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Can’t believe this little guy Is already 2. Happy Birthday to the first born of the Bosh Twins! #PhoenixAvery #BoshFamily #PhoenixAndLennoxRegalBash


My main man Lenny! Happy 2nd Birthday buddy. It’s like I blinked and now you have a mouth full of teeth. #LennoxNoel #BoshFamily #PhoenixAndLennoxRegalBash


My Date @mrsadriennebosh


‪Excited to speak at @SloanSportsConf today! Catch me on the #PutARingOnIt and the #TheProcess Panels! #TalkDatatoMe #SSAC18 ‬ You can watch LIVE!


Going for the MVP #boshmoments #nba #nbaallstar #mvp


Getting dunked on #BoshMoments #nba #nbaallstar


Tune in! #Boshmoments #nba #nbaallstar #kicks


Watch now! #BoshMoments #NBA #NBAAllStar #NBAAllStarGame


Head to to read about memories from my First All Star Game! #NBAAllStar #TeamBosh


Hank Thomas, You were one of the best people I’ve ever been around. You never hesitated to give me that lift I need to get up and do what I needed to do. Not only on the court but in life. Always upbeat and positive, even when you didn’t feel your best. I’m so lucky to have a guy like you watching my back throughout my career. No matter what, rain sleet or snow you would always be there for your guys. Coming out of college as a little snot nosed 19 year old I knew right away that you were the guy for me. Not only were you the best to ever to the job. You were a great man. A lot of “agents” that are supposed to have their players back out there can’t say that. I feel that it’s my responsibility to keep that going. You were one of the good ones, my brother and although you’re body is no longer here, we will make sure your spirit keeps going. I know you’ll be right there in my ear to give me advice like you’ve always done. Love you man.


#YellowJackets I’ll be in town for the @georgiatech game this Sunday (Jan 28th) for my replica jersey night! Looking forward to seeing some new and familiar faces. Read about my transition from college to the @NBA on

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