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After 18 wonderful years Louis has passed. I never had my own kids... to me she felt like my child. I really don’t have the words to express this kind of loss. I’m going to miss her deeply. She was my angel.


☀️ at The Cricket Ranch


Also a nice piece. This portrait by @antelogi was given to me by @brissabreezy and it sits proudly in my living room. 🐝 🐝🐝❤️ . . #Watercolor #Bees #FineArt #watercolorportrait at The Cricket Ranch


This is a nice piece. at Good People Coffee Co


#kauai at Princeville, Hawaii


Today I flew over #kilauea and a few of the fissures that are slowly claiming #LeilaniEstates . It’s pretty awe inspiring. At the same time the news will give you the impression that the entire island is like Lord of the Rings but it’s really not like that here. The eruptions are on a small part of the island. We’re just 15 miles away but the air quality is good, there’s no panic in the streets or lava bombs. Also, the hotels are pretty quiet now because everyone has been scared away so there’s deals to be had. Just putting that out there. It’s really something to see. @safarihelicopters was fantastic. The people were super cool. at Hilo, Hawaii


Heading to Hawaii ✈️ 🏝 at Honolulu, Hawaii


Here’s my travel camera kit. From the top. #polaroidonestep2#polaroidfilm#harddrive#cords#tripod#camerabag#cords#canon135mm#canon50mm#canon35mm#canonmarkiii#goprohero3#laptop#sdcardcase#neewerbatterycase#assortedfilters#canoncharger#crystal#sdcardreader at Van Nuys, California


My old Swingers play field. . . . #pinball #pinballplayfield


One of the local girls midflight.


Dawn of a new era. I got everything I could out of my Fuji but nothing beats full frame when it comes to taking portraits. Super stoked.


I hear we’re doing old headshots.📷 @peterdokus


It’s has been 58 years since the “Greensboro Four,” the four freshman at an all-black college in Greensboro, North Carolina, who, on February 1, 1960, requested service at the “whites-only” lunch counter of their local Woolworth’s and, when refused, remained seated on their stools. FIFTY-EIGHT YEARS LATER we are still dealing with this shit. What a failure from the #starbucks manager. What a failure of the #starbuckscoffee corporate headquarters for their insincere and anemic response. And fuck the police for actually following through and handcuffing two innocent people without just cause. #boycottstarbucks #blacklivesmatter at Starbucks




I lost two healthy hives a few months ago when we had that huge fire in the mountains. The smoke was too overwhelming so they absconded. At least they left behind 40 pounds of honey. I’m finally back in action after installing a new package. #urbanbeekeeping #backyardbeekeeping #beekeeping at Van Nuys, California


Happy Easter! 🐣🐰 at Burbank, California

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