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Great night definitely one for the books


So today my youngest brother has to go to the hospital for surgery. This kid has had the roughest year ever he was diagnosed with Steven Johnson's last October and he's also had some troubles breathing so for today's surgery they'll be removing his tonsils and adenoids also unclogging his nose but the worst part is that he's allergic to most antibiotics so he will have to go thru the pain with no relief so the next few days are gonna stink for this guy but the best part that absolutely surprises me is how strong he's been through everything else so I have faith that he will be able to conquer this next bump. I also wanted to say thank you for Nelson Plumbing and Pen Air Credit Union for letting my parents get work off so they could be there with him while he goes to surgery. This is a go fund me account for my brother I would politely asked that if you could donate to help kick Steve's butt thanks (