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They Only Love U When U Dead Or U Gone- ®ich M🎶sic - Cold Summer ❄️🔥 link Below 👇🏾 Similar users

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First I wanna thank my @coldsummer_webseries Bm @ishybunting0914 😂😂 For Giving me tht call to come Do my thing ... my first Stand up comedy show First of many was successful because as people we all go threw bad times in hide pain so I use my comedy as a way to reflect on that pain because laughing is always been good for the soul .. wish I had the whole 30mins I was up there but this a sneak peak 😂😂 #imamotherbeforeanything #coldsummer #laugh #pain


Fck All tht Money Nigga We was Fam First Looking at me balling I kno tht Instagram hurt


Happy 1 Month Sy 👶🏽


I dnt want her if my kid dnt look at her like this ... Happy Mother’s Day Queen ❤️


Out tht cast 💪🏾 we back like we never left


I can vouch tht before ColdSummer nobody ever acted before So tht Just shows u the talent We All Got Nothing but great vibes with the whole cast man love y’all can’t wait till season 2 😤 Yall ain’t see nothing yet ps. I’m Steve O In real life 😂 drop ur fav Steve O Line/Moment Ina comments @_cold_summer_webseries @steveo_coldsummer @bang_skuda1500 @jamar_summer @pyrex_cold_summer @tagz_cold_summer_webseries @__dough__grl @lex_g_cold_summer @kingsha24 @_felicia_summers @mama_dee_nash @csea_side @citypark22 @billie_blanco @P.R_ICO @Hannahb732 @mrs_milliondolla @premiscognac_DJLTWO @tvwhitaker @Asusual_queto @_young_rican__ @Fleabanko23 #coldsummer #webseries


Y’all really dnt understand I prayed for this 🙏🏾 So many rough relationships I’ve been in took me so long to grow and learn life ❤️ My family is complete Can’t wait till the day I change ur last name #TeamUs👨🏾👩🏽👦🏾👶🏽


This picture is A perfect example of what I tell him every time he’s nervous “Dnt worry I’ll never be to far behind “ Go do ur thing 🔥


Shy Showed out last night Cast in All Balenciaga‘s On Burberry On He was in Bag 🔥🔥 Fashion Show was Definitely a success ... Can’t wait for the real pics to drop .. oh yeah S/0 to his Stylists His Aunty @lorena.h33_


SyAire Lee Carson 7 pounds 20 inches April 17th #MoreLife👶🏽❤️


The illest 🤞🏾❤️ Happy born day @_imdiyy


Happy bday 2 My Ace boom ❤️my real live rider rite here Love you more then any words can express @_sr.o


Always in High Spirits 🤞🏾❤️


Praying for a speedy recovery for my king 🙏🏾miner set back for major comeback


Left this nigga with my phone for 20 mins an he went off on my Snapchat 😂😂 Idk where he got tht “Wsp it’s Ya Boy Shymere “ shit from but I was crying when I seen my Snapchat story 😂😂 #Mr_Shoky


Easter 2k18 🐰✨


I still remember tht night we sat down in I told you all my fears ... Since tht day you push me everyday to be better in never let up Can’t believe the man you turned me into Love u forever for tht ❤️ So happy bday to my MF dawg 🤞🏾Show her Some Love


Y’all could Say Whatever Just dnt bring the Family up 👥 #Shy #Savi #FirstCuzzins

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