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For the🍑!! *No matter how funny it may look or feel make sure you’re squeezing those cheeks tight when lifting up*


1AM workouts. #100DaysFitwithTise at Planet Fitness


Today’s workout was fun! Today was her day 1 and she did 100 squats, 100 calf raises and then these partner ab workouts with me without one complaint. Working with a partner definitely gives you that push. Motivate a friend & get to work. Ft. @ccarias_ 💪🏾💖 at Elizabeth, New Jersey


Headed to a city near you....😜 at Boston, Massachusetts


Day 6.


Did you workout today?👀 Here’s a few of the exercises I do at the gym. From lunges, squats, regular and side crunches, and hip lifts. Now for my 100 day challenge I told y’all I’m focusing on my abs,calf’s, and those squats! However, I still throw a few other exercises in. The ab & calf workouts + the squats is what’s being done 100 x a day until the challenge is complete. I’ve been getting questions about how many sets I do of each. I am completing 100 of each workout PERIOD! there is no specific way. I may do 30 toe touch crunches, then do 70 sit ups. Whichever way you do them, just make sure you’re doing 100. Same with the squats & calfs. Also, I know people are busy! If you have to do 50 when you wake up, and the other 50 on your lunch break or before bed then do what you have to do. I will start making more videos that focus on those specific areas you guys are asking about that you want to work on. Ex. Butt, legs, etc. for now, keep on workin😉 #100DaysFitwithTise


Hello!!👆🏾 Today is day 3 of #100DaysFitwithTise for me. Wake up and get to it✨💪🏾 NO excuses. at Planet Fitness


Hey!! Today I started a 100 day fitness challenge! And for the next 99 days I'll be committed to doing 100 sit ups/crunches, 100 calf raises and 100 squats every single day! I've been getting some dm's about what I do in the gym; truthfully I'm not consistent enough to give a routine, so I'm challenging anyone (mainly all the women in my DM's) to commit to this challenge with me! You don't even need a gym membership! This can be done anywhere, at any time🤗 You can do whatever exercise benefits you, whether it's 100 minutes on the treadmill for the next 100 days, or 100 push-ups .. whatever is going to give you the results you desire. Start tonight, start tomorrow. Do what you have to do and keep track of your progress📸 #100daysfitwithTise I'll see y'all in a few months💪🏾 at Elizabeth, New Jersey


May the bridges I burn light the way..✨


Beautiful.💅🏽 at Wonder World NYC


🍎’Marie #kindvibesonly #wonderworldnyc


OTR.🐝 at Santa Clara, California


More life, more time to get it right.🦋 at Nashville, Tennessee

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