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Colin Murtagh

All pictures taken by my dog T-Rex on a Polaroid camera, then edited with crayons & markers before being uploaded. Denver, CO

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Blah blah blah cliché caption about how fall is my favorite season because I’m basic AF. at Colorado


Helloooooooo at Colorado


Hi everyone. Hope you like this picture of a lake and a canoe or whatever. Clouds too. Ok bye. at Canada


Here is some road. I drove a rental car on it once. at Oregon


Here is a picture of me. at Oregon


I’m pretty friendly looking, but when I go out I try to put on a pretty good RBF so people won’t talk to me. Apparently when you have a child it doesn’t work though. Today at the grocery store a guy started up a conversation with me by saying he misses when his kids were Finn’s age, and that they are full grown now. Then he proceeded to tell me that now everyone just calls him a DILF. Yes, some stranger and the grocery store told me he is a DILF. I have to be honest though, he wasn’t. at Canada


Hope you all had a good weekend!!


It was really dark as I started this hike then the sun came up and it got brighter. It was windy and chilly in the dark, and also when it was light. Let me know if you want to know anymore details. #dji #djimavicpro at Colorado


My iPhone is haunted. If I put it on a flat surface, it moves. Slowly it creeps inch after inch and jumps off tables. Anyone have this same problem? Any thoughts @apple ?? at Colorado


Mosquitoes live here. at Canada


This was the first hour of my 19 hour drive. I was all happy and feeling good. Fast forward 19 hours and I was crushing French fries in a parking lot down the street from my house thinking about how this was the worst drive EVER. at Canada


I gots feets. at Colorado


Some lakes are more gooder than others. at Canada


You know how you can be an organ donor and it lists it on your license? Well, I’ve always opted to be a donor, but I would really like to add one stipulation. No assholes. That doesn’t mean I don’t want my asshole donated, I mean I only want my organs to go to good people. You know, maybe Christina gets to give the final ok after she checks them out. I don’t want that guy throwing his cigarette out the car window to get anything from me, I’d rather life just run its course on him. at Colorado


I kept hearing about this candy bar party in the middle of the night so last time I was camping I hopped out of my tent hungry and ready to devour a Milky Way. What a disappointment, there were no candy bars anywhere. I’ll just stay in my tent and sleep next time. at Colorado


If you were stuck on an island, what one thing would you bring? I would bring Christina so I’d have some good company while dying of dehydration. at Colorado


Someone come make my Super Nintendo work please. at Canada


Canoeada. That’s Canada and canoe mixed together. These canoes are in Canada, that’s what made me think it up. at Canada

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