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Kohlton Rickard

been a while (again) ... but I’m baaaaack 💥


banana walnut protein pancakes after a nice lil hiit sesh this morn.. off to work with lots of energyyyyy 🔥💯 these are so easy and fast!! at Thornhill, Ontario


October 2017 ⏩ June 2018 ⏩ Yesterday .. This isn’t the final goal, but I’m happy with it for now 😈 Goes to show that you can really turn things around WITHIN a year. I went from being in one of the most negative mindsets/places last year and now here we are. Did I do a cleanse? No. Did I starve? No. Did I run on the treadmill for 2 hours a day? No. Did I quit my job so I could go to the gym? No. What I DID do is reach out to my resources. My fit ass friends gave me mental and physical advice. I was lucky to find @knutri and @bowrybodyfitness. I spent more time in my kitchen and I started to walk the dog more. I invested in a trainer versus in extravagant nights out and guess what.. I didn’t completely change, I didn’t give up wine, or food, or have any drastic lifestyle changes in terms of how I live day to day. Its really not hard if you simplify it. 2017 sucked, 2018 was better and 2019 better watch the fuck out 🤠apparently I also have issues committing to one hair Color 😂😂😂 at Richmond Hill, Ontario


Spinach & tuna salad with a bunch of diff good oils & veggies, with a healthy(er) grilled cheese .. (swap the bread for something a little more nutrient dense, and don’t use a ton of butter to cook) EASY pre gym dinner packed with energyyyyy (I also meal prepped Cajun chicken, greens, and rice for when I get home) 20 mins and done both!!!!! at Thornhill, Ontario


Brekky this morn 😈💯


the easiest lunch you could ever possibly make omg at Thornhill, Ontario


Your fit trip (aka fitness journey but I hate that word, sounds lame 😂) is gunna be full of questions, doubts, mistakes, and best of all - tons of success (hopefully) It’s been a fun one for me so far for sure, but I’m always developing my opinions, discovering new things, ditching old habits, etc 🌪 •••• Whether you’re keto or not, gyming or not, you should be taking a cue from your bod and most of all mind as to what you need more/less of. I often find I dread the months leading up to Winter *cue seasonal depression* I was crushing keto again, and felt awesome, but have some stuff going on personally which made keto difficult for me at this time. It’s not an excuse, just other things surrounding my health are more important right now than losing weight. 💥 Trust me, I crave sugar and chips and all kinds of shit now which is blah 😱 and with no trips on the horizon, I’ve allowed myself those things, which can lead to a dangerous place hehe 😬 •••• So to prevent that, here’s my quickie mealprep of overnight oats with fruit, ground turkey and veg, tuna salad with rice cakes, bags of veg and fruit and lastly, salad dressing. I’m still keeping my carbs in check, have my protein, and thanks to keto, am no longer hesitant to add lots of healthy fat to things! (avocado, mayo, olive oil) 🤗 Get prepping, it really doesn’t take long!! at Thornhill, Ontario


the most lazy “breakfast” I’ve ever made 😂 off to the gym I go 🤗 at Thornhill, Ontario


ground turkey, sautéed “fajita veg” (spinach, zucchini, red peppers, onions) with cheese, guac, sour cream, and salsa 😎 ps best hot sauce ever at Thornhill, Ontario


Can’t wait to be with my babes tomorrow @adriana_cordon @rebeccaprosa .. after a busy weekend with next to no gym time (woops) and a missed yoga class, eating more than I would have liked 😂😂, and not sleeping or drinking nearly enough water .. it’s back to @bowrybodyfitness 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 does anyone find they actually slack more in summer??! And that Fall is when the grind starts again?! Or is it just me 😂 brb Gunna go get my abs back so I can hide them under a hoodie


Happy Monday from me to you 🙋🏻‍♀️😘 at Thornhill, Ontario


Post gym and it’s time for Greek salad, fried eggies, and brusselsprouts and bacon 🤓🙋🏻‍♀️😩 at Thornhill, Ontario


“keto is hard.. it’s really limiting and takes too much time” lol okay .. in the meantime, ill be over here eating my shrimpies with lemon-butter-white wine-herb sauce and sautéed green shit with butter and alfredo all over it 😭😩 #byehaters #helloabs at Thornhill, Ontario


Breakfast/lunch sooo easy and I prob won’t eat for another few hours which is GREAT cause I have things to do 🤓😈 at Thornhill, Ontario


Food isn’t supposed to always look Instagram worthy.. like hello I have a job and things to do so sometimes it looks like garb. This is medium garbage cause it doesn’t look yuck but it also doesn’t look like it’s gunna make it to the food network. But anyways I eat my zucchini noodles raw, I just like them better that way.. and apparently they lose nutrients when you cook them but fuck if I know .. I throw some meat sauce with hidden veg on it and call it a day. Stop over complicating eating healthy!! It’s easy!! If someone like me can change their ways from pasta with butter and salt everyday (like actually tho) then so can you!! at Richmond Hill, Ontario


Happy Thursday y’all.. one day closer to Friday 💃🏻


Uhoh!!!! Look who I caught stealing my @eatsmartsweets sour buddies 😱 I don’t call her 💎BAD GAL DIXIE💎 for nothing!!! @badgaldixie ... do you think if you’re quiet and act invisible I won’t yell at you?! LOL at Thornhill, Ontario


Keto chicken “noodle” soup and a green salad 👀🤩 Post gym sam is happy happy.. Gunna take some magnesium and pass the f out 😴 at Thornhill, Ontario

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