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left to right 🔛 ac: mine | cc: flirtydolan | ib: dolanphilia | for niya, aida, yasmin, gianna, hinns, calida, ashley, matie, and haley [ #graysondolan #ethandolan #omgpage ]


an ugly vs edit of a very cute boy ♥️ ac: citric.rinuki | cc: i forgot | ib: l1216l | for julie, matie, hinns, angie, bianca, and kEiRa [ #ethandolan #omgpage ]


a certified cutie 💌 - rip quality ac: mine | cc: mythdolan | sc: imperiodylan | for angie, haley, gianna, nessa, hinns, aida, matie, mishal, sammy, ally, mika and june [ #graysondolan #omgpage ]


grayson dolan everyone 🧸 ac: radiantdolns | cc: devilsruin | ib: l1216l | for haley, chloe, ariana, katy, hana, hinns, vale, celine and brooke [ #graysondolan #omgpage ]


twins x trends; da meme kings 🤡 — I forgot to add a wm so I added it on ccp KKSKS ac: deadaudio | cc: mine | for ally, justus, eli, j-l and gianna [ #graysondolan #ethandolan #omgpage ]


sucky velocity edit of a hot boy ac: greth.aep | cc: boca.aep | for destiney, nessa, calida, mishal, jen, sinem, gianna and everyone else who wanted one :) [ #graysondolan #omgpage ]


ethan’s traits 💟 ac: dippydolan (made the loop) | cc: mine | ib: dolanultra | for bente, laura, gianna, eli, hinns, nessa, kris, aida, justus & mishal [ #ethandolan #omgpage ]


grayson x colors ac: ethansvids | cc: maliexotic ib: rutiliantdolan | sc: imperiodylan | for aida, gianna, nessa, hinns, bianca, mishal and brooke [ #graysondolan #omgpage ] edit: YIKES THE QUALITY SKKSS


classic man | my audio cc: moodydol | sc: imperiodylan for mishal, ally, guevara, jade, hinns, mya & ella [ #graysondolan #omgpage ]


take some time and be with the ones you love 💌 | ac: marmadolande ib: wishfulfilms | cc: protectdolan dt: brooke, matie, clarissa, haley, nessa, brent, & amber [ #dolantwins #graysondolan #ethandolan ]


logging in | ac: me cc: protectdolan | ib: lustfuldols some shakes: imperiodylan dt: nessa, niya, ella, eli, and hinns [ #graysondolan #dolantwins ]


you only want what you can’t have storyline; there really isn’t one cause this edit doesn’t make sense but um yeah enjoy ig KSKSK ac: me (very edited!) | cc: maggsdior sc: imperiodylan | dt: freya, hinns, jas, lotte, chloe, mari, evelynn, kris & everyone else who wanted one ;) [ #ethandolan #dolantwins ]


you from the future au: so basically grayson sees his past self and his future self smiles, yeah this is bad so imma go- ac: me | cc: ?? | dt: hinns, nessa, ashley, daja, chloe, rachel, and ashley [ #graysondolan #dolantwins ]


that way ⤴️ ac/ib: wckd.dolans | cc: idk dt: nessa, hinns, eli, ella, mishal, and kris (NOT A PLOTWIST) [ #ethandolan #dolantwins ]


losing all my innocence ac: mine (give creds!) | cc: flirtydolan dt: angie, hinns, niya, nessa, yuliana, ella, mishal & sienna [ #graysondolan #ethandolan #dolantwins ]


obsessed with yourself 🌸 ac: mine | cc: dolanultra one shake: imperiodylan dt: mishal, calida, nessa, kris, haley, hinns and ella [ #graysondolan #dolantwins ]


welcome to mi casa 🥂 • i hate this sm the concept doesn’t even look like it’s there I- ac: mine | cc: flirtydolan | ib: revivaldolans dt: nessa, hinns, kris, eli, brizeyda, & mishal ( rip quality ) [ #graysondolan #ethandolan #dolantwins ]


the relationship that matters ♥️ • this is not a hate edit so please don’t attack ( also my transition so give cred is used <3 ) ac: theriverwolfsaudios (edited) cc: flirtydolan | dt: nina, gianna, jada, hinns, niya, and mishal [ #graysondolan #ethandolan #dolantwins ]

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