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Cedar Coleman

Mediocre weightlifter and CrossFitter. I dig tiki drinks, tacos, and my dogs. Owner & coach @houseofcrossfit

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Looks like some hiccups with the technology that let us track Ethan’s progress on the Pacific Crest Trail, but I just got this update from his SatPhone! at Canada


Really digging my new Apple Watch series 4. It’s got some powerful features.


I love gumbo, so I made some with the sausage we had leftover from making pizza last night, shrimp and of course some fresh Alaskan halibut from my freezer! Don’t mind the weird green brown color, that’s how you know the okra is making the gumbo good! at San Marcos, California


I don’t thing that’s how radiators are supposed to work. Good thing I had a new one from @blunt_tech to install! #bmw2002 at San Marcos, California


Cuz, you know, I don’t have enough hobbies, I needed a 2019 @iamspecialized Diverge E5 road bike. Time to start commuting to work to improve my fitness conditioning further and save some money and emissions. at Black Mountain Bicycles


When you find out WinCo has @bangenergy for a buck off a can, you stock up! Thanks @bgriffindork for the hot tip keeping me caffeinated. For anyone else in the area, $1.78 a pop, never seen that cheap! Gogogo! at San Marcos, California


Back on the wagon now that we have a kitchen and I can meal prep. Operation stop eating like an asshole. If you see me with food or beverage in hand, do me a favor and ask if it fits my macros and if I’ve logged it. #iifym #flexdieting #operationstopeatinglikeanasshole at House of Crossfit


Before and after. Safe to say it’s a small improvement and we love our new kitchen!! at San Marcos, California


Just doin manly things in Alaska. at Sportsman's Cove Lodge


Lomaland cooler. Not often you find cocktails with allspice dram on the menu so I had to try it. at Soda & Swine


Lunch is served. Yes, that’s a mimosa slushie. Yes it was fabulous. at Soda & Swine


This book is going to give me a lot of really bad (good) ideas. First among which is perfecting the @momolongplay dashi so I can make the best ramen I ever had, from scratch. Call it my personal bucket list grail quest. at San Marcos, California


We have no kitchen, but that doesn’t stop the cooking. Today’s dinner/tomorrow’s lunch is smoked tri-tip on the Traeger and just for schitzengigglez, a smoked onion. at San Marcos, California


Mom found my 1st trimester senior year report card. In hindsight, wish I’d worked a little harder, C’s aren’t impressive. No question my favorite was being a Teacher’s aide for @esibster though! at Temecula, California


305x5 because to squat more than bodyweight without a belt is good for your mind, body and spirit. at House of Crossfit


Feels like I’ve torn everything out this weekend... at San Marcos, California


Putting the Fun and Function in functional fitness. That island tile came off easy once the edge caps were removed, but the cement and tile must have weighed 200lbs. Glad Jim was here to help!


Progress, let this mud dry, sand and fill some more gaps. at San Marcos, California

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