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Team CWM in action!


We are so gratefull today!! We made the first round and just won regional Canada at WLK 2018 🤓🍾🍾🍾 Thanks to everyone who got involved in this crazy project! #chromewrap #wlk2018 #wraplikeaking #cwmasters #canadiamwrapmasters


Girl Power! We are bless to have talented women’s in our team #wraplikeaking #redchrome #vinylstickers #chromewraps #canadianwrapmasters #wlk2018


The making of The Warrior wrap video #chromewraps #vinylwrap #fullwrap #redchrome #vinylstickers #wlk2018 #wraplikeaking #canadianwrapmasters


Its all about the details! #chromewraps #vinylwrap #wraplikeaking #canadianwrapmasters


For quite some time now Canadian Wrap Masters has been looking for a project not only out of the ordinary but totally unique to bring to a competition as intense as Avery Dennison’s Wrap Like A King. Of course we are insanely blessed to have a team of some of the best wrappers in Canada and we feel like the combined efforts of our members played a huge part in the success of this build. Each member gave a tremendous amount of time and effort and brought their own unique skills to the table and the results we hope speak for themselves. The inspiration for the design came from one of our members who working alongside our designer, came to fruition entirely raw. The design was drawn by hand and meticulously converted to vector in Illustrator for both the print layer and the 3 graduated cut layers underneath the print. Nothing on this design is stock. Our wrap consists of over 1300 square feet of cut vinyl broken into 3 layers of embossing followed by a printed layer of Avery Red Chrome with DOL1370z Satin overlaminate. Total design, production and installation topped out around 425 hours. Our biggest challenge was of course matching 3 layers of embossed material with the print layer above as 85% of the truck is embossed. We hope you enjoy our wrap as much as we did bringing it to thewrap world. Special Thanks to all our CWM members especially @wrapnerd @cdncarwrapper @dan_desroches @david.graphic , @an_ga_de who help a lot and support the craziness, @thatsample_ Who made that crazy design @trim_plus who print the chrome and let us use there shop, @big_boy_toyz_fab who made an insane job on the mechanic side for that truck, @polyalto and @adgraphics_na who help us get the vinyl in time @yanickphotovideo for the video #canadianwrapmasters #cwmasters #wlk2018 #wraplikeaking #redchrome #chromewrap #vinylwrap #carwrap #carwraps #vinyldecals #chromewraps #vinylwrap #fullwrap at Canada