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Mississippi Firecracker - Meddling kid since forever - Undisputed tinkering champion of the world - Director of Social Marketing, BlabTV-WFBD. Similar users

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All you’ll own is earth until you can skate with all the colors of the wind. 🍃 🍂 at Johnsons Beach, Florida


I realize now that I’m a much better “succulent appreciator” than an actual grower of such delicate things. Madi is still trying though. 😂 at Pensacola Seed & Garden


I might be 100 years behind, but I’m youtubin’ now. Travel, food, and such. There’s a link in my bio if you want to watch the full deal with sound. #dowhatyouwantto


Is this a sign? Are the vans of Palafox trying to tell me something? Are these the ghosts of summers past? So. Many. Questions. at Pensacola, Florida


Spring has sprung at our little coastal cottage. Perfect temps and zero bugs...yet. at Pensacola, Florida


100% van envy. at Pensacola, Florida


And then there are days like this. at Star Lake, Pensacola, Florida


Wherever you go, community is important. at Star Lake, Pensacola, Florida


Another Cheeseburger giveaway! 🍔 Name this location (or a town within 200 miles) for a chance to win a free cheeseburger on me! *past winners ineligible (aka @openheartsugary and @hdawn)


Happy Birthday to the best woman I’ve ever known! You are literally the human embodiment of a ray of sunshine, flowers, cuddly animals, and all the desserts. You’re already the most incredible baker and your pursuit of becoming a chef inspires me every single day. Here’s to the next 125 birthdays!


In swamps with friends, circa ‘15.


I heard this was the best place to buy BananaCoin. at Drowsy Poet Pensacola Beach


Some shots I should’ve posted a long time ago. Joshua Tree National Park is a truly magical place. Highly recommend.


Eat your leafy greens. at Natural Bridge, Alabama


I’ve been thinking about Australia a lot recently, pouring through old photos and videos. Being on a new continent and in a city that’s so far away from all of the things in my comfort zone was the best thing i could do for myself at the time. Madi is anxiously awaiting the day I get to take her to see all the places and all the people I talk about all the time. Here’s to saving spare change and making dreams come true. at Angahook-Lorne State Park


100% not Pensacola. First person to correctly guess this location gets a free cheeseburger.


ATTN: I won the wife lottery. at Scenic 90 Cafe


I keep coming back to talk about the weather. at Navy Point, Florida

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