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New program, new tracking commitment.


How bout both?


So I’m going to do something crazy and offer my design services for the holidays. Here’s the deal...say you need the perfect gift...? How ‘bout I design you a custom shirt that you can order directly from amazon with free prime shipping? First come first serve. I may regret this lol!


Ive learned that just because I have AS and live with chronic fatigue doesn’t mean I should be scared to do hard things or to push my body physically. The benefits far out weight the risks. Vid is of the end of my workout. Mule🐴 kicks and frog 🐸 jump combo.


Felt so awesome to workout again this morning after a week off. I had a work trip, then got a cold, and got a long awaited si joint injection all last week... so I took a rest till today. Felt amazing to sweat, to feel my breath through my nose and mouth, my chest beating, and my muscles burning. Felt alive! ———I post this video not because I’m perfect but as a record of my current progress. This move is very hard and awkward for me. Pulsing Slider leg shouldn’t be straight out like a lunge...but my range of motion and strength in that area is still a work in progress so I do the best I can.


And I’m back. Finally got the insurance to approve my si joint injections. Today is the left side and I’ll do the right side in 2 weeks. As usual I don’t hold much hope that this will help... none of my past procedures have helped yet. :(


So stoked to see the backpack I designed for Overwatch on the Blizzard store! Can’t wait to get my own.


Did you know that when you eat a 1lb giant candy bar that you get a overnight stay at a hotel called emergency care? And your daddy only has to pay 900$?! So fun! Oh and they threw in this fancy mod necklace and a hip side shave haircut. —- I can’t wait till next Halloween! 🍫


Last swim class workout this session. Every class I can feel myself improving and getting a little faster (even if it’s just a little). Such a great feeling, especially since this really is something completely outside my comfort zone.


I was too tired to try and get a decent pic lol. ———- I woke up this morning ... dragging myself down to my garage gym and all I could think to myself was, when does this get easier?! It doesn’t. Sure, you get into a routine and that’s “easier” but it would be so much easier to just stay in bed or take another rest day. But then it’s that much HARDER to start again! I’m glad I chose the ‘harder’ easy today! And now off to acupuncture and to work.


One more swim class in this session after tonight. This really pushed me to my limits. It’s been so hard but also so rewarding. Tonight I didn’t make it through the planned workout before time ran out but I did pull off 5 successful flip turns. That’s a big deal for me. I don’t know why but flip turns are just hard for me. When joie tried to teach me it was in the shallow end and I kept hitting the bottom of the pool. And when I started to learn in class I felt like I had no breath left and I got super dizzy. But today was the first day I was able to do them as part of me 100 set and not stop. I know they weren’t pretty but it’s the first time I felt like they’re not impossible and that I might be able to get better and maybe one day incorporate them regularly. :) at Juanita High School


Saturdays are usually my fav day to workout. I don’t have to rush, I can sleep in a little, I can rest after. But today I wasn’t feeling it. My hip sockets, tail bone, low back were aching when I got up and I just couldn’t get the motivation. I got up drank my preworkout thinking that would help...nope...then grabbed a handful of m&ms (whoops) and just went down to my garage gym anyway. Usually if I get started I gain some momentum...nope...I kind just grinded threw it. It was tough. I was sucking wind and sweating like crazy. At the end I usually have a nice “high” but I just felt like going up and crawling into bed. Maybe Im feeling some depression kicking in. Dunno. Some days just don’t go so well...and that’s ok. At least I did it.


⚠️ warning graphic video of man trying to lose weight and get fit again ⚠️ —— 🐛 Oh inchworms.... I thought they were tough before I was diagnosed...and now they’re even tougher but also great for keeping my mobility. —— I went to bed last night and I knew I was starting a flare. Everything was beginning to ache and I had a couple mini back spasms. I slept terrible and woke up with the flare but the ache had moved to my mid/upper back. I told myself that I should workout anyway, because I knew the flare wouldn’t get worse if I did and I needed the mental therapy of the workout.


And Dominic just wanted a basic pumpkin face. :)


Daddy pumpkin carving night at the preschool . Cordelia requested a Captain America shield.


I’m about to throw up. 🤢 even my swim instructor said at the end “whoa that was hard workout”. 😬 #goggleeyes at Juanita High School


Last night I had a pretty bad flare. The pain had me in bed by 7pm. I hate even using the word flare because my mind immediately goes into denial that I even have a disease. That using that word I’m giving in and giving up. Sucks. So this morning I battled with the motivation to do my workout. I was sore from the night before but not in as much pain. I didn’t want to aggravate it and have it flare again, I wanted to just stay in bed, but I also knew I’d feel worse and have a crappy day mentally because I’d skipped a workout and let myself down. That was a more powerful thought...I was going to push through and do it. Done. ✅ no those aren’t tears of joy 😂 it’s just sweat 💦 rolling down my face. But they might as well be tears because I’m proud of myself for not giving in to this disease and not giving up. ——lol did you spot my kid’s dumbbells on the rack? Lol #dadlife #lifewithkids


Morning workout done. 💦 that is all.

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