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From brass to Ash .. swipe for before🤗🙈 @redken 9n and 9na 🙌🏻 at Syracuse, New York


Bring on fall 🍁🍂 It’s just my favorite time of year behind the chair!! I really think lobs will be hot this year! If you can’t tell I love depth and dimension🌓@redken coppers are my favorite 🙌🏻 at Destiny USA


Textured bobs are on fire 🔥!! This is a full head of teasy lights using @redken flashlift and @brazilianbondbuilder to protect and I am really impressed with b3:) at Destiny USA


My heart and soul went into creating My salon!! This beautiful place is my second home. One year anniversary coming up in September 🤷‍♀️💕 Thank you to my clients and candy girls for making it even more beautiful:) xoxo 😘 at Syracuse, New York


Zooming in on all the zones!! Technique used was foilayage, root drop and balayage. Always a glaze! @redken Happy Friday to a beautiful weekend ☀️⚓️🛥 at Syracuse, New York


Foilayage and I added a root at the same time with @redken 5n shades! Glazed her with 8n,9gb, 9p and a few drops of 8wg using Shades EQ @redken at Syracuse, New York


Teased babylights.. #blondelife #blonde #beautiful at Destiny USA


Video coming soon of this root drop and balayage from yesterday! #themoreyouknow #blondelife at Syracuse, New York


She wasn’t meant to be a blonde and her hair was definitely not going there. So when she came in for her consultation I was honest with her. One of the best things I did for myself and my clients was to learn to say NO. You fear this word in the beginning of your career but you learn it from mistakes you made thinking you could make it happen. Then you fail and learn that beautiful word NO. We know hair, maybe not right from beauty school but we learn it and master it. Then we have the confidence to say to our guest, This isn’t for you and your hair isn’t going to look like that maybe even ever. Career changing moment when I learned to speak the reality of what can be done and what can’t. 💕 Happy Friday! Full head of babylight foilayage and root drop in between! @redken at Syracuse, New York


If you watched my video clip from yesterday’s that I posted, Here are the starting point and results!! Over 3hrs using 4 techniques and finishing with a glaze. @redken was used for this entire look! at Syracuse, New York


Can’t wait to show this beauty’s after! I painted in 7n and 7nb by @redken at her root and dragged it down between foils to bring some depth back into her hair. Then I brightened up the ends left out in between the babylights with @redken flashlift and 10vol by painting just to bump them out of the yellow stage! 3 hour project! I used babylights, root drop, Balayage, root smudge then glaze all in one service. These looks take time and a lot of techniques. at Destiny USA


She’s beautiful and sweet! Totally wish I could rock that lipstick. She’s on 🔥. We moved up her balayage today and glazed with @redken 09AA ,06AA and peach in the pastel line! I need more redheads 🤔🤗 at Syracuse, New York


Root drop on over highlighted hair. She was missing that contrast. So we added a bunch of her natural back in. Starting at the nape and working my way upwards,I drag that root down. My fall class schedule will be out soon! This is one of my favorite ways to bring my blondes into fall and winter!! Happy Monday ❤️ at Syracuse, New York


What fills your heart and fires up your soul is the key to your happiness🙌🏻 Find it 😘 #enjoyinglife #myfamily #mycareer #keepitbalanced at Syracuse, New York


Today’s is all about the root smudge! Compare yesterday’s post of my root drop with my post today, root smudge and look at the difference where the depth is living. I drag my root drop down to create dimension in the hair. Root smudge creates dimension and softness in the root area. Both are beautiful but you have to know when to use them based on the picture our guests are showing us! #themoreyouknow For my smudge I never use anything warm. I also let it process the full time. 20min. @redken love the N,NA,and P for my smudge using different mixing combos at Syracuse, New York


Root Drop baby!! Today’s picture is just that! My root drop. Tomorrow I will post a picture of root smudge and you will see the difference! Hope today is as beautiful as your hair game!! 💕🤗


I love Monday’s!! Well this one because I am off today:) 😊 at St. Lawrence River


If I had to bet on her.. I’d go all in!! If I could have taught my younger self something it would have been to believe that your heart leads you to your destiny and people will talk even if you were perfect. So live life the way you want to and remember confidence is something you create within yourself by believing in who you are!! It wasn’t until 35 I understood this🙌🏻 Never looking back. To all the women who self doubt or worried about others opinions, believe you can and you will:) ❤️❤️❤️💕💕 Happy Friday at Syracuse, New York

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