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Warmer weather is on its way and that means more opportunity to get outside and get in a @gruntworkout • Minimal gear, change of pace, and a do it anywhere mentality.


2 Rounds 20 Clean and Jerk (155/105) 1000 meter row • Simple, effective, built for results. #iconathlete #roguefitness #concept2


Can’t thank @backcountry and @pccats enough for such an awesome day. Bluebird skies, fresh snow, friends, and awesome guides. • Use your fitness. #iconathlete #crossfitparkcity @surefootskiing


Need some help dialing in those muscle ups? Take 4 min and check out the difference in kips depending on your pulling power. Little things make all the difference. #iconathlete #roguefitness


Stirring up the pot with the @mountainmeltdown this year. I’m all about community and that’s the goal behind this event... so we are taking it on the road!!! • Park City Utah (the original): June 8 Twin Cities (Afton Alps, MN): June 29 Chicago/Milwaukee (Wilmot Mountain, WI): July 13 • We would love to have you and your local community involved. The lucky ones get to wear the plate carrier and take it home at the end of the event! • Sign up at the link in my bio or at mountainmeltdown.com for a fun, community based, old school event.


After owning an affiliate for nearly 12 years, teaching over 300 seminars, and helping countless people online and via email it’s a good question. • What’s “RX” in my mind? It’s maintaining the stimulus of the workout. That means meeting a goal time or rounds, finding the balance of technique and intensity, and training that has longevity. • I haven’t even used the term in our gym @crossfitparkcity for years. With @iconathlete I call it “modifying” not “scaling” to avoid negative connotations. Get over the weights, reps, and off the high horse. Find the intended stimulus, meet it, and continually work to improve. How about you?


We're heading back to the drawing board! Post #crossfitopen we'll be going through the #iconathlete assessment as a community. The Icon assessment is a series of tests that show us where our fitness is currently and what our strengths and weaknesses are. This is a great opportunity for us to learn and grow and become better at what we love, #crossfit. Test week will be the last week of March (25th-30th). Join us in assessing your fitness so you can start getting results with effective training. Sign up at iconathlete.com or the link in my bio.


New 3 week lifting cycle starting today for me to help hit the reset button from some low energy weeks. I like to use the first week as a way to find weights and keep things somewhat reasonable. • This lift was my 1 RM for the day. Yes, more is in the tank but that’s the purpose. I like to give myself a bit of room to improve in the next 2 weeks and this acts as a bit of a deload week but is still challenging. • Finished with some accessory lifts that had a @gruntworkout vibe to it. #iconathlete #roguefitness


Perspective. What matters to you most? This was thankfully just a broken arm but many families are in less fortunate circumstances. • Why is it so easy to worry about things that don’t mean much in the bigger picture when life is going “well”. • Most of what we get to do is a privilege. Even the tough stuff.


Been in the game for a while? Change things up with odd objects. Try a workout you know inside and out but use an odd object for the lift and it opens up a whole new world. #gruntworkout @gruntworkout #iconathlete


Twins!!! But not so much. 80’s night at 19.2 and I find myself looking extra small again next to @e_mills. It seems to be a trend. #iconathlete #mightymouse


Just me and a 75 lb dumbbell today. • AMRAP 7 min Max rep alternating DB snatch (70/50) *at the start of each min complete 5 burpees. • Goal was to hold 10 reps/min. Didn’t have a 70 so jumped up 5 lbs. It was devastating. #iconathlete

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