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We've been developing and manufacturing aftermarket Mazda parts since 1998. We eat, sleep & breathe Mazdas! 👉🏻 #corksport for a feature Similar users

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FREE Mazdaspeed 3.5 Bar MAP Sensor with your purchase of a CorkSport Turbo! $1099.99 Gets you the CorkSport Turbo with all the necessary hardware, gaskets, and an $89.99 Plug-N-Play 3.5 Bar Map Sensor for FREE. Check it out here: [BIO LINK] Don’t forget to add 7th GEAR to your order! – The FREE SHIPPING will save you $47-$65 when shipping the Turbo Package in the lower 48 states + YOU get FREE Merchandise! #CorkSport #mazdaspeed #mazdaspeed3 #mazdaspeed6 #ms3 #ms6 #mazdanation


NEWS: Mazda plans to make most of its cars powered by electric or hybrid motors by the early 2030s. How do you guys feel about this direction? #CorkSport #mazdanation #zoomzoom #mazda


Cheers and Happy #NationalDessertDay everybody! Just don't drip on the interior! #CorkSport #mazda #mazdanation #zoomzoom #mazdaspeed


If you haven’t heard already, CorkSport has been developing a performance throttle body for the Mazdaspeed platform. You may be skeptical about it actually working for more than a track-only car, due to the many other failed attempts in the community, but there is a key reason the CorkSport Performance Throttle Body works when others have not. Unlike all other attempts, which used other OE throttle bodies retro-fitted onto the Mazdaspeed, CorkSport approached the project from the ground up. The OE style electronics were maintained so the vehicle communications were not altered, and then a new casting design was developed to enlarge the throttle plate from 60mm to 72mm. The result is a throttle body that responds like OE, but performs at a much higher level. The image in this post shows one of our beta test samples. So where is the project at right now? Ladies and Gents, this is just around the corner, and it will be a great way to start the new year! – Barett @ CorkSport


NEW: Polyurethane Exhaust Hangers! 2014+ Mazda 3 & 6 | 2013+ CX-5 We know you love to drive your Mazda hard so we put together a kit to keep your performance exhaust in place and in check while you fly up the mountain, slide around a cone, or hit that perfect apex. Get yours here: [BIO LINK] #CorkSport #mazda3 #mazda6 #cx5 #mazdanation #mazdafitment


Some might call us crazy for the amount of time, money, and energy we put into our cars; but they simply don’t understand that it goes so much deeper for us than what you see on the outside. – For us, cars are more than transportation, but a personal expression and a passion. . Check our new video, “Why We Do It” to hear from fans & our team why we love Mazda & car culture! . [Bio Link] #CorkSport #Mazdaspeed #Mazda #Mazdanation #ZoomZoom


CS Team Mod Feature: @brett_corksport, Auto Technician . "Recently my car went under the knife, (or should I say cut off wheel) in search of a new wider look. New wheels and color-matched flares have been added to the car in order to achieve THIS! . Here are some pictures of the process and the final result. I would like to give special thanks to Aaron Maves for his help, and loaning the space. As well as Devin Sorter for his help on this project." . #corksport #mazdaspeed #mazdaspeed3 #mazdafitment #mazdanation #ms3


It's National Kick Butt Day! (Seriously) It's time to get some stuff done... maybe even adding that next part you've been waiting on! Pic: @mikehlknight #CorkSport #Mazdaspeed3 #Mazdaspeed #ms3 #zoomzoom #mazdanation


Mazda & Toyota are creating an electric car company together. How do you imagine this might impact Mazdas coming in the future? #CorkSport #mazdanation #Mazdaspeed #zoomzoom


Who's rockin' CorkSport on your interior? Post a pic and #CorkSport for a shoutout! Pic: @billysure #mazdaspeed #zoomzoom #mazdanation #ms3


TGIF. Here's to the start of a great weekend! Pic: @countryboy_ms3 #CorkSport #Mazdaspeed3 #Mazdaspeed #ms3 #zoomzoom #mazdanation


Vote For The CBR Graphics + The First CorkSport Branded Ride Mod! . Choose your favorite design! Here's How To Vote: . 1.Comment below with your vote with #CorkSport & #CorkSportCBR . 2.Repost a pic of your favorite concept with #CorkSport & #CorkSportCBR on social media so we can see your vote. Then, tag a friend and ask them to pick their favorite! . 3.Leave a comment on the blog post with your vote. . Example: "So stoked to get to pick the design of the #CorkSport Branded Ride! My vote is on Concept #3 for sure. - “ @YourFriendsName, what's your vote?? #CorksportCBR" . Check for details & learn about our first mod to the CBR. [BIO LINK] . #CorkSport #Mazda3 #ZoomZoom #Mazdanation #Mazdaspeed


What's better than tacos on #NationalTacoDay? Going to get tacos in a ride like this. PIC: @swgen3 #CorkSport #Mazda3 #Mazdanation #ms3 #zoomzoom #blackonblack


As some of you may already know, since our 7th Gear members leaked it... Introducing the long-awaited #CorkSport Intake Manifold for the DISI-MZR engine for Mazdaspeed 3 & 6! The CorkSport Intake Manifold performs and fits without compromise. Equal flow, higher flow, tighter packaging, and TMIC fitment are aspects that uniquely define the CorkSport Intake Manifold. The wait is over! Get it HERE: [BIO LINK] #mazdaspeed #mazdaspeed3 #mazdaspeed6 #mazda #zoomzoom #corksport #ms3 #ms6


Happy National Name Your Car Day! What's your Mazda's name? Share it in the comments with #Corksport & #NameYourCarDay! #mazdaspeed #mazda


Is your car a "Frankenstein" or is it #Corksport all the way? Post a pic under the hood & use the #Corksport hashtag to show us your setup! #Mazdaspeed #Mazdaspeed3 #zoomzoom PIC: Robert Holcomb


Happy National Coffee Day everybody! #corksport #mazda #mazdaspeed #mazdanation #nationalcoffeeday


Near and Far, no matter where you are, let CorkSport hear from you! [BIO LINK] There are Groups all over the US (and I’m sure international), that we don’t even know about. It’s our hope that when you read this, you pass us your group pages, club names, social addresses, etc., so that CorkSport can help others in your area connect! #CorkSport #mazdaspeed #mazdanation

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