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Architect (WA) + sketch + film. Unlikely hand model. Occasional influencer.

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Five houses were on the AIA San Francisco Living Home Tours last month. One of them received the most positive comments. I photographed all of them on behalf of the @aiasf - I concur. This is the Nordic Victorian by @morkulnesarchitects - simple and cleanly detailed. #homely #hometours #archandcity


Behind the sketch - this is how I study the subject - pencil only, before layering the black ink // from my last class field trip. at San Francisco, California


Back to the original sketch demo location // live demonstration of the one point perspective techniques. #onepointperspective #fountainpen #skyline #sanfrancisco @monteverdepens_official @aaulandarch


Sometimes I photograph residential interiors. Sometimes, the smaller, the better. I’d make this my sleep/read area... would you?


I took my students here. Just like every semester, week 4. This was the live field demo I drew for them. All with my new @conklinpens_official #drawingclass #ferrybuilding #fountainpen at San Francisco Ferry Building


Old streets of Havana! A city that I still need to see, before it gets overcrowded with tourists and cars... shown here as a #onepointperspective - this has the power of drawing you in. Continuing to experiment with this pens @conklinpens_official - promising potential with this new set of tools!


Above the clouds, above them all. San Francisco has some really unique houses. Like this one by @john_maniscalco_architecture #architecture #architecturalphotography


First glimpse of my fountain pen collection! Or at least part of it! And the latest from @conklinpens_official. New video coming out tomorrow, YouTube included.


Doodling on a windy day in San Francisco. Join me next time - Fist weekend on the month - Oct 6 - Stanford University! at The Coit Tower


A place with a view. There are some good examples of top design - still, considerably few despite of the rising prices of property around the city. #architecturalphotography


On location: San Fran - part of a little tour I organized a few days ago. Anyone interested in joining next time? at Pizzelle di North Beach


Excited to be teaching again this semester! This is the warmup demo I have to my students last class. @aaulandarch

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