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Currently based in the U.K.📍SSoA MArch 🇬🇧 🐆 #FoodNAnimals🐅 #ButtermellowHive🐅 📷 @christyyeee_ ✉️COMMISSIONS (unavailable atm)✉️🐈 Similar users

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Sibylline Meynet

It's home when you want it to be ✨ - - Swipe for process video👉🏽✨ (So I was too excited to finish it and couldn't wait for the next day to do a live video of the painting process, but I did a timelapse!) - - - - - #watercolor #wip #watercolorpainting #watercolorvideo #paintingprocess #painting #ink #sketches #doodles #illustrations #childrensbooks #children #art #artwork at Sheffield


Thanks to those who's watched me live! 💖Here's a tiny snippet of what happened before (you can check out the live video on my stories)✨ - - I'll be painting this in live too, I'll prolly announce it on my stories before I do! - - (Also, this was before I changed to a more relaxing playlist) - - #wip #drawing #drawingvideo #relax #sketch #sketching #doodle #ink #illustration


"We did grew up near that tree did we not?" He said, eyes distant. - He was doing it again, him and his odd fascination with some random (he does not think it's random) tree on that god forsaken hill (because it's really too far away and she'd rather spend her free time--or what's left of it--taking a nap on their couch than hike up that mound of dirt). - "Perhaps," she sighed to no one in particular, he's not expecting an answer anyway. - She had to admit though, there is something familiar about the peculiar shape of the branches. She thought she could hear yowls of laughter somewhere, and relented. - "I guess. I guess we'd have to revisit one day to find out." - - - - #storytime #ink #sketch #doodle #illustration #details


Hey you. Here's a little bun to brighten up your Wednesday🍑 - - - - - #stopmotion #illustration #corgi #watercolor #sketches #doodles #cute


Let me introduce you to Huckle. Huckle is your average cat. He's almost lived up to 4.5 of his 9 lives, and has 5 kittens to look after 🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱 - - I'll be sharing what I did for my (architectural) presentation here! (This illustration style is inspired by Richard Scarry --swipe left--one of my favorite children's books illustrators!✨) - - - - - #illustration #watercolor #sketches #doodles #drawings #art #storytime #story


I forgot to post the #wip with the doodle, but here you go! ✨ - - - - - #process #doodling #sketching #markers #timelapse


The city of commerce, impersonal machines, isolation, incessant activities ... the city where the air is crisp, the city of the sun. 📚(Cities and People: a social and architectural history - Mark Girouard, 1985) 〰 It was a tale about two cities, it was a tale about polarities and choices. - - But what do you guys think?? ☀️☀️🌝 - - - - - - #illustration #markers #story #sketches #doodles #sketch #pen #ink


I figured that I'll just post all my sketches up! Lemme know what you interpret it as👇🏽✨✨ - - Hey, hey you, can you hear me whisper on the other side? - - - - - #illustration #guess #marker #paper #sketches #doodles #story


Some of you requested for these to be posted on the main feed! So here you go!✨Do lemme know how you interpreted it at first glance in the comments👇🏽! - - - #storytime - He didn't know what this was about. He didn't know what everyone else was doing, hell, he didn't even know why he's here in the first place--but everyone else seemed so calm. - It probably was one of the processes that you'd have to go through to live then, he thought. - There were machines all around, and these odd pink boxes that were handed to everyone in queue. - After what seemed like forever he's finally gotten to the front desk, greeted by this funny looking man (name tag says he's Robin), and handed his very own box. - It's a process, he'd heard. Once you exit that dressing room, you'd know who you are. Who are meant to (if you're lucky) be. - And he did. It's an odd feeling, cause it didn't exactly relieve him of anything, it really wasn't anything exciting that he'd been fantasizing about for the past few months. - He observed everyone else leaving the room: there's this dude called Bruce, gruff man, doesn't smile; and this lady (oh my god) Diana, and she's leaving already? - He vaguely remembered picking up his pace and hurrying out of the door. Well it was indeed piercingly bright outside. He'd no idea where she's gone, but at least he's gotten her name down. And so Steve, surname Trevor by the way, drove off into the sunset, for the lack of a better ending. - But then again, nobody will ever know the ending. - - - - - - - #illustration #story #markers #sketches #doodles #concept #conceptualart


It's getting colder by each day, Tod Jr. couldn't be happier to say that it's officially time for hot cocoa aaaandd lots of marshmallows, and for some fam time by the fire 🔥 (👉🏽details of Tod Jr, and watch) - - - ✨Also, you may or may not have gift ideas for your loved ones, but hey! I've got you covered 🎁: - Apart from a 12% discount on all watches using the code on the @klasse14 website, you ALSO get an awesome sparkly bracelet to go with it✨✨!! - (Offers valid till 31 Dec, better hurry!) - - ⌚️Watch style: Miss Volare Bourgogne 36mm - - #KLASSE14 #ordinarilyunique #Klasse14Xmas #sponsored #verymuchsponsored #veryobviouslysponsored #sp #welp


Here's a sketch from a few days ago. (Swipe for details✨) - - I finally have time to breathe a littleee. The mice family would be back soon! 🐭 - - - - #igers #igersuk #sketch #urbansketch #sketching #sketchbook #ink #pen


My fingers (and my entire face) were freezing cold; - But my heart was filled with joy - - Here's another sketch from my day out✨ - - - - - - #igers #igersuk #sketching #urbansketchers #urbansketch #usk #arquitetapage #arqsketch #sketch #sketchbook #muji at Cholera Monument Grounds and Clay Wood

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