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They Only Love U When U Dead Or U Gone- ®ich M🎶sic - Cold Summer ❄️🔥 link Below 👇🏾 Similar users See full size profile picture

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mani ☠️🥀🖤
Meek Mill

Mood after Booking my second trip to Jamaica 🇯🇲 😂


These clothes are expensive But why would I announce it? Why would I show off for U When U can’t even pronounce it 💫 at Disney Magic Cruise Line


Thts my dawg I’ll never let him down on purpose 🤞🏾 #SeeYouNextYearDisney at Disney Cruise Ship Fantasy


Smh I hear y’all talking man “he souped cause he took his kid on a cruise “ I’m just smarter then y’all thts all Rather show him parts of the world he never seen 🤷🏾‍♂️ all tht money y’all spend on ur kid bday party tht they dnt even care about I just stacked it to take him on vacations -I love the hate tho it dnt get me mad it motivate me ✌🏾 not just a cruise btw disney cruise hater 😂


Somebody Gota do it ✨ at Disney Cruise Ship Fantasy


Live-Love-Laugh❤️ at The Bahamas


I still remember when I took them two flights In one day to go pick shy up from Atl I was at my lowest point in life But I’m blessed I can give him the world now y’all tht kno me kno this story Damn there cried when I seen how happy he was Can’t put a price on his happiness Happy 6th born day king The world is urs I mean tht ✌🏾 #ShyBirthdayOnTheDisneyCrewShip at Disney Cruise Line


Shy said he wanna be like me Then I said nah be better then me -A M B 💈 T I O N-


Syaire 🈶


Real Niggas ain’t dead or in Jail They At home with there Kids 👦🏾👶🏽❤️ pray & stay out the way 🙏🏾 @whodafuckwannago2prison #Happy5MonthsSyaire


“Oo u gone take these pictures “ Parents dnt play with there school pics idc if it’s 6:45 am get up in smile 😂


First Day of Kindergarten Felt like I was sending him off to college 😨 These moments count so much in ur child life Idk how some people dnt get tht U couldn’t pay me to miss these moments Can’t believe my dawg growing so fast man y’all kno I cried rite ? Lol Sure did rite ina car once we walked off “Syaire” was tired so he was crying to so I felt like we had a moment 😂🤞🏾❤️ #FirstDayOfKindagarten


“ Brother Hood “ RiseUp in Julio Jones We Trust HashTag This is a Family pic Dnt come on my shit talking crazy 😂 and fck ya team 🖕🏾 #AtlFalcons #l #TheBigPayBack @atlantafalcons


Will take a jail case before We take a shell case


Mom dukes really said it dnt matter what u do ur great at it an u proved tht every time .. is he a rapper” actor” or comedian 🤷🏾‍♂️ Wsp it’s ya boy donell 😂📞


6:45 am this how he give it up 😂 #Happy4monthsSyaire


Happy 2months Burberry Sy


Nope not posting my kids this my day 😂 Happy Father’s Day to all the brothers out there taking care of business Step Fathers Single Fathers W.e Salute ✌🏾 Love my Job an wouldn’t trade it for nothing This ish is regular Love my baby’s I’ll Die for em 🙏🏾

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