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My Sunday: . ✔️A GREAT book I’m SO PROUD to read over & over again, written by one of my very best-est friends @kathecrawford . ✔️A delish plant-based, whole-protein bowl of creamy porridge, recipe below. . ✔️Cannabis-rich 'CBD' creams, lotions & potions that I can honestly say from my experiences thus far re: the many different applications of this miracle plant product - THIS truly is the future of healthcare. . 👉I've been trialing many different things to share with you - what works, what's hype.. . 👉I’ll be writing about this via @crazysexykris, but I take my role as Beauty Editor very seriously which is why articles take time to be published. Please be patient, what I’m about to share is worth the wait. . 👉I don't write about things because I'm given them for free or paid to say they’re great...this is how it works in the big wide media world. I spent 12 years placing products in the world's biggest magazines, movies & I managed major celebrity endorsements. Old me. . 👉I take time to trial, test & experience what's 'out there' so you don't have to. I delve into scientific research behind products & ingredients because: necessary! . ✔️Fresh flowers from Heart Cells charity dinner - one of very few charities I support because many deceive us about how/where donation money is spent...that's a different conversation, but I will say I don’t support pink ribbon products anymore. My money only goes to research into authentic health-supportive CURES & SOLUTIONS. . ❤️Which is why the Heart Cells Foundation is inspiring to me. . ❤️They privately fund revolutionary stem cell research that’s saving lives. . ❤️Theirs is the first large randomised controlled study considering everyday patients with damaged hearts who’ve been told there are no more treatment options available to them. . ❤️The goal is to make this treatment available to everyone, for now, they’ve limited resources because they work off donations from extremely generous people, my family included, who believe their research is valid & necessary. . Enjoy 👇 . ➕50g amaranth flakes . ➕250mls milk (I used coconut) . ➖Combine flakes & milk, bring to a boil & stir until it begins to thicken. Eat/enjoy! at London, United Kingdom


Boom 💥 . Message received @positivelypresent... . I’m downing tools and headed outdoors - who’s with me?! . 👣🌳🍃🍂🌲👣


Happy (belated) World Vegan Day! . Whether you follow a purely vegetable-based diet or not, all I care about is the food you're eating is nourishing, real & free from added man-made chemicals, pesticides, synthetic additives or flavorings... 🤐 . Because these thing mess with your digestive system - some possess the ability to switch on & off genes that cause disease &, in many cases, eventual death 💀🙅🏼‍♀️ . So, on that happy note... 🤷🏼‍♀️ . In celebration of a day dedicated to eating only plants, I share this delish dish that has tricked many egg-loving friends into thinking they're eating eggs when they're not 🐣 . Made from organic, non-GMO tofu, this dish provides ALL essential & non-essential amino acids, meaning you're getting a COMPLETE protein first thing the morning 🙌🏻 . I’m serving this with a new gluten-free seeded bread recipe I'm working on + roasted vine tomatoes + steamed spinach 🌱 . My tea is a turmeric one, created with @superfeast antifungal pau d'arco tea as a base. . Time. To. Eat! . Scrambled Tofu . You need: . ➕1 x 325g/oz block firm, non-GMO, organic tofu with an ingredients list stating: water, organic soybeans & nigari. . 👉Nigari is the mineral-rich mother liquor remaining after salt is extracted from seawater. Its used to coagulate soy proteins to make tofu. . ➕2 tsp high-quality olive oil . ➕1/2 cup chopped, cooked veggies - I added capsicum & white onion, but you choose! . ➕2  tbs nutritional yeast - this provides a cheesy flavour . ➕3/4 tsp ground turmeric . ➕1/4 tsp garlic powder . ➕Pinch sea salt . You do: . ➖Sandwich tofu between thick tea towels (or paper towel, but not great for the environment FYI) & apply a little pressure to absorb excess liquid. Once dry, break into smaller pieces - think: 'scrambled-egg' 👌🏻 . ➖In a bowl, combine nutritional yeast, turmeric, garlic & salt. Add tofu & oil, combine. . ➖Take chopped vegetables & saute for a few mins in a medium-size saucepan to cook - OR - grab already-cooked leftover veggies from the fridge & chop into small pieces. . ➖Add tofu mix & veggies - saute over low-medium heat. Serve hot, topped wth herbs or an extra sprinkle of nutritional yeast for added 😋🤤 at London, United Kingdom


Did you know the definition of ‘BOO’ has 4 different meanings?! It can be used: . to surprise 😳 . to disapprove 😡 . as a shortened version of 'beautiful' 😍 . & . to describe a mistake (when said twice) 😬 . Pretty cool how one word can mean so many different things, depending upon the meaning you assign to it. . Which is why you should NEVER take anyone's words personally (unless you want to) because that's their assigned meaning! . May I remind you that YOU always hold the power...words can never affect you. . But crappy food can! 🤷🏼‍♀️ . Which is why I share this plant-based chocolate cake which is GF, vegan, nut-free 👌🏻 . Best to fill up on all the good stuff this Halloween so there’s no room for the crappy, junky stuff that only confuses the mechanisms of your body & makes you feel 😩 . So, “ENJOY BOO!” . (in this case, BOO = 'beautiful', as long as you choose to accept it, which I think you really should 😉) . HEALTHY HALLOWEEN CAKE . DRY . ➕220g gluten free flour - gum-free. . ➕40g cacao powder - sub for carob . ➕1 tsp baking powder . ➕2 tsp pumpkin pie spice - cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, cardamom . ➕1/2 tsp sea salt . ➕OPTIONAL: 28g chaga mushroom powder - I ❤️ @superfeast . WET . ➕2 tbs chia seed mixed wth 80mls water - sit for 10 mins . ➕100g coconut oil - sub olive or hemp . ➕230g non-GMO Xylitol - or granulated sweetener of choice . ➕150g butternut squash puree - sub pumpkin . ➕200g 100% dark chocolate - I used @seedandbeanchocolates . ➕375ml plant-based 'milk' - I used @rudehealth tigernut . ➕3 tsp vanilla extract . YOU DO . ➖Pre-heat oven 150C/300F. . ➖Steam, soften & puree butternut. Weigh out, set aside. . ➖Combine dry. . ➖Combine wet in a saucepan. Completely melt, add choc + chia seed 'egg' last. . ➖Mix wet into dry, thoroughly! . ➖Pour into cake/muffin tin. Bake 30-40mins approx - depends on shape/size & oven . ➖Cool, then turn out on wire rack to harden further. . ➖Store up to 2 days wrapped in foil, then store in fridge (2-3 days) or freezer (2-3 weeks) at London, United Kingdom


Celebrating 15 years today with this gorgeous specimen, @benjaminshinestudio ❤️ . People often ask what our 'secret' is, so here goes... . 👉🏽Every day we consciously maintain a high energy vibration by making all decisions based on compassion & kindness to ourselves & others - these are emotions that vibrate at VERY high speeds. . What the HECK am I talking about??? 🤷🏼‍♀️ . Ok, it may be hard to believe, but quantum theorists (SUPER smart people studying nature & the behavior of matter & energy at atomic & subatomic levels) have proven EVERYTHING on this planet & beyond is made of vibrations ⚡️🌍⚡️ . In other words: even though things appear solid to your eyes (chairs, tables, humans!) everything - including YOU - is made up of particles vibrating SUPER FAST, creating the illusion of being solid. . Is your mind blown yet? 🤯 . Keep reading, it gets better... . When you hear someone talking about being ‘high vibe' they're not speaking woo woo my friend, quite the opposite actually! . They’re actually talking about LITERALLY VIBRATING at a higher speed ⚡️⚡️⚡️ . But HOW do they (& you) do this?🤔 . By making sure you make all decisions, and take all actions from a place of love, compassion & kindness. . Place it at the core of everything you do, think, say, feel ❤️👌🏻 . FYI, greed, fear, hate & sadness vibrate at much lower speeds, so best you avoid those at all costs! 🙅🏼‍♀️ . Ok, science lesson over! . And instead of just wishing you a ‘great day’ I wish you HIGH VIBRATIONAL day today, tomorrow & every other day you continue to vibrate on this big ol' planet of ours 🌍❤️🙏🏻 . Join me in literally raising the vibration of this place together - it’s in our best interests don’t you think? ✌🏼✨ at London, United Kingdom


Whoa! . I just clocked over 50 DMs asking about the food I shared on insta stories earlier, so here goes... . All leftover from the past 2 days + a few fresh bits added in for good measure: . ✔️Chickpeas - protein & lots of dietary goodness, but I want to highlight BUTYRATE which is a principal short-chain fatty acid that gets produced in you after you eat chickpeas. . Approx 200g/day was scientifically studied to allow the following claims to be verified: . Essentially, butyrate in your body can suppress cell proliferation (growth) + induce apoptosis (programmed cell death), a GREAT THING!! This kind of activity can & has been shown to reduce risk of colorectal cancers 💩 . Plus, chickpeas house other dietary bioactive compounds: lycopene, Biochanin A, & saponins that have all successfully reduced risks of other types of cancers 🙏🏻 . ✔️I also have lentils in here -just 100g provides a significant amount of the recommended daily allowance of dietary folates (54-73%!) for adults. . Anyone planning/wanting to fall pregnant MUST know this, please tag them below, because folate is KEY to a baby's development in the first few weeks of conception. Essentially, no/low levels of folate in the body during this time can cause MAJOR birth defects of the baby's brain, spine, or spinal cord‼️ . ✔️I've also mixed in a smidge of quinoa, such a great complete plant protein (vegans, I'm talking to you!) . ✔️And there's also a little chopped onion, spinach, fresh mint leaves with garlic powder, fresh lemon juice + the teeniest, tiniest amount of hemp oil for vitamin absorption in my body, because: healthy fat (not a lot!) helps your body absorb fat-soluble vitamins: A, D, E & K. . That's the download. Got to get back to study 👩🏼‍🎓👩🏼‍💻 . Make, enjoy. . And ALWAYS, keep it real 👌🏻😘 . PS: the round thing in the pic is a copper ball I keep between me & my computer, I’m fascinated by its potential EMF-radiation-blocking power... Not 100% across this info, but the ball was gifted to me by a dear friend, so seeing it reminds me of her also ❤️ . PPS: glasses are the new transition lenses from @truedark - totally worth the 💵 to save your eyes from junk/blue light 😎✔️ at London, United Kingdom


Happy Sunday! . A little sulphite info for all of you who ask me why I don’t buy dried fruit or ANYTHING with sulphites added 😷 . Those who say “oh, don’t be silly, sulphites are fine...completely safe, otherwise why would our food standards organisations & governments allow such a toxic substance in our food...” 🙈 . Don’t listen 🙉 . It’s naive to think organisations exist for the good of our health. They don’t & probably never will. Your health is YOUR responsibility, always 💥 . Time poor parents/people: the no. 1 piece of advice to take back power: . ✔️ flip ALL packaged foods to see the ingredients list. . Some things to know: . 👉 the first thing you see = the MOST used ingredient in that item. . 👉Ingredients are legally required to be listed in the order of their volume. . Do you see sugar/salt/hydrogenated oils or any kind of corn by-product (‘high fructose corn syrup’ is a common one) as the first few things listed? . Put. It. Back. On. The. Shelf. . 👉 Some healthy ingredients have long, often confusing chemical names, just like the crappy unhealthy ingredients. . Get your phone out, take a pic, do a little online research later - OR - if time permits, Google on the spot... YES! At the supermarket. Look around - more & more are doing this now. . Empowering. And won’t take you long to learn the stuff you need to avoid. If anything completely stumps you - comment below, I’ll look into it 👩🏼‍🍳👩🏼‍🎓 . 👉 Most foods in the health food aisle aren’t great. Especially anything that ‘yells’ ✨ORGANIC✨ . 👉Just because it’s organic doesn’t = a gold star. Rules & regulations re: packaging claims are fuzzy, so be aware what you read on the front cover isn’t always the truth, the whole truth & nothing but the truth. . 👉 Most packaged gluten-free biscuits & breads have the WORST kinds of additives in them - most likely messing with your gut. And you’re paying WAY too much for the privilege. . 👉Don’t feel defeated! Save money & make some things yourself - aside from my GF recipes, the internet is filled with LOADS to try. . Find the time. Involve the kids & enjoy some great bonding, creative moments ❤️ at London, United Kingdom


Let’s talk turmeric powder! . ☝🏼It’s a source of CURCUMIN - the medicinal part & ‘why’ behind incorporating turmeric into your diet really, because it: . ☝🏼is a ‘polyphenol’ that possesses antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antimutagenic, antimicrobial & anticancer properties. . ☝🏼demonstrates, at the cellular level, activity that enables it to support inflammatory conditions like metabolic syndrome, pain, arthritis, anxiety, hyperlipidemia, degenerative eye conditions & kidneys (all clinically proven). . If none of those things resonate, just know: in low doses, it can also do YOU the world of good by supporting overall wellness. . Great! . But what you must know is ingesting turmeric by itself won’t do much at all. . Because of its poor bioavailability in your body which = poor absorption, rapid metabolism & rapid elimination. . So what’s the point of eating turmeric then? . Well, by adding just ONE extra ingredient with turmeric, you increase chances of its magical powders within your body before you poop it out… . All you need to do is add black pepper which houses an active component, ‘piperine’, that increases curcumin’s bioavailability by 2000%. . Nope, no typo – 2000%!! . So: . black pepper + turmeric = higher potential of curcumin’s health benefits within you. . Now go make this sauce: add it to LOTS of veggies! . Turmeric-tahini sauce: . ✔️¼ cup tahini . ✔️3 tbs apple cider vinegar . ✔️¾ cup water . ✔️3 tbs hemp or olive oil . ✔️2 tbs nutritional yeast - more if you want it cheesy! Balance with extra water if it makes sauce too thick. . 🤓And no, this DOESN’T cause yeast infections despite what some (uneducated) food bloggers say. Not related to brewer’s & baker’s yeast. It’s deactivated, houses B vitamins & a good source of protein. The ONLY issue? It’s a natural glutamate, so nix it if you’ve glutamate sensitivity. . ✔️2 tsp miso paste – soy/chickpea/rice. Great fridge staple, a little goes a long way. . ✔️1 tsp turmeric powder + 1 tsp black pepper . ✔️½ tsp ginger powder . ✔️¼ tsp each:  smoked paprika & cumin . ✔️2 tsp sesame or hemp seeds . ✅Blitz it all up in blender & pour over whatever you like - noodles, grains, veggies, dip 👌🏻 at London, United Kingdom


Weathering storms of life always = growth. . That’s not to say “suck it up sweetheart, get on with/over it”. . I understand what you’re met with can be so challenging you think you won’t survive it... . Whether it be bullying, violation, harassment, illness, breakup, divorce, devastation, death, stress, etc . You must believe - even if hard to comprehend – whatever is happening is happening to challenge & shift you for good. . That’s not to say the situation is fair – life doesn’t seem to work that way. Because we know this, we can do so much to support ourselves. . HOW though, when at the lowest of lows can you do this? . Listen, I’m not trying to position myself as an enlightened guru with all the answers… . but I AM a girl who survived 2 painful, confusing, stressful, upsetting years of body/mind/health deterioration due to medical misdiagnosis & miscommunication between doctors & specialists. . This was a GIFT, it taught me things… . And shifted me – GREATLY – out of my: . media/PR job I was really good at…but didn’t love one bit. . comfort zone, pushed me to search for answers which = spending time studying new info, often with groups of new people. . disorderly eating habits & thought processes undermining my health/life. . fear of anything stressful, because I had NO IDEA how to cope with anxiety, stress, fear, tension. . pessimistic, limiting thoughts & energy – a BIG one for me. I see now how easy it is to be negative & spread it around like wildfire. . Are you focusing on the worst? Do you feel stuck in fear, confusion? THIS IS HOLDING YOU BACK. . Call a trusted friend - or - invest in a therapist to LISTEN to you talk negativity OUT OF YOU. . Learn how to breathe properly. . Sleep more. Melatonin & meditation helped me. . Make non-starchy vegetables a major feature of your plate. . Understand cravings for sh*tty food/drink is your body’s way of telling you you’re deficient in vitamins & minerals. . Invest in an integrative doctor. Get your levels tested ASAP to ensure deficiencies are identified. . Understand the importance of shifting. Metaphorically, you’re not a rock, you’re a tree that grows & flows with changes in the weather of your life ✨ at London, United Kingdom


Taking the time to try new beauty bits today whilst enjoying my very simple smoothie bowl housing ZERO scoops of expensive 'superfood' powders/ghees/nut butters/MCT oils... 🤦🏼‍♀️ . Perhaps many of those things may be beneficial to your health if consumed in a healthy manner, longterm 🤷🏼‍♀️ but my professional, university-educated opinion is that there is NO such thing as 'superfoods' ☝🏼 . All real food is super beneficial OR detrimental to your body depending upon the way you choose to use it. . The key to great health is one that supports your unique set of circumstances, so pls never copy what you see insta influencers doing. . 9 times out of 10, their motivation is money, & the minority will share based on personal experience which is different to yours because: bioindividuality! . Genes & hormones play a role + your overall lifestyle including daily food/drink intake - THIS is what defines & dictates longterm health. . Figuring out where you’re at is the main thing to do before you go buying all the bits n’ pieces you see on insta/facebook/TV, etc 💸💸💸 . That's the download for today, more to come... Today's recipe: . ➕10 small blocks frozen spinach from @ocadouk . ➕Organic dried stevia powder - add preferred amount, every brand differs in flavour/potency! . ➕25g oat flakes . ➕1 scoop collagen peptides (protein) . ➕25g raspberries. . ➕Water or milk - however much you want depending upon thick/thin smoothie preference. . ➕2 tsp organic inulin powder - sweet-tasting prebiotic dietary fibre that won’t contribute to calorie intake. This remains unabsorbed until it reaches your colon where it's converted into gel (prebiotic) to feed your gut bacteria. . ➖Optional: 1 dropper @herbpharm ashwagandha - classified as an 'adaptogen', meaning, it helps the body 'adapt' to various stressors. . So far, clinical trials find positive results re: constipation, insomnia, anxiety/stress, goiter, joint inflammation & hormone balance. . ✖️BLEND!!!! . ➕I sprinkled raw, organic artichoke powder top top - more expensive/not necessary, I like the texture it creates. . PS the card in the pic above says “I am taking the time I need” 🙏🏻 at London, United Kingdom


Phew! . Made it to London, safe n' sound... 🙏🏻 . And so delighted to see so many DMs asking for my usual 'what I'm taking on board' post. . I LOVE that you love those posts! ❤️ . So here’s some of the key items I took on board: . ✔️A brand new @hydroflask - ready to be filled with hot or cold water & teas. I hand it over and ask the flight attendant to 'fill 'er up' because plane travel is SO dehydrating! 😩 . ✔️An assortment of some genuinely-worth-your-money immune-supportive tinctures from my fav herbal tincture company @herbpharm who grow their own organic ingredients 🌱 . ✔️Makeup/facial wipes + a plant-based gel moisturiser from @biossance - a brand I recently learned about via my @mindbodygreen family. . As beauty editor for @crazysexykris, I'm always so excited to try new plant-based products friendly to animals, us AND the earth! 🌎 . ✔️ @shethinx period-proof underwear which protects you from all kinds of lady-leaks. . Most commonly, these comfy undies are worn during your cycle, offering a safer, more sustainable, affordable & hygienic replacement for tampons & pads 👌🏻 . ✔️ @truedark 'Daywalker Pro' + 'Twilight' glasses - both because I had much-needed study to do before sleep. . 👓 + 🕶= 😴 . I wore Daywalkers (clear frames) for my computer work, before swapping out for the Twilight (red) frames that supported my body to increase melatonin production which helps you to fall asleep FAST! . ✔️Roasted pumpkin seeds - packed with plant protein, fiber, zinc & some heart-healthy fats. Although I like to fast when I fly, I always carry a little 'nosh' in case I ever need to nibble. . ✔️One of my FAV stimulating, fluid-moving facial massagers. Read all about it + other GEMS created by @maulirituals @skinesis & #shopnewspa . ✔️ @addictivewellness low cal, sugar-free/crap-free herbal tonic powders. In addition to herb teas ☕️ . I LOVE mixing these powders with hot or cold water to create a delicious sweet & healthy beverage. If you haven't tried these yet, you MUST! ✨ at London, United Kingdom


I believe your energy is the major currency of this life and planet... 🌏 . I think when you ‘pay’ attention to a person’s behaviour or a particular situation, you immediately ‘buy’ into it. . How much you ‘spend’ is up to you though... . Because whatever it is you’re focusing your energy on can cost you a LOT of energy - the more you focus on something only amplifies it right? 🤔 . For example, think back to a time where you couldn’t. stop. thinking. about. something/someone/some situation. . Bet you felt tired in one way or another 😩 . I know I used to! . So these days, I consciously try to only think about specific things that don’t serve me a LOT less 🧐🤷🏼‍♀️ . You have to feel it to heal it, sure, just don’t run yourself into major energy debt obsessing/mulling/constant thinking ✨PAYING✨ your attention to things that make you feel tired, sad, angry or mad. . Try to think about it once, twice maybe, then give it away. . Close that account for GOOD to stay on track with your goals and dreams 🙏🏻 . And let’s all enjoy a more, energy-rich week ahead ❤️ at New York, New York

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