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lake above the ocean. the last weeks i was very busy with real life and needed a short break from instagram. but now i'm back and i will show you more pictures of my summer in south tyrol and the faroes. looking forward to your feedback. at Sørvágsvatn


imagine that would be your summer house. could be worse right? at Faroe Islands


there is no official hiking trail to that place but the view to drangarnir is totally worth the rough hike. at Faroe Islands


this igloo near the village of kvivik is definitely one of the coolest airbnb i have ever seen. at Faroe Islands


birds-eye view of tindhólmur. probably one of the most beautiful places i have ever visited. at Faroe Islands


living at the end of the street on the faroes. if you will ever visit the cozy village tjørnuvík you should try the delicious waffles from hans. at Faroe Islands


that place was one of the reasons why i wanted to travel to the faroes. seeing the beauty with my own eyes was a special moment. at Faroe Islands


that's how you drive most of the streets in the faroe islands. alone. at Faroe Islands


looks like the perfect place for a cozy weekend. can't get enough of those houses with grass roofs. // @62n_faroeislands #62nincoming at Faroe Islands


this guy and i had a 'do not move' contest. he won. fun fact: in order to get google street view, cameras were attached to sheep to map out the 18 islands 🐑 // @62n_faroeislands #62nincoming at Faroe Islands


i have never seen such an impressive coastline as on the faroes. special thanks to my girlfriend @tina.sangm to being always the yellow color patch in my pictures. // @62n_faroeislands #62nincoming at Sørvágsvatn


the lighthouse near trøllanes was one of that places which impressed me the most on the faroes. search the yellow jacket to get an idea how massive that place is. // @62n_faroeislands #62nincoming at Kalsoy


back home from the faroes. that adventure was more than just taking pictures. we made new friends and had a great time with @kirstinvang @daniel_ernst and @dansmoe. we explored the beautiful faroes together and just hang around. can't wait to show you the pictures! the first one is the birds-eye view of mykines. // thanks for the rental car @62n_faroeislands #62nincoming at Mykinesbygd, Faroe Islands


the faroes adventure's begin. yesterday we visited the peaceful village saksun. can't wait to explore more! thanks @62n_faroeislands for giving us the opportunity to explore the faroe islands with a rental car. #62nincoming at Faroe Islands


the earth pyramids near bozen are the highest and best formed in europe. they are a phenomenon of erosion, formed from glacial moraines. i never saw something like that before. can’t wait for the next adventure that starts tomorrow. what do you think where i travel to? at Rittner Erdpyramiden in Lengmoos, Oberbozen und Unterinn


they know where to build cabins in south tyrol. i also want to say 'thank you' because we hit the 30k milestone. i really appreciate every single one of your comments, messages and double taps. stay tuned for the next adventure that starts on tuesday. picture inspired by @simon_vilgertshofer at Geisleralm


this week i explore the beautiful region of south tyrol. hard to believe but this is the view from our apartment. can you spot the famous church? at Val di Funes


could there be a better view to start the day? lake eibsee with germanys highest peak in the back. at Eibsee

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