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Bulls lose to the Bucks —Swipe for Box Score— ▪️Bulls lose by 13 in which I was afraid was going to be a closer game since Giannis was out... but the Bulls prevailed. ▪️Yup @smoothcp1 won Game MVP as he put up 17 points and 6 assists 👀👀👀 ▪️Valentine played great as he scored 20 and Felicio put up a 11-11 double-double ⚪️⚪️⚪️⚪️⚪️


Bulls vs Bucks tonight🔥 ▪️ The Bucks are a decently good team, but they're gonna be playing without Giannis. Jason Kidd got fired a while ago but I don't think it'll faze them at this point ▪️ Lauri's gonna be coming back tonight but lavine and dunn will be out again. Also we won't have blakeney as well.


@blakeney96 is OUT for the season with a left wrist fracture ▪️Congrats on an amazing season. Going from undrafted to the one of the greatest D/G league players in history, Blakeney showed that he deserved a spot in the NBA and on our team. He’s a key part of our future and we can’t wait to see him back next year better than ever.


Stacey and Funk make this even funnier😂


Bulls get demolished by the Nuggets —Swipe for box score— ▪️The Big 3 was out again ▪️We were losing at one point by 43... #tankszn let’s get that top 5 pick (we are 8th worst right now) ▪️Vonleh went off for 4 threes with a total of 14 points 8 reb and 2 blocks ▪️Felicio showing some consistency as he goes off for 16!


Bulls vs nuggets tonight at the United Center🔥 ▪️ The nuggets are 9th in the west and have really been a surprising team, as nobody really thought they would be where they are right now due to how stacked the west is. ▪️ They have one of the best inside presence in the league. Both Paul Millsap and Nikola Jokic are really good players at their position, so we will probably have some struggles in the paint tonight. ▪️Lauri, Dunn and Lavine will be out again tonight, so we should lose this game. Let's see how it goes. at Chicago metropolitan area


Bulls lose to the Knicks — Swipe for Box Score — ▪️Great loss as we keep our spot as the 8th worst while the Knicks stay as 9th worst ▪️Felicio had a career high 17 points! He was feasting out there going 8/10 from the field ▪️Blakeney and Portis put up a solid 16 each


Bulls vs Knicks tonight in Madison Square Garden🔥 ----------------------- ▪️ Pretty big game tonight. The Knicks are one spot ahead of us in the standings. They just have one more win then us, meaning that if we win tonight, it might move of us in the standings. ▪️ Kristaps isn't playing tonight along with Lauri, Kris, and Zach. Noah Vonleh is questionable, so we can easily lose this game. Kinda sucks that we won't get to see Lauri vs Kristaps tonight. Let's still see how this game goes. ▪️ Went back to the previous format for tonight, gonna be seeing now this one does in relation to my previous format. Comment which one you like more⬇️


Denzel went off last night🔥He was making literally everything, and also put up 6 assists too. Hoiberg should give him more minutes and maybe even put him in the starting lineup when some of our players are out. 🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴 *Date should be 3/17/2018 my bad at Chicago metropolitan area


Happy 24th Birthday Point Guard of the Future! @krisdunn3 ⚪️⚪️⚪️⚪️⚪️


Antonio Blakeney dunks over George Hill which gives him last nights top play in the NBA!(Ranked by NBA) @blakeney96


Bulls lose tonight vs the cavaliers. --swipe for box score-- ▪️ Somebody please tell me how we only lost by 5 against one of the top teams in the East😂😂 ▪️ DEFINITELY BECAUSE OF DENZEL VALENTINE. He was a monster tonight and literally carried us. 34 points, 6 rebounds, and 7 assists today for him. ▪️ Lebron was his usual self and put up a triple double. It's crazy that despite how many players are out, lebron is always so reliable. ▪️ Payne played pretty well too but got swatted so hard in the end by lebron😂😂😂 🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴


Bulls vs cavs tonight at the United Center. ----------------- Tonight gonna be a tough game because all 3 of our future all stars are gonna be out😂 We should lose this game because of that but you never know with this team. The cavs are one of the best teams in the league and have Lebron James, that's really all i gotta say😂 Hopefully blakeney and nwaba get some quality minutes in this game and we'll see what happens 🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴


Nwaba on potentially having to guard Lebron🔥 @davidnwaba ▪️He is one of the reasons our future is so bright. What a gem of a pickup. Tweet Creds: K.C. Johnson


Lauris mood rn probably


With the 8/9 pick in the draft, assuming no one drops Miles Bridges would be a great prospect to consider drafting ▪️He’s a 6’7” Small Forward who turns 20 in 6 days ▪️Super Athletic and has led MSU to success this season ▪️Also pairing him with Denzel and getting that MSU connection would be interesting👀 ▪️Would Bridges be the best fit and option for us? ▪️Also I know what you’re thinking... how am I so good at jersey swaps? Some people just got that skill and I happen to be one of them 🤷‍♂️


Bulls vs Grizzlies🔥 ▪️Every game from here on out is a must lose. We may be too far from being the worst as Grizzlies are too good at sucking but we gotta hope for a top 5 pick. ▪️Also March Madness is here! So be sure to watch the college stars out there as one/two of them will be on our squad next year

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