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Today is Saturday, which means I will he multiply-slacking instead of multi-tasking 🙌🏻 at Syracuse, New York


Don’t wait until you reach your goal to be proud of yourself. Remember that each step towards that goal is a win. Take time to embrace those small steps towards the big goal. I have learned this because I never took time to be proud of the things I have done until this summer! I am still not done but wow I am incredibly proud of myself and my accomplishments!! #selflove #cnyfacecandyisdoingit at Destiny USA


Nothing will ever look exact. So please when you bring a photo to me or your stylist understand that pictures are great for inspiration but not duplication.. I am confident in the knowledge I have to get you a similar look to your favorite color but I never promise it to be identical. I would be setting myself and my client up for failure. #dontoverpromise at Syracuse, New York


GOAL.. To make an income while making an impact 🙌🏻❤️ at Destiny USA


It’s not who you are that’s holding you back, it’s who you think you’re not... Change your mindset, Change your life ❤️❤️ #cnyfacecandyisdoingit at Syracuse, New York


We are all so lucky to have a platform and place to share our thoughts, knowledge and experiences with the world. Make new friends and connections with people. A place strangers come together because of one post. A place that inspires and pushes you to be your best. Maybe something you wrote or said had the ability to inspire others and help them on their journey or path. Being able to attract the perfect customers and having instagram as a business card is awesome! Remember a few days ago when I said being positive is a state of mind. I could have just wrote all the negative things about social media but that’s not the way I even think, even after being bullied on it. I am blessed to have a light inside and I realize that it can’t be broken by people’s opinions!! So look at the positive of social media and embrace it by using to help others, inspire, build your brand, teach and influence the world!! #cnyfacecandyisdoingit at Destiny USA


Drop root and teasy lights!! @redken Flashlift and @brazilianbondbuilder and Shades 6n,7p for her drop root!! Monday’s for me are usually packed with my todo list!! #iactuallylovemondays 💕 at Syracuse, New York


Drop root and foilayage!! Cheers to the freakin weekend 🙌🏻 at Syracuse, New York


Blossoming into a bad ass woman with more faith than fear🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻. If you need someone to cheer you on I am here:) ❤️❤️ #encourageyourself at Syracuse, New York


She went from basic to premium in one appointment 🙌🏻🙌🏻


It’s a state of mind! Think positive and good things will happen. It’s also contagious so spread the love and good vibes!! Be the example this world needs!! Tag a friend who’s positive and let’s give them some praise for being the light in this sometimes dark world. 💛💕 #spreadpositivity at Syracuse, New York


Upgrade👌🏻🤗 Rootmelt & Foilayage at Syracuse, New York


Same hair, Same spot , Same iPhone 8plus.. This photo was taken seconds apart. The left is accurate picture of what I saw in person!! I take all my pictures in indirect lighting. The camera can pick up different hues depending on the angle and background lighting. Don’t get discouraged if your photos don’t come out great every single time! Find new spots , new lighting and keep trying💕 at Destiny USA


Getting creative!! My goals are simple.. More videos and more Me.. let me know if you guys wanna see more!! 💙💛 at Syracuse, New York


This transformation was one of my favorite yet! 🙌🏻 🙈She came in with heavy foils on the top with an inch of regrow. The underneath was never highlighted and the way it was cut made her have a tail that didn’t blend with the rest. We chopped that right off!! 🤗I went in and melted a root using @pravana 6n,7n,7bv,6bvg because she was lacking any dimension. It was over highlighted and lost all other color besides underneath. 👏 I foilayage the back the same time I applied the melt.Remember the back underneath was brown. The front was already blonde so I just melted her there! Finished with a glaze @redken 09,09nb and 09gi and boom💥 We have ourselves a New Women!!! #lovemyjob #loveproject #wehaveanewwomen at Destiny USA


These two are the reason for a lot of my drive and motivation. I am setting a damn good example for them. On the hard days, busy days and I want to quit days I remember that I have two beautiful little souls watching my every move! #goalcrushingmoms #moms #momlife #momblogger #goals #keepgoing at Syracuse, New York


Melting is one of my favorite techniques! 👌🏻 at Syracuse, New York


Teasing my way into Halloween 👻 #teasylights at Syracuse, New York

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