has glasses, so she must have seen an eye doctor. Now I'm not sure about her doctor, but all the doctors I have ever seen use computers. Secondly, she seems about the age that she would be in early high school. Are you really telling me that they don't learn about the history of technology? Or that her school doesn't have a computer lab? Or that she never went to a friend's house who happened to own a computer? But the thing that REALLY bothers me, is how rude she is to the nice lady next door. She should at least take a moment to look away from her iPad and interact with her neighbor and maybe inquire about her day. at Iceland


I had potato soup for breakfast here. at Denver Pigeon Control


Why is tomorrow Monday?? at Oregon


I was a little bored earlier and looked at Facebook. I started to look back on my history and got a little hooked. I ended up going all they way back to when I first made an account. I corrected someone's grammar on something they wrote to me over 12 years ago. I thought it was funny. Not funny enough to write a caption about, yet here I am, just rambling on about it. at Colorado


Some sunrises are more gooder than others. at Colorado


It's Monday night, but technically it's Wednesday night. But since the office closes at noon on Wednesday, it's technically like mid Thursday now, right? at Colorado


I got all my stuff together and drove up to the mountains for sunset today. After driving a little over an hour I realized I had left my camera battery at home. So I turned around and drove home. Booooooooo! at California


Blah blah blah at Colorado


I really want to get to know you all better, please take the polls in my story. at Colorado


I have been eating a dozen cookies a day for the past couple of days. The Cookie Monster would be proud. at Colorado


I only have tree more days off work. I mean three. This has been a really great month. Hope your month was good too. Ok bye. at Colorado


Whenever I'm driving in the dark I always see animals up ahead on the side of the road. Then as I get closer, I realize they are actually road signs. Then as I get closer, I realize they are just rocks. Yea I probably need glasses. at Iceland


Check out my story to see a couple of edits of this picture. at Oregon

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