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Dad. Porsche, BMW, Audi, McLaren, Mazda, KTM dealer. Rookie Racer. Former part time baseball player. /charity: cjwcc.org /racing: cjwilsonracing.com

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After the #Sebring12Hr - 1150 miles of hard racing and some colorful circumstances - was awesome to experience and cannot wait for our next race! The car was super reliable and the support and encouragement we received from the team at @acura and even our competitors was pretty incredible. Now we have a much better idea what type of prep is needed to compete with the big boy teams. After some contact on pitlane and the resulting nose change (only took 12 mins!) we lost 12 laps. Definitely had the pace to get a top 10 but not the luck. Very proud of our crew and Marc, Kuno and Tilbo Slideacar #cjwilsonracing #acuransx #newnsx #chameleonpaint #imsa #racing #sebring #florida #carbonfiber


Before the @imsaracing 12 hrs of @sebringraceway


Its like an alarm clock, its that woo woo @imsaracing @marcmiller001 @cjwilsonracing morning practice #AlienGreen #NSX


Red eye flights got me like


Ready for @sebringraceway and the Sebring 12 Hr race! For 8 years my team has been building, learning, winning and taking some tough losses. Being able to join the @imsaracing WeatherTech Championship is a huge achievement. Excited for another year with @unitnutritionco and @marcmiller001 behind the wheel! @alpinestars @continental_tire @theracetool - shot by @fauxtobroto


Best of @razkrog album coming soon to @porsche_fresno #BossKrog #RazShotIt


2 years already. #Valentina is a boss / dressed as Elsa #Frozen @lisallamontenegrow


Can’t wait to get a chance to spec my car...when will that day come? The @fordperformance GT concierge sends each #FordGT buyer a kit to see the possibilities. I just want to drive this thing already!! #YouKnowIwantWeirdPaint


Another key element of the race team is the livery. I’d say we’re up in the top 5 for the entire paddock already. Sometimes less is more and sometimes you do electric gold chromaflair #JDM #McLarenDad #CJWR #chromaflair #HPD #imsa 📸 @fauxtobroto


Marc and Andris- two completely talented and humble pillars of the @cjwilsonracing team. For the last 8 years we have been learning and growing and took our first major league laps @sebringraceway - debuting in the @imsaracing GTD series. We will now be competing with the best teams in the western hemisphere in select races. These two fine humans have bought into my dream, and despite the infinite challenge of professional racing, keep getting better. Thank you @marcmiller001 and @andrislaivins ! 📸: @fauxtobroto #alpinestars #unitnutrition #cjwilsonracing #imsa #nsx #cjwr #sebring #continentaltire


With Spring Training firing up- I wish all the players a healthy season. It was truly an honor to battle the best hitters and teams (and umpires) for years and years. I never did quite hit what I was aiming for but got close often enough to have met some great people in the game. This photo is from 2014 (cleats are like my time stamps) My spring training got off to a rocky start with a yorvit torrealba line drive to the head.


Year of dog celebrations- #SharPeiSelfies #DogsRule

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