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I dig Crossfit - Coach/Owner @houseofcrossfit, dogs, soccer, tacos, tiki drinks, old BMWs and the beach. North County San Diego, CA

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Team Slow ‘n Classy. We have tuxedo t-shirts, @iamprojectx party pineapple bottoms, mediocre fitness levels and are best friends. That’s a recipe for an unstoppable team! at House of Crossfit


Holy crap where do I start? We had an amazing competition today with some great athletes and so many of us (myself included) competing for the first time. I fully expected a complete cluster, but the @houseofcrossfit crew came together and with @barbellkitchen and @taratengco leading the charge we put on an amazing Cupid’s Crush Competition. Look for this to be an annual tradition going forward! Thanks to everyone who helped, competed, spectated and supported us! at House of Crossfit


Instead of drinking on my birthday, I just did a brutal workout and almost hurled a few times. It was horrible and I wanted to quit many times. Perfect for me. at House of Crossfit


Time for some accountability and candor. I worked hard to lose weight and get healthier, and then 2017 proved to me that you can’t out train bad eating habits. I work out 4-6 days a week and I enjoy it, it’s part of my lifestyle now. I also enjoy beer and food that isn’t good for me and I make bad choices about when I consume those things. Wanna know what I changed this month? In sleight-of-hand magic, it’s called a force. Making your mark pick the card you want them to. Remove the choice to eat poorly or not and you won’t eat poorly. Plan and prepare and have a healthy meal at hand and you don’t have to choose, you picked the card you were forced to and you can still be amazed when you see the big reveal on the scale.


Little chicken curry recipe I made up for lunches/dinners this week. Food is fuel, but that doesn’t mean it has to suck.


Eating healthy and tracking macros is neither boring or super difficult with a partner who also loves to cook and is super creative! Five spice shrimp, Sichuan green beans and jasmine rice.


Groom looking dapper AF. FMFT is getting married! #frankandjeanielle at The Windmill Winery


Almost time for the ceremony. #frankandjeanielle at The Windmill Winery


Great to see Jessica after too many years! #frankandjeanielle at The Windmill Winery


Made @nomnompaleo wonton meatballs... into wontons. This is 4 servings and still leaves me plenty of macros left for the day. They smell amazing!!


9:30 burner going down. All the cool kids are here questioning their lifestyle and scaling choices right now. at House of Crossfit


Presents! at House of Crossfit


Rip Mid-2011 MacBook Pro. Thank you for not exploding into flames when the battery swole up in my gym locker! at House of Crossfit


Some chicken, shrimp and turkey sausage gumbo for lunches. Healthy and delicious.

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