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They Only Love U When U Dead Or U Gone- ®ich M🎶sic - Cold Summer ❄️🔥 link Below 👇🏾 Similar users

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Happy 2months Burberry Sy


Round 2... NEW FLIER‼️‼️ FRIDAY JULY 13th COLTS NECK FIRE HOUSE‼️‼️ STAND UP COMEDY BY @_playavel @iva_wilson @cocky_shoky @twotimez5 HOSTED BY @ravenkeyonna ‼️‼️ PERFORMANCES BY @african_pocahontas representing @floentent and @darkcitydrea will be hitting the stage!! Dj @djronnyrayz on the set ‼️‼️LIVE BAND WHO DAT LIVE CREW‼️ @lunatickluke @aluvchild !! Video by @perimeter_productions ‼️‼️ Pictures done by @spearheadfilmz ‼️‼️ @yocupcakes will also have her treats in the building . (I will have security on these cupcakes this time) TICKETS 40 DOLLARS!!!! #imamotherbeforeanything #fridaythe13th #comedyshow #upcomingcomedians #asburypark #positivevibes #getyourtickets


Nope not posting my kids this my day 😂 Happy Father’s Day to all the brothers out there taking care of business Step Fathers Single Fathers W.e Salute ✌🏾 Love my Job an wouldn’t trade it for nothing This ish is regular Love my baby’s I’ll Die for em 🙏🏾


Every day is fa..... nah I ain’t gone do it 😂 cuz I hate when people say tht .i definitely appreciate how we always fuss & fight but she’ll run threw a brick wall to keep me happy Well Done New New 😊


Ride Threw The City Like Waddup boy ✌🏾


Shy ✨


Can’t tell A Nigga Thts never been up Tht You Leveling Up 💡


If I call a Nigga my brother Thts my brother we Dnt Gota have the same pops or mother From Boys 2 Men Happy Born day my boy ✌🏾 we was both like 145 pounds bro I’m Ina 200 pound club now tho 😂💪🏾 @n33k__ Ps please dnt comment nothing crazy on my post cuz his gf follow me plus she is crazy an I’m supposed to be hanging with them later An I dnt got time aight 🤷🏾‍♂️😂 Thanks in Advance


Health is Wealth People Gota take care of ur self Eating Rite Sleeping Rite Stop the Drugs All tht shit .. I pray for the ones who go threw health issue tht have no choice smh shit is no joke #PrayingForBetterDays No questions just send them prayers for my family 🙏🏾


Super Man 💫


Can’t believe my baby all grown up 😢 it was only rite uncle Shok walked her down tht red carpet ❤️


Real Recognize Real My Gma 82+ & Rocking The AMBITION Hoodie 🔥 #MsMattie #MsMattieGrandson #RidgeCourtBaby


Find my Self down sometimes because life really can get so tough on U but I’m working so hard to get my life in order so they need & want for nothing in the future I pray over them damn there every night Just want them to live there best life it’s so important to me tht I give them tht because as there father I owe them tht #Shymere #Syaire #YoungKings ........................... Ps I dnt think they look alike at all 🤷🏾‍♂️


First I wanna thank my @coldsummer_webseries Bm @ishybunting0914 😂😂 For Giving me tht call to come Do my thing ... my first Stand up comedy show First of many was successful because as people we all go threw bad times in hide pain so I use my comedy as a way to reflect on that pain because laughing is always been good for the soul .. wish I had the whole 30mins I was up there but this a sneak peak 😂😂 #imamotherbeforeanything #coldsummer #laugh #pain


Fck All tht Money Nigga We was Fam First Looking at me balling I kno tht Instagram hurt


Happy 1 Month Sy 👶🏽


I dnt want her if my kid dnt look at her like this ... Happy Mother’s Day Queen ❤️


Out tht cast 💪🏾 we back like we never left

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