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Love is not linear. It’s expansive. It exists forever where it once existed. we can coddle it, try to revive it, relive it for a moment stirring our emotions, or we can choose to release it and just let it exist there outside of yourself. With the new moon coming on, it's a good time to re-evaluate what we are holding onto. it's the time to let go of old ideas, past lovers, traumas and emotions. Even if you're only letting go of a little piece every time you consciously decide to release. little by little you're making space for what's to come. I know, i know, we’ve done this before. It’s the cycle of life lived by the moon. #cosmicconnection #digitalart #cosmiccollage #cosmicart #moonphases


Just because. I like to take pieces of other pieces and put them together to make new pieces. No rules. #cosmicart #cosmicsurfer #cosmicconnection #surfergirl #surfart


This is my absolute favorite way to print my art. It’s mounted on a 12 inch parota wooden round and glazed with resin. They’re are 10 available on my site under “shop>portals”. Enter code “SUMMERGODDESS” for a 20% discount. Today and tomorrow only. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼


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Check out this interview by @holisticfashionista Thank you for featuring my artwork 🙏🏼💜 original photo of @evaestlander by @vuokkosalo


The effects of the full moon on me right now. Please approach with caution. #fullmoon #cosmicart


It’s time for an honest reality check with this Wednesday’s Full Moon at 6º28’ Capricorn. The Moon in Capricorn is more serious and determined, unconcerned with silly trifles like emotions. Opposing the Sun in Cancer, however, it may not be able to ignore them for much longer. It has to find the balance between its emotional and physical worlds, and face whatever it’s been avoiding. Emotions make the Moon in Capricorn uncomfortable, and it would rather pretend they didn’t exist. So laser-focused on reaching the peak, little does it realize how its emotional baggage makes the climb that much harder. With Saturn, Capricorn’s ruler, tightly conjunct the Moon and in close proximity to Earth, these lessons may be crystallizing even more strongly right now. Own up to what Saturn’s trying to teach you. Take responsibility for yourself and your life, and do what needs to be done. Issues from the past may be resurfacing, fueling fears and unhealthy desires for control. Assess honestly where these fears are coming from, such as childhood struggles with parents, authority figures, restrictions, rejection, and external standards. Work through any unresolved issues, no matter how painful. When you move through the pain, you set yourself free. Mars has also just stationed retrograde at 9º Aquarius, and will remain retrograde until August 28. Conjoining the South Node, the lesson is again “improving by removing.” Over these next couple of months it will be imperative that we release toxic emotions and behaviors such as anger, resentment, stubbornness, and recalcitrance. There may be goals, ideals, friendships, associations we’ll need to let go of as well. Past relationships and endeavors may return to test us or already have during the shadow period, which began around 6 weeks ago. It’s time to purge via the purifying fires of Mars and the South Node. #fullmoon #fullmooncapricorn #marsinretrograde #capricorn #astrology #astrologyart #art #digitalart #moonart #cosmicart #cosmicconnection #cosmiccollage


10 years ago, I was surfing in sayulita when the father of my children approached me for the first time in a canoe with this beautiful dog, Roxy. I instantly fell in love with her. She smiled at me. I ended up quitting my job and moving to Mexico with this man and had 2 children with him. The truth is Roxy was my first child. I was so drawn to her, I swear if it wasn’t for her I never would have dated the father of my children. During our separation, there was a lot of fighting. Roxy would come stand behind me. When I was alone with 2 babies she comforted me with her smile and cuddles and always reassured me that everything would be ok. She protected us. As she got older she faced a lot of health issues, cancer, irlichia, seizures, etc. We found good vets that helped us prolong her life with playful happy days and beach walks. Last Sunday we went to the beach. We sat with some old friends, we talked about our dogs and how Roxy has been around for a while and everyone knows her as the dog that smiles. She is famous in sayulita and will always remain a legend to those who knew her. Roxy looked at me and gave me her paw as if to say thank you. She was tired. She wandered down the trail and we lost her. We searched endlessly until the sun went down. No luck. People said they believed that someone took her. I wanted to believe that we would see her again so I made 100 flyers and posted them all over, I spread it all over Facebook and sent it to about 50 vets in the area. The thought crossed my mind that she went off to pass. I suppose I didn’t want to believe it. That Sunday on the way home after searching 2 deer ran in front of our truck. I knew in my heart in that moment that spirit was talking to me. Telling me that she had passed. May your spirit soar Roxy my friend, the years of companionship and the love I have for you are indescribable. Rest In Peace Roxy. at Punta Burros


This is a donation piece. If you’re looking to help reunite a mother with her child you can do so here: 100% of proceeds go towards making this happen. #freeourfamilies #familiesbelongtogether #cosmicart #artforacause #familiesbelongtogether If you make a donation and forward me the email ([email protected]) I will send you a link to download a high res file of this image.


There’s a New Moon this Wednesday at 22º45’ Gemini! This is the sign of perception, communication, learning, socializing, and short-term travel. Now is the time to set your intention to progress in one or more of these areas. Your chart can more specifically illuminate where you should focus. For example, the New Moon in the 7th house of partnerships might indicate a good time to start online dating or networking to find a new business partner. Or, perhaps you need to shift your beliefs regarding what you specifically want in a partner. Make a thorough list and start manifesting. Communicating clearly to the universe is key. The ruler of this New Moon, Mercury, is currently sextile to Uranus in Taurus. This means the progress is there for us if we want it—we just have to put in a little effort. Uranus wants us to break old habits and replace outdated thought and communication systems with those that will better serve us. Sometimes he likes to surprise as well, so develop trust that any unexpected changes are happening FOR you. Both Uranus and Mercury have a destabilizing influence. They like to play and shake things up. The game always goes more smoothly if you just play along. With Mercury in Cancer approaching an exact opposition with Saturn in Capricorn, some heavier energy will weigh on the typically light-hearted Gemini New Moon. Mercury in Cancer tends to get stuck in the past and its emotions, which inevitably clouds its judgment. It needs to be wary of hypersensitivity and holding grudges. Saturn in Capricorn is asking us to look at things more sensibly and objectively. We can’t let our feelings keep us from doing our dharma, or our work in this lifetime. We have to reconcile our pasts and emotions so we can fulfill our purposes and reach greater material and spiritual heights. Doing so will bring us clearer thinking and communication, which is what Gemini is all about. It’s best to get started asap, as Mars hovering around the South Node will continue to bring up issues from the past. Venus ingressing into Leo and squaring Uranus could lead to surprising or dramatic relationship more here: @bodyandsoulsustenance #newmoon


New moon site sale! 20% OFF the next couple of days during the new moon. #newmoonsale #artsale


“Albert Einstein taught us through E = mc 2 that all things in life emit vibrational frequencies and that all things are simply energy in different vibrational forms. Basically, this means every cell that makes up you is energy as well as all colors on the spectrum wheel, therefore the energy of colors can affect your energy. It’s really that simple. Color Therapy uses color to assist the body in using its natural healing ability to balance itself. Color supports our vital life force by supplying light frequencies to our vibrational energetic system. In ancient times Egyptians built rooms that reflected the sun’s energy with different colors of glass because they understood that color affects people in different ways. The red rose has the highest vibrational frequency known among all flowers, resonating at 320 hz. “ -Dr. Venus Seleme #rosefrequency #rose #color #art #cosmicart #cosmicconnection #rose #masterplant #plantmedicine #rose #dieta #feminism #feministart #digitalart #sacredrose


******S U M M E R S A L E******** The best part of having created Cosmic Collage is by far the connections that I’ve made to people across the the world. From Japan, London, Australia, Germany, Brazil, Peru, etc. I imagine these energetic lines reaching out from my heart and wrapping around the world. Just trying to show the beauty that can exist in the world if we allow it. If you check out my website you will find medicine bags on sale under SHOP>ART SALE. (Link in bio) I’m headed state side first week of July so shipping will be quick and cost effective from there. Also- a Free gift with every purchase!! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 #artsale #medicinebag #cosmicart #cosmicconnection #art


Last week I did a tarot reading on myself for self healing. What came up for me was very interesting and made so much sense. The cards read so clearly that holding onto my past is keeping me from where I am going. I always tell myself i’ve let go of the past, then I find myself gathering little pieces of it, collecting little memories and inserting them into my wounds like little rocks of salt. ouch. wait- and I’m afraid that I actually like it. It’s so part of me, the dark little depressive corners of my mind that I can just sink into and feel so cozy and comfortable. I mean after all it is part what I am made of isn’t it? It’s such a common phrase “let it go”. so much easier said than done right? how do you let it go? I used to use this meditation where I am looking at a stream of water and leaves are falling from a tree into the stream. Each leaf is something I have to let go of. So the leaf falls and I watch it travel down the stream and say goodbye to it until it’s no longer in sight. I think subconsiously and eventually I end up walking down that stream and grabbing that leaf in fear of losing it. I saw the image of this woman and she looks kind of happy and she also looks kind of sad, like she is collecting pain in her basket to save for a rainy day when she can dump it on herself and drowned in her sorrows. Because that what she knows of herself. Suggestions and advice always welcome- looking for other ways to let go of things.


Check out the June box from @goddessprovisions featuring a cosmic collage medicine bag! Thank you @goddessprovisions for the beautiful photo and for including cosmic collage! 💜🌸🌑🔮 by he way this is what happens when you leave a bullshit job with a toxic and abusive boss and start doing what you love!!!


There's a fiery Full Moon Tuesday morning at 8º10’ Sagittarius! It’s time to release outdated beliefs, especially those that inhibit your expansion. This Moon's Sabian symbol is, "A mother leads her small child step by step up the stairs.” You are that mother, bolstering your inner child’s courage and leading it up the stairs toward greater freedom and possibility. You are helping it find higher truths and ways of being. You may experience heightened feelings of restlessness—a need for adventure and growth. Seek, but don’t rush, as Sagittarius often does. You may start seeing things in a new light. Welcome any revelations with open arms. Since Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of abundance, it can be prone to excessiveness and irresponsibility. This means it’s also time to ask yourself if you’ve been immoderate in any way, and how you can release any damaging behaviors or dogmas. As Jupiter is currently retrograde in Scorpio, the normally fun-loving and free-spirited Sag Moon takes on a much more serious tone. This is a time for deep introspection and self-exploration. With a trine to Neptune in Pisces, your spirituality, connection to oneness, and unconditional love for self and others should also come into the mix. An inherent seeker and philosopher, Sagittarius needs to constantly evolve its spiritual beliefs in order to assuage its inner restlessness. Let go of any grudges and practice what comes to Neptune in Pisces so effortlessly: forgiveness. Reading by @bodyandsoulsustenance #fullmoon #digitalart #art #fullmoonsagittarius #sagittarius #astrologyart #astrology More below in comments:

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