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Europe's home to some of the world's smallest countries, from Vatican City and its artistic masterpieces to the pristine Faroe Islands. And for the traveler who's seen it all, visiting one of these spots is a great way to escape city life, get back into nature, and enjoy the small things in life. We're rounding up our favorite small countries at the link in bio, and we're telling you how to get there, too. Happy travels! 📸 @finduslost at Faroe Islands


Looking for an untouched Greek Island? Milos is it! See it all today in our Stories, where @yolandaedwards is taking us on part 3 of her #bigfatgreekadventure. 🇬🇷 📸 @yolandaedwards at Mílos, Kikladhes, Greece


Eighteen miles and a world away from Lisbon, it’s easy to see why Sintra—with its cool, lush hills and proximity to the Atlantic coast—is where Portuguese royals used to spend their summers. Today, the concentration of these former regal estates and equally fanciful gardens has turned this UNESCO World Heritage site into a popular day-trip destination—and we love it for its envy-inducing paint colors, too. Head to the link in bio to plan your trip. 📸 @rachelecoleman at Sintra, Portugal


If cities were romances, Cape Town would be the love-at-first-sight kind: That first glimpse of Table Mountain from the sky, presiding over a gently curving coastline lapped by brilliant blue waters, is an image that leaves you instantly hooked. But there’s plenty to pull you in long after landing, from its chic hotels, world-class restaurants, and thriving art scene, to its dazzling cultural diversity and rich, if complex, history. Each day in the Mother City will see you unearthing new details that will have you falling in love all over again. See it all in our brand new Cape Town city guide, all at the link in bio. 📸 @craighowes at Cape Town, Western Cape


Did you study abroad in college? You're gonna want to listen to this week's #WomenWhoTravel podcast, where our editors are discussing all the things we would have done, well, differently. Because while we all had a grand time galavanting about in our early 20s, our editors agree there are a few things we learned: separate from the pack a little more, try to be more confident solo, keep a journal, and pack so much less. But there are also a few things we'd do over exactly the same, like stay with a host family (even if it means gaining 20 pounds from those home cooked meals). Head to the link in bio to hear this week's episode, featuring editors @ohheytheremere, @lalehannah, @laura_redman, @rachelecoleman, and @wordmover (whose story about leaving her Buddhist studies program in the middle of the night to travel around India on her own will give every parent the chills). 📸 @jn at Novigrad, Croatia


This is one of those rooms where we'd have no problem curling up, ordering room service, and leaving our Do Not Disturb sign on the door alllll. day. long. 📸 @oliviavlopez at Uluwatu, Bali, Indonesia


It's no secret we're fans of La Posta Vecchia, the waterfront hotel just outside of Rome that used to be the home of John Paul Getty. Today, we love it for its sense of Italian grandeur—and because the patio is the perfect place to watch the sunset over an aperitivo. Talk about la dolce vita. 📸 @mari_cacciapuoti #travelerinitaly at La Posta Vecchia Hotel


It may be more than a century older than the country it calls home, but these days, Montreal and its surrounding areas are crackling with new energy. It's no wonder that the city of less than two million saw more than 11 million visitors last year: In addition to its burgeoning culinary scene, #Montreal seemingly has it all—cobblestoned colonial neighborhoods, hundreds of historic churches, one of the world's best jazz scenes, and even a small mountain in its city center. And don't even get us started on the piles of poutine and smoked meat. Head to the link in bio to check out our brand new Montreal city guide—and tell us when you book a trip. 📸 @montrealismes at Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec / Grande Bibliothèque


As the one-year anniversary of Hurricane Maria approaches this week, Puerto Rico's governor is inviting travelers to "be part of our comeback." Today, Puerto Rico's airports are at full capacity, close to 90 percent of hotels have fully reopened, and San Juan—the colorful, vibrant metropolis at the heart of the Caribbean—beats on. Watch our Stories today as our community manager @spurrelly takes us on a tour of the island, and head to the link in bio to find out how—and why—you should plan your trip now. 📷 by @spurrelly at Puerto Rico


Show of hands: Who’s been to Helsinki? Yeah, that’s what we thought. Compared with Stockholm and Copenhagen, the Nordic capital has barely registered a blip on most travelers’ radar. It could be because Finns, humble to the point of forgettable and ever the underdog, are not natural self-promoters—even with so much to brag about, starting with their greatest export. If design is Helsinki’s national religion, Alvar Aalto is its patron saint: There’s scarcely a public building or neighborhood restaurant that doesn’t pay homage to him in some way. And Helsinki’s islands in the Baltic, full of pine and spruce forests, are just a five-minute boat ride from downtown. The daily sauna, however, may have the most cultural significance. Finns set aside at least an hour a day for the ritual, and once you see the hip new style of public sauna taking off around town, like Löyly, you’ll understand why—and want to continue that tradition back home. Head to the link in bio for our full story from this month's #InspirationIssue. 📸 @robinfalck at Vallisaari


Colombia's making us rethink the meaning of #GoldenHour in the best way possible. Along the Magdalena River in Santa Cruz de Mompox. 📸 @paolaandmurray at Colombia


In our new series, we're highlighting those #FirstTrips you take in your life—the ones where you leave your country for the first time and find yourself completely out of your comfort zone (which is always half the fun, right?) But how do you choose where to go first? We canvassed our network to get their best recommendations for your first trip abroad, whether you're on a budget and want to stay close(r) to home; you're ready to blow some hard-earned cash; or you want to get as far away as you possibly can. Head to the link in bio for a little inspiration... 📸 @alexandrine_ar at Berlin, Germany

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