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#applecamp at Apple Bellevue Square


I’ve hated that I haven’t been able to workout like I did before. It’s been almost been 2 years since that morning that I woke up with pain in my left side. I’m finally to a place where I’ve started Physical Therapy again. Am I better? Depends on the definition. I still am in constant pain/ache in my hips, sides, ribs and low back. But I’d say it’s more tolerable. What worked? I don’t know. I think it’s probably a combo of things...meds, diet, and now PT. I’ve watched my wife in her training and I love her passion and drive, but it would depress me that I couldn’t even do a sit-up or jog around the block. So today I decided that I would treat my PT exercises just like I would a workout and get them done first thing in the morning down in my garage gym. It’s not some HIIT or weightlifting session...but it’s what I’m able to do right now. And I was sweating so it felt good. I then went out on the front step and got in some vitamin d. This is just the “season” I’m in and I need to find the joy in each season of my life.


@watchjojogo makes this amazing tuna salad that’s great for hot days...I know I’ve posted it before but it’s so good it deserves another post!


I found this picture in my phone today... I so wish I could have ice cream. I actually work upstairs from the headquarters of Molly Moons and I smell their waffle cones coming in though our windows everyday. But since I started AIP + no starch diet to relieve my pain of Ankylosing Spondylitis.... I haven’t been able to go down with my the rest of co-workers to get a cone. And those that know me, know that this is a big deal...I’m an ice cream addict. Lately I’ve been craving everything that I can’t, Thai food, ice cream, tacos, anything spicy! And I keep telling @watchjojogo that I’m just going to give up. But she shoots me down and tells me that I made a commitment that I would stick with it for a full 3 months and then I can think about changing if it’s still not helping. Glad she’s there to talk me off the ledge. After almost 2 months... It’s getting harder.


So proud of this woman! Soon to be iron woman! at Lake Sammamish State Park


And the push to the finish!


Run baby run 🏃‍♀️


Bike done! Last leg to go!


Now the bike!


Swim done!


Wetsuit is on and ready to go! @watchjojogo


These little fish loved the water park.


This girl loves ice cream as much her daddy. Too bad daddy can’t have any right now. :(


So I figure it’s time for an update on my AS. So here goes: I’ve now been “no starch” for about 4 months and now also on Autoimmune Protocol diet for 1.5months. I’m now on my second biologic drug, cosentyx. I was having some bad reactions to humira and it wasn’t working so we switched. But to be honest this isn’t working either. We’re upping to frequency of the shot to see if it helps but I’m not holding my breath. She’s also put me on an anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxant ant night. Which I believe is the first thing that has helped at all! I was up less stuff and achy. And the pain doesn’t really kick in till later in the day. But it’s not a long term solution or 100% effective. I’ve also FINALLY found a functional medicine doctor that is on my insurance. I went in and she specializes in auto-immune diseases (she has one too) and she ran a ton of blood tests. Overall everything came back really great and she complimented me on how well I’m dealing with my disease and taking care of my health. But there were some things that raised some flags. First was an level (can’t remember the name) that essentially tells you if you have an allergy to something. My levels were high and shows that my immune system is fighting an allergic reaction. She doesn’t think it’s a food though since my diet is free if most foods that are issues. So we are watching it. But the big one was my testosterone levels. They are super low for my age. In my research I’ve heard the low testosterone in men has been theorized as influential in triggering autoimmune disease. It’s also a natural anti-inflammatory so I need to get that going again. So I’m taking DHEA to start then after 2 weeks I’m supposed to take 100mg of testosterone. Lastly my vitamin d level was low but still normal. But she has me taking more of it because it’s been show to help my meds be more effective. I’m so excited for a doctor that believes in traditional meds and also the natural treatments. And a doctor that wants to get to the source vs just drugging me. Hoping relief comes soon!


The bike has finally arrived. @watchjojogo is convinced it was cursed...and might be since the person that build it cracked a part and had to order a new part. But it’s ridable. And she’s happy 😃!



Amazing dinner by my amazing super wife @watchjojogo #aipapproved


Lunch on a beautiful Saturday. Chef 👩‍🍳 @watchjojogo

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