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The Wild Unknown
Ashley & Jordan French

The sun moves into Aquarius today, my birthday. The journey continues and I still follow my heart wherever it leads me. The only thing we own in this life is our experience. 💫 #aquarius #deerspirit #camalonga #sage #oje #iquitos at Lima International Airport


“The doors to the world of the wild Self are few but precious. If you have a deep scar, that is a door, if you have an old, old story, that is a door. If you love the sky and the water so much you almost cannot bear it, that is a door. If you yearn for a deeper life, a full life, a sane life, that is a door.” ― Clarissa Pinkola Estés, Women Who Run With the Wolves: Myths and Stories of the Wild Woman Archetype #womenwhorunwiththewolves #clarissapinkolaestes #wildwomen #wildwoman #wild #wolves #cosmicart #cosmicconnection #art #digitalcollage #digitalart



I’m on antibiotics and they’re making me feel like shit. I figured before I get sucked into a dark inhabitable and incoherent state of depression, I should make some art. Feeling a bit better now. Thanks for the lovely image @queenietheinfinitefox #yogaart #cosmicshit Also- if you’re in #sayulita and your going to the @colegiocostaverde_sayulita holiday bazaar at @frentealpunto stop by and check out my medicine bags. I won’t be there but the bags will. #artismedicine #70sart #liquidcosmicyoga at Sayulita, Nayarit, Mexico


Join me in my home this Saturday evening at 7pm for a Holiday Pop Up Shop and New Moon Gathering. Featuring Items from Cosmic Collage, @zafirojewelry & Laika from Sayulita. 30-50% off selected wall art. Medicine bags buy 2 get one free, come by and say hi and have a fancy cocktail! There will be PENDULUM BOX �RAFFLE PRIZE WITH COSMIC TREASURES **AUTOMATIC ENTRY AT DOOR** A Cosmic Collage Gift with every purchase! at La Onda Surf


The jaguar spirit animal is the gatekeeper to all that is unknown. A mystical totem, the jaguar offers lessons about reclaiming your inner power by awakening your inner core energy (sometimes referred to as Kundalini). When the secretive, graceful jaguar enters your life it is time to resolve old issues and to make way for a spiritual rebirth. Understanding the darker side of life is what offers this powerful animal totem its mystery. With understanding comes the ability to embrace change and life’s multitude of cycles. hose who have the jaguar as their power animal are passionate, confident, and possess a deeper understanding of life. Often able to embrace change with grace and dignity, those with this feline spirit animal as their guide tend to be creative, see the bigger picture more easily, and allow their intuition to guide them without hesitation. Words By Elena Harris #spiritanimal #jaguar #jaguarspirit #cosmicjaguar #cosmicconnection #digitalcollage #art #jaguarart #jaguarmedicine #spiritanimals


So much feedback from the full moon giveaway post, thank you to all so much for sharing. My process and tools are a lot of what you all have shared plus surfing! Surfing is a big one for me because it’s so much about connection to ocean, and receiving energy from the sun. I’ve been surfing for 15 years. I’m not great, sometimes i paddle out and catch nothing, I struggle and strive trying to paddle Into waves, I miss them, i get tumbled or sometimes I pull back when I feel the drop in is just too steep. I struggle and play with my fear and my ego. It’s humbling and rewarding. It’s exactly like daily life. Thank you to @beachbrakebynikwest for letting me use your amazing photo of @temisniekymiek 🙏🏼💜. Thank you For hosting the giveaway and including me 🙏🏼💜 And the winner is @astrid.liardi, please message me your mailing address! 🌕💫 #cosmicsurfer #cosmicart #sayulita #sayulitaart


IT'S SUPER MOON GIVEAWAY TIME! ✨ To celebrate the Full Super Moon in Gemini, 8 moon-tastic shops will be choosing 8 winners for this special giveaway 🌕 ♊️ We've made this loop SO much easier to enter than others. Instead of jumping around a ton of accounts just use the list below...only takes a few min! ✔️ -- TO ENTER: 1) Follow all the shops listed below 2) Like this photo 3) Comment your answer to each shop's unique question | My question is: what is your process of returning to yourself when things get thrown off balance? What tools do you use to keep focused on your path? -- SHOPS & PRIZES: ✨@moonbodysoul - Moon Scrub ✨@twigandstone - Crystal Cluster Pin ✨@cosmiccollage - Cosmic Medicine Pouch ✨@zennedoutjewelry - Moon Phase Aluminum Cuff ✨@jaxkelly - Limited Edition White Howlite Candle ✨ - Full Moon Nail Polish & Retrograde Crystal Set ✨@moonphacecollective - Moon Witch Rollerball Fragrance ✨@blackandthemoon - Winner's Choice of 8x10 Constellation Art Print -- Must be located in the US to be eligible to win. Giveaway closes 12/8 at midnight. Winners will be chosen within 48 hours. Tagging friends, reposting this photo, and using the hashtag #supermoonloop isn't required but will definitely get you noticed 👀 Enjoy the energy of the Full Moon today and good luck everyone! -- Watercolor moon PC: @celestecclark


Neptune has been teaching us a lot this past year; namely to surrender, trust, and be patient. Gemini and patience do not go hand in hand, but with the retrograde and Saturn, it will be drilled into us whether we like it or not. Gemini is very mental, while Neptune/Pisces is spiritual and heart-centered. Connect with that part of you in order to ride the waves of this full moon. Dive inward and release the emotions that are muddling your state of mind and being. You may be asked to let go of other things as well - don’t resist. Non-attachment is likely a part of the lesson. For more amazing astrology insight check out @bodyandsoulsustenance photo of the lovely and elegant @morning_star_devi #fullmoon #mercuryretrograde #astrologyart #cosmic #cosmicart #digitalart #gemini #cosmicconnection


****Holiday special**** Give the thoughtful and meaningful gift of a Customized cosmic collage. How does it work? Email the high res photo to with the subject line “cosmic collage holiday custom” Include info such as signs, sacred symbols, medicinal plants, elements, colors and animals that resonate with the person or people we are creating for and I’ll work my magic! Perfect for kids, mothers, pregnancy photos, couples, close friends, siblings, even pets! Digital file will be delivered in high res. Size depends on the photo. Printing options available in frames, on acrylic glass and canvas. Printing cost and shipping not included. Special price $80usd for art only. Free phone consultation also available. Special price from now until December 24th. #supportartists #supportartnotwalmart Original photo of Gertrude Hoffman, photographer: unknown


Before the day is over, I have to announce a happy birthday wish to this super special girl, my big sister and my best friend. We have had such a ridiculous amount of fun together, nobody will ever make me laugh as much as you do. Happy Birthday @jamiemenna you drive me crazy and cannot imagine this life without you. I love you and your little monkeys too. #itsabasementhing #pedicurezerochance


“I Am Not Your Trophy” Elephant’s medicine includes strength, royalty, connection to ancient wisdom, removal of obstacles and barriers, confidence, patience, using education opportunities, commitment, gentleness, communicating in relationships, discernment, intelligence, compassion. Elephants communicate telepathically with herd members as well as other elephants. As we choose to become closer and more open with those dear to us, our ability to understand them can deepen to a level that transcends speech. Words By Ina Woolcott, reference: #elephant #iamnotyourtrophy #elephantart #cosmicelephant #art #digitalart #artwithapurpose #artforacause #elephantlove


21 years ago today la #santamuerte paid a visit to my life and my community. My first encounter with death. I was never the same after that day. That winter was long and cold, the lessons continued through life and she showed up many more times. I think by most she is misunderstood. Death is a part of life. #cosmicconnection #death #shadow #lightanddark


Run to ocean, you’ll be ok. #fadeintoyou #youaremadeofstars #cosmicconnection #cosmicart #digitalcollage #digitalart #cosmic #art #raiseyourvibration thank you @jessleighcreative for letting me use your beautiful photo of @aomi_coelho 🌸💫🙏🏼🦋🌿


Sneak preview of holiday gift cards! #cosmicchristmas Most people think of Santa Claus and the cheery red and white we decorate with at Christmas as little more than lighthearted fun and pretty colors. But the real story behind that Christmas look that takes over the Western world at this time of year is a bit… shall we say, darker. Or at least way, way more tripped-out. Read on to find out about the psychedelic and mystical roots of the Santa Claus myth and the traditional Christmas decorating scheme! Fly agaric is the red mushroom with white spots. They grow most commonly under pine trees (because their spores travel exclusively on pine seeds), so the shaman would often hang them on lower branches of the pine they were growing under to dry out before taking them back to the village. As an alternative, he would put them in a sock and hang them over his fire to dry. Is this starting to sound familiar? To remove the fatal toxins from the ‘shrooms was to feed them to reindeer, who would only get high from them — and then pee, with their digestive systems having filtered out most of the toxins, making their urine safe for humans to drink and get a safer high that way. Reindeer happen to love fly agarics and eat them whenever they can, so a good supply of magic pee was usually ready and waiting all winter. In fact, the reindeer like fly agarics so much that they would eat any snow where a human who had drank ‘shroom-laced urine had relieved himself, and thus the circle would continue. When the shaman went out to gather the mushrooms, he would wear an red outfit with either white trim or white dots, in honor of the mushroom’s colors. And because at that time of year the whole region was usually covered in deep snow, he, like everyone, wore tall boots of reindeer skin that would by then be blackened from exposure. He’d gather the tree-dried fly agarics and some reindeer urine in a large sack, then return home to his yurt (the traditional form of housing for people of this region at that time), where some of the higher-ups of the village would have gathered to join in the solstice ceremony. article by Holly McWhorter full story here:


"Jim Morrison was physically turned on to Joplin after she busted a bottle of Southern Comfort over his head, knocking him out cold. Morrison, loving the physical confrontation and her violent attitude, seemed to be in love. The day after this strange encounter during rehearsals, he asked producer Paul Rothchild for her phone number. Joplin had no intent on getting together with Morrison again and as it turns out, they never did. Morrison was reportedly heartbroken." Karen 'Gilly' Laney, #janisjoplin #rockandrollart #janis #cosmicart #cosmicconnection #rockstars #rockstarart #takeanotherlittlepieceofmyheart #getitwhileyoucan #ohlordwontyoubuymeamercedesbenz


November is for finding balance.

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