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All pictures taken by my dog T-Rex on a Polaroid camera, then edited with crayons & markers before being uploaded. Denver, CO

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Some trees hanging out with their other tree friends next to a lake. at Colorado


So is calling people "legends" the new "vibes" and "tones?" Just trying to keep up with you kids. 🤷🏼‍♀️ at Colorado


I keep hearing about this Adobe Photoshop. I have walked all throughout Denver looking for this shop with no luck. Do they even have a photo shop in Denver? at Colorado


It was snowy on Saturday, so we went to look at it. Here is a picture of Christina looking at the aforementioned snow. Also, my birthday is coming up so it is a good time to start thinking of presents you want to get for me. at Colorado


It took T-Rex a long time to learn how to use the drone. The controller didn't work very well with his paws. Here is a picture from his flight this weekend. #mavicpro #DJI #dronestagram #drone at Colorado


I make smoothies most mornings. Sometimes, I make them for Christina too. You know, just being the best husband ever and trying to keep her healthy. Today when she got in I saw her put the glass from this morning in the sink, and it was half full. HALF FULL! Anyway, getting that divorce paperwork prepared right now. at Utah


Blahhhhhh at Iceland


Where is your favorite marshmallow to roast places? Tag 18 marshmallows you would like to visit this spot with. at Grand Teton National Park


A lot of people seem to be complaining about the new @instagram algorithm. If not getting enough likes on your post is your biggest concern in life, I think you're doing alright. There are literally people dying because they don't have fresh water sources. Sorry your post didn't get enough likes. Shut up. at Oregon


Today @morgan.tuohy and I went hiking. It was windy. It was really windy. It was so windy that I was sitting on a frozen lake and I slid about 5 feet after being blown by a big gust. at Denver Pigeon Control


You know how people do those AMA things? I'd rather ask you guys something. Tell me, in your opinion, the most interesting thing about yourself. Hopefully at least a few of you will comment, otherwise I will look like a loser. Did you know that if you look like a loser on social media it means you are one in real life too? Seriously, it's true. at Oregon


T-Rex thought the glass back door was open a little while ago when it was closed. He came at a full sprint and I saw it happen, it was the worst. 😔 He didn't seem to care that much, so I guess that's good. at Iceland


Little known facts about T-Rex: Christina and I adopted him very early into our relationship and she had to talk me into it. He destroyed my couch in college, literally turning it into a million tiny pieces while I was in class. He has starred in every Jurassic Park movie they have made. If you don't move, he can't see you. Ok, well the first two are true. at Colorado


Please tell me a joke. at Grand Teton National Park


Don't leave stuff in yo car here. People gon' steal it. at California


It's nice that it is mid January and I don't have to see anymore of those posts with people bragging about their accomplishments in 2017. You know the classic "I visited 1,809 countries and I was on all 13 continents in 2017." at Iceland


Daycare is stupid. Why is it normal that we pay strangers to raise our children? What is wrong with us? at Colorado


Ok ok ok, I know I JUST posted a picture of the bells. I am terrible at editing pictures, and I hate doing it. The picture from a few days ago I edited on my phone really quickly and it sucks. I needed to have a do-over. This is the do-over, I hope you like it. at Colorado

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