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If you are still trying to figure out how to get your kids toys under control, this might be the perfect solution for you! 〰️ I'm also teaching a FREE class NEXT TUESDAY 9/25 at 10am PST on how to get yourself UNSTUCK when it comes to starting an organizing project. 〰️ Can anyone relate to not knowing where to begin? 🙋‍♀️ 〰️ It can be the hardest or the easiest first step to take! Let me guide you in getting started!! 〰️ Sometimes the most magnificent things happen when you just simply show up! 〰️ Will you join me? Link in profile to sign-up! #livethelittlethings #organizationforkids #slowliving #tipsandtricks at Silver Lake, Los Angeles


Live your life. No judgements. Just saying. 〰️ How can you embrace where your intuition is guiding you and just go for it? What are you going to finally just go for! Come on, I really want to know!!! 〰️ photo by @kevinfarzad via @intothegloss


TUESDAY TIP // TOTAL TRANSPARENCY ✨ When organizing any space, think about what you wear the most, create little stations that make sense for how you live and what you do most often. ✨ This client wears mostly workout clothing and jeans so we placed her most often worn staples in the same closet. ✨ How do you arrange your clothing so that it's super easy to get dressed? #highvibrations #tipsandtricks #bethechange #rituals at Westwood, Los Angeles


Do you have a favorite piece in your closet you wish you could keep on display? Sometimes the simplest way to update your closet is to create a small display area where your most beautiful treasures can shine. 〰️ These bright and beautiful tote bags captured my heart immediately. I'm so glad the client gets to see a little piece of them every day! #closetmakeover #beforeandafter #womensupportingwomen Photography by @nicolelamottephotography for #clutterhealing ®


BREATH WORK FOR CREATIVITY + INTUITION ACCESS 〰️ You know that excited feeling in the pit of your stomach when your heart and soul just KNOW? 〰️ It's that feeling when your whole body is saying hell YES! 〰️ When I know it's right and true, my solar plexus usually lights up, starts spinning and I get excited like a kid about to go to Disney for the first time. There is a purity and innocence that is palpable. 〰️ It's sometimes scary to say yes to our intuition or even know how to access it. But the time is now. It's time to stop denying yourself what you know you are ready to call in. What your heart has been saying all along. I know you have already seen it so clearly. 〰️ Maybe it's a new career. Maybe it's a year off to travel and take in new inspirations. Maybe you're making space for your sacred partner to appear. Maybe you are ready to move into your dream home. Maybe you are ready to show up bigger and let the world see you, like really see you. 〰️ Whatever you are ready to receive, breath work can help you get there. This ancient breathing practice removes stuck energy and emotions that block our creative magic. 〰️ @nathanielvdust and I are so excited to share @davidelliott10's Level ONE Breath Work Healer Training course with you in just a few short weeks. 〰️ This is an invitation and an opportunity to let your creative energy take the driver's seat. No more waiting. No more hiding. 〰️ September 29-30, 2018 Encino, CA (location to be announced upon sign-up) 9-4:30pm each day 〰️ Link to sign-up in profile. #breathworkhealing #losangelesworkshops #creativelife at Encino, California


If boots were made for walking then these heels must me made for dancing? ✨ My heart skips a beat every time I look at this carefully curated selection we had the priviledge of organizing. ✨ Here's to the freakin' weekend where I will not be wearing any heels but daydreaming of when my feet can fit back into my heels. ✨ #35weekspregnant #hurtsogood #heelsaddict #closetorganizing at Westwood, Los Angeles


PLANT LIFE // The Sill x Clutter Healing 〰️ Plants make a house feel like a home but many of us don't know which ones work for our lifestyle. 〰️ We asked @thesill to help us take the mystery out of having a healthy relationship with our house plants. Everything you want to know is up on the blog now! 〰️ Photography by @hylahhedgepeth for #clutterhealing ® #plantbabies #gogreen #breathedeep #cleanair at Topanga, California


Loving the way that this all white pantry set-up turned out. Never be afraid of to go with a single color theme as it is a timeless look sure to turn heads for years to come! ✨ #pantryorganization #classylady #mompreneur #losangelesorganizers at Brentwood, Los Angeles


A successfully organized home 80% is mindset and 20% is implementation. - When we focus our attention on what we desire, remove any obstacles standing in the way and take massive unapologetic action to achieve our goals, we have no excuse but to live the organized life we want. - What’s standing in the way of your peacefully organized home? I’d love to hear it in the comments below!! #positivenergy #mindset #youreworthit #livethelittlethings at Santa Monica, California


I was hailing a taxi when a woman tugged at my elbow and told me to turn around. The look in her eyes spoke to me and I immediately spun around to see plumes of smoke and flames coming out of one of the trade tower buildings. 〰️ My heart instantly sank into the pit of my stomach. I immediately knew that this "accident" would forever change the world. 〰️ I'll never forget the smell of the city after the crash. I'll never forget standing in the middle of Times Square totally alone. I'll never forget the free food and drinks I had with locals at the bar down the street from the W hotel on 9/13. I'll never forget being trapped and unable to call my parents. I'll never forget the 11 hour road trip my colleague and I took to Ohio in order to catch a flight back to LA. I'll never forget feeling isolated from the ones that I loved. I'll never forget the mood of the city and the grief I felt. 〰️ I'm not sure why I happened to be in New York for work on 9/11 and honestly it doesn't matter. 〰️ Looking back on that time now, I have an even deeper appreciation for my home, my tribe and the time that we get to be together. 〰️ Never forget how precious life is and how all of this is impermanent. Enjoy every little thing, especially connections to the ones you love. #neverforget #newyorklife #preciousmoments #livethelittlethings Photography by @hylahhedgepeth for #clutterhealing® at Los Angeles, California


We're excited to share this sneak peak photo from our recent collab with @kristine.lo and how the Clutter Healing® experience has forever changed her relationship to the space she calls home. Stay tuned for more details soon.〰️ Photo by @kristine.lo #attitudeofgratitude #homesweethome


SIMPLIFY ON THIS NEW MOON IN VIRGO // ✨ I've had to get really clear on what is important lately. Being out of my nest and out of my normal routine, it's been unsettling to put it mildly. I've felt totally distracted, ungrounded and unable to focus on a few of the projects I want to complete before I make the transition from maiden to mother. ✨ I've realized a few things that make me feel safe and content: being able to cook healthy meals ✨ access to doing dishes in a kitchen sink (not the bath tub) ✨ doing laundry whenever I want ✨ noticing the rainbows dance across my living room walls ✨ making coffee with my man and taking our time to enjoy the morning together in peace ✨ a clean and clear meditation space where I can retreat in silence ✨ hot running water ✨ taking baths ✨ simple white walls ✨ nothing in boxes ✨ everything in it's right place - including my brain ✨ We have SO much already. We are all SO blessed. This new moon reminds me that peace and simplicity can be found in every moment, in every breath. I don't have to make things perfect or over complicated. I don't have to work so hard to find happiness. It’s already all around me. ✨ Is there something you are calling in on this new moon? More space? More precious moments? ✨ Will you join me in exploring the simple joys right now? #letsdothis #planneraddict #ocdproblems #homesweethome 📷: @obsessee via @thehangedit at Encino, California


Happy Saturday!! 〰️ "How about we all go eat now?" said the pregnant lady approximately every 3 hours. This last trimester be crazy y'all! So many changes that are preparing me for the journey ahead. 〰️ To all the mama's out there: What was your favorite pregnancy craving food or self-care wise? I'm loving foot massages and green smoothies! 〰️ I look forward to hearing from you in the comments below! #firsttimemom #girlmom #femaleentrepreneurs #bosslife at Studio City, California


As summer comes to a close we're sharing how to best store your swimwear and tank tops to make space for booties and sweaters. It's up on the blog now! ✨⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #hellofall #homesweethome #closetgoals #closetmakeover ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Photography by @nicolelamottephotography for #clutterhealing® at Westlake Village, California


If we all have the same amount of hours to play with each and every day, then why does it seem like some of us never have enough time and others have all the time in the world? 〰️ What we make time for is what we deem most important. 〰️ I know it may be hard to hear but it's true. 〰️ If you are putting a mundane task, checking out on social media or television as your number one energy focus, then other things get pushed aside. 〰️ When you hire us to support your organizing needs we make you a priority. Not only do we guide you through the decluttering process, we are available for mindset and behavior mentoring that may be causing the disorganized way of living. 〰️ We are here for you every step of the way! DM for details. #youaresupported #mindsetmatters #getorganized #dreambigger at Beverly Hills, California


Spaces are filling up fast for this weekend's all female breath work and sound event hosted by me and @sonicbeing. ✨ I know you have been feeling the unsettled energy around you. ✨ I know what it's like to say, "I don't have enough time." ✨ I feel you when you say you're exhausted, depleted and need to rest. ✨ There are some days I long for a real life Red Tent or a dark cave where I can truly reset. Anyone willing to share a spot in LA that is a haven for women to truly unwind? ✨ Come nourish any parts of yourself that need some extra attention, extra support and unconditional love. We're ready to receive you and have created a beautiful, safe container for you to let whatever you need to go. ✨ The breath and sound combo is one of my most favorite ways to recharge my energy, my mind and my body. ✨ Will you join us THIS SATURDAY @unplugmeditation Santa Monica? There are only a few spots left for this magical experience! ✨ SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 8TH Two short hours from 3-5pm UNPLUG MEDITATION 12401 Wilshire Blvd #101 Los Angeles, CA 90025 #letgo #mindsetiseverything #yesyoucan #youareabadass at Santa Monica, California


Don’t let a disorganized closet slow down the start to your day. We suggest taking 5 minutes every morning to tidy up your closet so that you’re not stressed when getting dressed. Let this part of your day be fluid and easy. 〰️ Need help figuring out your uniform? We can help with that! DM for details. 〰️ #capsulewardrobe #closetorganization #makeover #millionairemindset at Brentwood, Los Angeles


Happy Labor Day tribe! ✨ I trust you are taking a little time off to reflect, rest and maybe organize a little space in your home. ✨ I'm definitely in nesting mode and thinking a lot about how life will shift once this little human arrives. ✨ Sending good thoughts to all of you today as your reflect on all that you do and all that you have accomplished. You're doing a good job! ✨ photography by @hylahhedgepeth for #clutterhealing ® #holidayvibes #attitudeofgratitude #dreambigger at Encino, California

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