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Infused water kefir tonics. Vegan, raw, probiotic-rich, delicious! @culturekefir #culturekefir #waterkefir #getcultured Similar users

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A quick list of where to find us over the next couple of weeks! . . . . And of course you can always visit @backroadsmarket to grab a bottle if you just can’t wait ☺️


It’s a beautiful day to celebrate our local bounty 🌾 FARM FEST runs 10-3 today. Come say hi, grab a delicious Infused Water Kefir and listen to some good tunes while you wander amongst all the great vendors #farmfest2018 @cityofrichmondparks at Garden City Lands


🌈FARM FEST TODAY!!!🚜 10-3! Come visit us in Richmond at the new Garden City Lands Park for a beautiful market popup with loads of activities for kids, live music and amazing local vendors. We are PUMPED 💥 @cityofrichmondparks #farmfest2018 at Garden City Lands


We’re all set up at Backroads Family Farm Market to sample and chat more about our water kefir! Available for retail purchase inside! 😆 #shoplocal #shopladner @backroadsmarket at Backroads Family Farm Market


🌈✨Come visit us at Backroads Family Farm Market TODAY 12-3pm! We will be sampling our kefirs and they will be available for retail purchase inside! #shoplocal #drinktherainbow🌈 at Backroads Family Farm Market


I don’t think i could love this more 🖤 #darkhorsefavorite #Repost @apartment102draws with @get_repost ・・・ Surprise favourite flavour! @culturekefir this one is so strangely good! And man the black and white look incredible together! 🖤


Something special is brewing in our kitchen💚..... #comingsoon


Come visit us at our next market SATURDAY 10-3 at Garden City Lands Farm Fest! Garden City Lands @cityofrichmondparks is the newest addition to nature preservation in Richmond and we’re proud to be a part of the celebration! There will be free shuttles from Landsdowne Mall and the Armoury Building (swipe for a map). See you there! 🌈✨ at Garden City Lands


All of these little gems are headed to @backroadsmarket tomorrow! We will be out doing samples at Backroads on Friday afternoon, 12-3pm! Come down and grab a Kefir and a bag of local Ladner corn because ohhhhhh my god it’s so delicious #shoplocal #drinktherainbow🌈 at Backroads Family Farm Market


Did you know Rose hips are little Vitamin C bombs 💥 100g of rose hips has 710% of our daily value of Vitamin C! Vitamin C is an essential nutrient for healthy skin. Our Strawberry Rose Lemon Infused Water Kefir is made with a balanced and aromatic blend of fresh Strawberries, Rose hips and whole Lemons. That’s it. Just #raw #natural #vegan #probiotic goodness. #drinktherainbow🌈 #vitaminc #allnatural


If you have yet to experience the wonderment of @drunkenchocolatier chocolates, you are seriously missing out! Her #kiwamiplumsour truffle using @fuggleswarlock #kiwami is unbelievable. This may also be the last evidence of our trade today... #iatethemall #cantstop #wontstop #givemeallthechocolate #stevestonfarmersmarket #marketneighbours at Steveston Farmers and Artisans Market


Could this mug be anymore appropriate for me?! #doubtit #forstidothecoffee #thenidothethings Thank you @cottonconfettishop! It was great to be neighbors today at the #stevestonfarmersmarket! #shoplocal at Steveston Farmers and Artisans Market


🌈MARKET DAY✨ We’re out showing our #pride at the #stevestonfarmersmarket today! 10:30-3:30. Come grab one of our ice cold Infused Water Kefir and #drinktherainbow🌈 on the gorgeous #BC summer day at Steveston Farmers and Artisans Market


We are ready for the #stevestonfarmersmarket TOMORROW! 10:30-3:30. Come grab an ice cold Infused Water Kefir to quench your thirst and nourish your body #drinktherainbow🌈 #nofilter at Steveston Farmers & Artisans Market


NEW STOCKIST! BACKROADS FAMILY FARM MARKET, Ladner, BC. We are beyond excited to announce that our Infused Water Kefirs will now be available at Backroads Family Farm Market in Ladner starting next week! Backroads is a family owned and operated market selling local farm fresh produce and locally made goods! Not only are the staff and owners lovely, their produce is incomparable! If you haven’t been out to visit yet, take a little trip to Ladner and fall in love with some farm fresh cucumbers and berries. They pair perfectly with our Strawberry Rose Lemon Infused Water Kefir 🌈✨ #farmfresh at Backroads Family Farm Market


Have you tried our Activated Charcoal Lemon Infused Water Kefir? It’s our #1 seller! This beauty has a light refreshing vanilla lemon flavour, packed with probiotics and the detox power of Activated Charcoal! Come down and try some at the #stevestonfarmersmarket on Sunday Aug 5, 10:30-3:30! #getcultured #drinktherainbow🌈 #ActivatedCharcoal #detox


What a great #stevestonfarmersmarket yesterday! We melted in the shade but kept cool with refreshing cold Infused Water Kefir. Favorite flavour of the week, 💖Strawberry Rose Lemon 🍋👌🏼 A perfect thirst quencher on a hot day! We will back again NEXT SUNDAY Aug 5, 10:30-3:30! And if you missed us this weekend, I might just be able to fill some special orders this week 😉 Send me a DM and I will hook you up 🌈✨ #getcultured #waterkefir #drinktherainbow🌈

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