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Today isn’t about a beautiful picture of hair. Today is about a beautiful group of women. My Team @_stella.rae_ @cnyblushingblonde @ashleighrenee1 These three talented, sweet and motivated women are why my salon is perfect! We walk into work every day loving our careers and loving who surrounds us. Each other and our clients 💕 Each one of them brings something special and together we are unstoppable. I can’t wait to see how they blossom into where they want to be. I am lucky to be along for the ride!! Ashlee, Rachael and Ashleigh you girls rock and I am proud to call you my team💕💕 #candygirls at Syracuse, New York


Balayage with added teased baby’s! 🍭🍬 #candycrown #cnyfacecandy #sweethair at Syracuse, New York


I love my job. I get to put smiles on faces all day! I love creating and I am so lucky to have so many sweet amazing clients that trust me. Thank you to all my Rockstar clients!! ❤️ all of you:) at Syracuse, New York


Loving outdoor photos! Finally the spring has come! Teased foilayage for this beauty. Previous appointment was a rooted Colormelt. at Destiny USA


Her last appointment we did a full head of stand lights , Today we softened her grown out strand lights with a smudge @redken 6n, splash 7p. Then Chopped 7 inch off!! Ready for summer:) #candygirl #dontjustbeeyecandybehaircandy at Syracuse, New York


Don’t doubt your strength because of someone else’s opinion. Most often than not, how people react to a situation is more a clear picture of their character than an opinion. ❤️💕 Colormelt foilayage done Tabetha style! #candygirl at Armory Square


My Colormelt is a drop down root melted into Balayage ends. I do this process in one step making sure I wrap each section in @sunlights wrap. My favorite brushes to use are @framar the smaller ones! Just focus on what you love. It’s ok to just specialize in what feeds your soul. That for me is creative color. 💕💁🏼💁🏼 at Destiny USA


Teasing you this Monday morning 💕. She hadn’t had her hair colored in over a year! Teasy lights all the way!! @redken flashlift and glaze at Princeton, New Jersey


Some things more often than not take sessions..... This is her second 4hr appointment with me. I always say when we’re changing a look or getting a new client that my goal hopefully by the third appointment will be that I have their hair turned around! It’s not easy for us to just totally change hair in some cases. It takes time. #keepingitreal ❤️❤️ at Syracuse, New York


We achieved this look today from multiple sessions. 1st. Colormelt 2nd. Foilayage 3rd. Babylights 4th. Root stretch & glaze Those appointments were over a 7 month period. She was a level 4/5 to start So remember when looking through Instagram and Pinterest that it most likely didn’t happen all from a two hour appointment. 90% of what you see on my instagram is my clients that I have had my hands in their hair for years or multiple sessions! at Syracuse, New York


Just the first session! 💁🏼 When a new guest sits in my chair they are usually coming to me because they are not happy with their hair. I never promise to duplicate a picture. Sometimes I can’t even exactly duplicate my own work. No two heads of hair are the same. You can use the same color on two heads but everyone has underlying tones you don’t see to the eye and those tones affect the outcome. Being honest and educating your client is so important so you don’t set yourself and your client up for failure! My goal is by the 3rd appointment it’s everything we wanted and more. I also make sure each step in between that it’s live able and pretty!! at Syracuse, New York


Tipped out ends with foilayage and root touch up used @schwarzkopfusa for my lightner ( which is my favorite to foilayage with) @redken for my glaze! @colorphlex_official for protection @framar are the best foils💁🏼 @colortrak is my go to foilayage brush! at Syracuse, New York


What ever you do give it your all:) at Meriden, Connecticut


New client ❤️ Second Session #Colormelt at New York, New York


HALO DROP #createdbycnyfacecandy Trust in the process❤️🙌🏻 I love my clients and so grateful to do what I love:) at Syracuse, New York

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