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Dad. Porsche, BMW, Audi, McLaren, Mazda, KTM dealer. Rookie Racer. Former part time baseball player. /charity: cjwcc.org /racing: cjwilsonracing.com

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Approaching my 3 year P1 anniversary. All the miles have been full of smiles. I wish every car was so great. #cerberuspearl #GrandCanyon #shotOnGoPro #McLarenScottsdale


"I want to see my sister...hurry up mom!" @lisallamwilson


"she ready"


I like race cars. From the @imsa_racing weekend last month @mazdaracewaylagunaseca


Prime Primate Playground #TheWedge


My friend sent me this


When I need to do 300 miles really really fast - this M5 from @bmwfresno - Backstory on this car: Euro Delivery, LAST RWD M5 produced LAST MANUAL M5. #Keeper #SaveTheManuals #BlueSuits #CeramicBrakes #TwinTurbo #dealershiplife


Good morning


Wedge baby!!! Days away now @lisallamwilson


My dad brought his @porsche #968cabriolet by the house- V's favorite color is blue (I let her pick her outfit) so we are working on camouflage, an advanced technique that most babies have a hard time mastering. I have high hopes she can continue on her ninja training path. I'm wearing "avatar camo blue" which suits my style moreso than the desert camo since I don't own any brown cars. We recently started V at a Montessori preschool thing and as a proud alumni think it is a great headstart for kids. @newbalance @porsche_fresno @lisallamwilson


V has taken her first sandcastle lessons. She has already mastered my patented sun squint and has hair mastered (clearly). She's a fast learner! #shotoniphone7plus #BeachBaby #NewportBeach #DadLife


Slightly different approaches to paint from @bmwm and @mclarenauto - there's room for both in my garage! The M4 GTS is really incredibly fun. I can see a lot of drifting sideways or a trackday car for @lisallamwilson - have been looking for good inventory and picked up this one for @bmwfresno and she'll be in the showroom soon. 70 miles! My P1 is headed in for an annual service- will have put 1000 miles on the spaceship in the last 10 days. #Driveyourselfhappy #McLarenScottsdale #BMWFresno #wings #carbonfiber #downforce #bugskilled #AdoptASupercar #FrozenGrey #cerberuspearl

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