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Kinda Drift 🦄🚘💨. .Skate, but mostly fall (c" ತ,_ತ) Arilén Obregón🌺 Subscribe to my YouTube to see my 500+ hp 2jz S13 😁🍻 NEW VIDEO!!! Click the link! Similar users

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Amahni 🤘🏽☹️🤘🏽
Saul/ Oscar
Phillip ✌🏾️

Who else is going to Rival Drift series this coming weekend?!?! I’ve never driven Balcony before so I really want to come out! Should I? 🤩❤️💸 #2jz #rivalautoworks #andystires


Rod Knock boys. 💩 #2jz


@rivalautoworks @rivaldriftseries prep lmao thank god my front end is removable @dafablab ❤️ and thank god my fans have one plug so I don’t have to take everything apart. #broken #2jz


My two babies ❤️🔥 even though both broke on Saturday I still wouldn’t trade them for anything , well my car that is hahahahaha I want a Duramax or 5th gen Cummins 😓


Driving at night was definitely not easy lmao 😂 it was fun while it lasted tho. Little by little we’ll get into the groove. Have lots to learn and lots to fix 🙄😓 enjoy the beautiful sounds that Jzs make tho 🔊❤️ #2jz #2jzgte #vvti #singleturbo


Ended the night early. Crank pulley snapped off. Bummed but glad I was able to get a couple laps


🤫🤭 #andystires #2jz #cummins


Last minute track prep shopping is great haha #cummins


Tire change on my wheel in 45 seconds 😁 (IN CHANCLAS BOI) I thank god everyday for letting Andy show me how to mount tires. It’s definitely a skill worth having , especially in this drift community lol 🙏🏽🔥 with that said, I’ll be helping Andy change your tiny ass 12” wheels at Corolla Matsuri this weekend ! 🤭😎 come say what’s up! 🤠 #andystires #utisucks #thanksdad


Mine and @elcompa701gio kids at the track helping hahahahaha


Gonna shake that assssssss hard this week 🤤🔥 #2jz #2jzgte #drift #s13 #240sx


Time for some tires while I save for a bigger lift and wheels 🐘💨 #andystires #cummins #3500 #smartytuned


#MOOD I just wanna fly off course with my friends 🙄 this vid I didn’t clutch kick once. Pretty tight lol 😂 #2jz #2jzgte #vvti #s13 #240sx #drift #2jznoshit #jzeverything at Grange Motor Circuit


Who’s drifting this weekend? She’s hungry 😁 comment or dm me! #2jz #2jzgte #s13 #240sx


Oh how time flies. It breaks and warms my heart to see you grow. I know it’s part of life but I hate to know that one day you’re going to be annoyed when I call you my baby. I hate that one day I’m going to come home and lay down and you won’t lay on me to take naps. I love you so so much and I know you’re learning that. Keep being your crazy self and let’s be best friends forever, happy 2nd birthday Arilén Obregón 👑❤️


Still for sale, or trade . Dm me 🤔😁 18x8.5 3” lip 18x10.5 5” lip 1300$ or trade 😈 #garsonryugi #garson #garsondeepracing #wheelsforsale #wheelsfortrade #threepiece #threepiecewheels

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