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Forrest Wang

What a great combination. Whenever we got this engine in last night, I just stared for 20m. #ChaseBays #BMW #E30 #1JZ #1JZVVTi #1JZE30 at Chase Bays


One of the coolest Chase Bays Hydro Handbrake installs we’ve seen by We love seeing what everyone comes up with when offered a compact handbrake. #ChaseBays #HydroHandbrake #HydraulicHandbrake #Handbrake #S13


Our pedal clevis for Brake Booster Eliminator was designed to work with many different firewall to pedal lengths. Very modular. And it’s black. 😎 #ChaseBays #BrakeBoosterEliminator #BrakeBoosterDelete at Chase Bays


We took new photos of our 240sx / Silvia / R32 Tucked Radiator so, here the are! Enjoy and feel free to ask any questions in the comments. #ChaseBays #TuckedRadiator #S13 #S14 #S15 #R32 #R33


Testing our products is fun! Driver: @ChaseMcMaster🏎 @MidpondCircuit @StreetwiseDrift #ChaseBays #ChaseBaysE36 #Midpond


We make Brake Booster Eliminator adapter plates for 5 different patterns that fit hundreds of different chassis. It seems like everyday we learn a new chassis it fits. #ChaseBays #BrakeBoosterEliminator #BrakeBoosterDelete


@ForrestWang808 @GetNutsLab care package en route! Chase Bays Hydro Handbrakes for the FD S15, GS300, and Supra builds. #GetNutsLab #ForrestWang


What are we developing here? #ChaseBays #SR20DET


🤤🤤 @S14_kouki_2JZ’s #ChaseBays equipped S14 is shaping up to be great! He’s using our Tucked Radiator with Shroud, Brake Booster Eliminator, inBay Brake Line Relocation, and Power Steering Kit. #ChaseBays


Pretty stoked on the #ChaseBays Hydro Handbrake install in our BMW E36. 😎


Mocked up an all new redesigned Honda Civic / Integra inInterior BBE Brake Line Relocation Kit this evening. We’re changing to a stainless hard line in the engine bay. Fun Fact: The Honda Brake Line Relocation / Tuck was actually our first official product on our website back in 2007. It’s been copied quite a few times but we’re the only ones to set it up properly with our Adjustable Bias Valve that replaces the stock proportioning valve (not to mention companies that give the wrong size master cylinder which makes the pedal WAY too stiff 😑). This redesign will put us many steps ahead of any folks who copied it. We’ll show the interior side tomorrow, it’s really cool. 👻 #ChaseBays at Chase Bays


@itsjaybrah is building a REALLY cool 07 G35 Sedan 6MT. He’s using our 240sx Tucked Radiator, Brake Booster Eliminator, Brake Line Relocation, and Power Steering Kit. Engine bay photos soon. #ChaseBays #G35


Hydro Handbrake feature explained by @ChaseMcMaster #ChaseBays at Chase Bays


I wish I was a #ChaseBays Hydro Handbrake. So many friends... 🤷🏻‍♂️ at Chase Bays


Oh happy day! #Handbrakes at Chase Bays


Installed #ChaseBays Raised Inline Filler Necks on 1JZ-GTE VVTi and SR20DET. 😍 at Chase Bays


Installed the #ChaseBays Fuel Line Kit for aftermarket FPR last night. It includes our Inline Filter, FPR Bracket, and FPR/Rail adapters too. This makes our OCD very happy, it’s so simple and organized! (We’re getting this car running, testing it, then tearing it down for paint. That’s why the paint is haggard)


@e36_m3tal made our day with this video. We hope to see more cool creativity with our Hydro Handbrake installs. Our Handbrake is super compact and makes things like this possible. #ChaseBays

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