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Been riding since before I could walk 11/16/18 💜👶🏻 Live~love~laugh

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4 more weeks little one💜we can’t wait to meet you!!


Always looking at the camera💜we’re so ready to meet you little man


I can’t wait to meet you baby boy💜


It’s been rough lately but I wouldn’t ask for anyone else to have my back💕love my little big brother🤞🏻


Well his first time with me asking for speed so he wasn't sure how to rate himself but I'm pretty proud of his run.


I think I fell in love with these big boys😍😍 they literally dwarf me😂


She's was on fire tonight with this pole run🔥happy to be clicking with her again. Ignore brandon in the back ground with his commentary @the_goat24v


He's a year old today😍I can't believe how time has flown by with him. He's getting so big and I can't wait to see what he becomes in the future😋


She's whiskey in a tea cup🥃


National pet day with not even all my animals in this


Ran barrels on my girl for the first time in almost two years and she clocked a 19. The downed barrel was my fault but I missed riding her so much


It's been about 5 months since I ran him and I've never pushed him like I did today. This wasn't his best of the night because he blew the first bit I like his first and second. Lots of room to improve tho with him only loping in this.


He's gotten so big😍I can't believe he'll be a year old in may😩


Today was awesome. Got to see devyn at the horse show, won reserve champion on timed events. So proud of jake, his first time at a all day show by himself and he did amazing❤️❤️


Had a wreak at the lake yesterday but other than that it was fun


First bath


My boy😍😍looking handsome as ever


Not supposed to ride but it's always fun to ride with this dork❤️❤️

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