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If you’ve been wondering why I don’t show my daughters faces or share much of them on social media read on, if you haven’t, well then scroll on and enjoy this candid shot of my oldest girl telling me some stories. The short answer is that it isn’t my right to decide what part of their lives become permanently available online. Here’s the thing, I certainly make very big and important decisions for my girls like which school they go to, what they eat on a regular basis, or how they are taught about life. I want to give my girls the respect and honor for them to choose whether or not and how they want their online presence to look like when they are able to in the future. Social media didn’t exist when I was growing up and if someone wanted to see photos of me as a baby, doing silly, stupid or funny things they had to come over to my parent’s house and look at physical albums (which was very rare btw). Creating an entire online presence of information and data about my kids without them being aware of what that means and entails to me feels unjust. Important to note that this is a completely personal decision that Amir and I have spoken about and really thought about before having our first daughter. I have zero judgement for mothers who choose to put images of their kids online, I really do enjoy seeing it. On the off chance that in the future an employer or university or whomever will be able to google my kids and find an entire database of images and videos (that can’t be undone) of their lives, what they were doing, where they vacationed, with who, is unacceptable to me. I can’t predict where this social media thing is heading in the future but I certainly don’t want to use my kids as part of that experiment to finding out. at Vancouver, British Columbia


*tries to hit some high notes of favourite song** **1 Dead, 14 Wounded** #lastnight #datenight at Vancouver, British Columbia


the devil in the details. at Vancouver, British Columbia


*interacts with people* *has to take a four hour nap* This post was almost sponsored by @pacificangler


I just want to lay in a pile of warm laundry and eat bread.


My mind currently: about 19 tabs are open, 3 of them are frozen and I have no clue where the music is coming from! Also, here I’m wearing my talented friend’s line @sunja_link 📸 @annettescheung


Homemade cookies with love, in other words we licked the spoon and kept using it 😏‘Twas the best of times with my little moosh moosh 🐭


Literally just saw a 8 year old girl wearing a shirt with sparkles that said ‘doing my best’ fricking same B, where’d you get that? Happy breastfeeding week! at Urban Outfitters


I love a good nap, sometimes it’s the only thing getting me up in the morning...


#tbt to the last time my daughter was sleeping and quiet 🌟 Happy 2 months baby girl 🍭


Note to self: you good, you poppin. #happybirthdayeskandar @alexanderoverload 📸 @jessfyffe


Girls, I plan on giving you love, nurturing, and just enough dysfunction to make you funny... #momlife


Taken right after I raided the junk food aisle at Safeway. Sour candy ✅ BBQ Chips ✅ Twix ✅ Milk chocolate Digestive Cookies ✅




My little dream weaver, just so full of life. Today she tells me "mama, ein happy to be alive" ✨ at English Bay


Got to shoot for the @gravitypope_shop Mothers Day Campaign. Shot by the beautiful @_kimberlyr and styled by the lovely @lauren___f ❤️


Tehran-ing at Tehran, Iran

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