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Colin Murtagh

All pictures taken by my dog T-Rex on a Polaroid camera, then edited with crayons & markers before being uploaded. Denver, CO | Cbmurtagh@gmail.com

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Haters gonna hate, and ain'ters gonna ain't. at Colorado


Anyone have any suggestions of photographers on here that I should check out? at Grand Teton National Park


Monday. Cool. at The Forest Moon Of Endor


Christina and I spent a long time at this beach chasing waves. It was cold, you can tell because there is ice everywhere. Also, I'm going to be posting old pictures for a while. Don't get mad bro. at Iceland


Here is a picture of a road since everyone seems to like those so much. During the spring, I drive by here every morning at approximately the same time on my way to work. The interesting thing is that the majority of the time I get to this spot right when a couple of ducks try to cross the road. I slow down, let them pass, and wave at them. Then we all just carry on with our day. Yes, this really happens, and feel free to check out my story where I have created a pretty incredible reenactment. at Colorado


I don't like this picture very much, but here it is anyway. at Crystal Mill


Hi Christina. Thanks for carrying our baby around for 40 weeks, sorry he didn't come out today. at Iceland


It looks like you would just run into some trees if you drove on this road, but you wouldn't. It turns. at Aspen, Colorado


Heard it's supposed to snow tomorrow. Here is a picture with some snow in it. at Aspen, Colorado


Happy Friday Eve!! 🎉 at Grand Teton National Park


Today I was thinking back to when I was little and would go on road trips with the fam. My parents would always have the "oldies" going. You know, The Beatles and that sort. So what am I supposed to do when I take my son on a road trip? My "oldies" consist of songs like Juvenile-Back that ass up, and Busta Rhymes-Break ya neck. at Aspen, Colorado


I like trees. at Point Reyes National Seashore


Sooooo the baby is due on October 10th. Anyone want to guess the date/time he will actually arrive? Closest time on the correct date wins a prize! at Maroon Bells


If you carve your initials in trees then don't ever talk to me. at Aspen, Colorado


That's me over there. at Oregon


I'm going to eat some jalapeño chips now. at Marble, Colorado


Some trees have leaves, other trees have sharp pointy things. Both are in this picture. at Aspen, Colorado


Here is a picture of a road. at Colorado

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