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Major🇮🇹Metropolitan🇫🇷Square🇨🇭 TV Host Ambassador to GreenFW, UNFCCC & Allcot Nature & travel lover living with a conscious & healthy life 🇸🇪🇨🇭🇮🇹🇦🇷🇩🇪🇬🇧

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Always good to spend some time in Paris when I used to live there during 2 years 🇫🇷 #parishautecouture2018 #beautyofparis #bisous at Paris, France


Memories from a fun day in the Italian mountains with my Argentine family #sledging at Forni di Sopra - Dolomiti


What I think of those audios? That it is up to nobody to judge because no one knows the truth of the situation (by the way Maxi has no social media accounts, @maxilopez10 or @gastonml20 and all other ones are fake!) and those audios tell a lot about how much my boyfriend has no respect anymore to her with all the things that have happened and are happening. With me, he does not use this kind of vocabulary and behavior. Just imagine yourself having no possibility to wish your kids Merry Christmas and that the only way to see them is to come to their school to take them in secret! These are just few and small facts of the situation. And it looks like that money and the law can’t help... I can confirm you that Maxi is and will always do his best for his kids! at Forni di Sopra - Dolomiti

In other words, Goals and Determination #thepowerofwords #wisewords


Welcome to the dinner of @cartier #sihh2018 @square_models_agency at Genève Aéroport


150 years @iwcwatches anniversary - beautiful Gala #IWC150 #sihh2018 Thank you @watchanish and @watchanishmagazine at Geneva Switzerland


Got some freckles today for @garnierfrance photo shooting in Paris #frecklesarecute @majormodelsmilan at Pin-Up


Early Morning in Milan #workcalling #sunriseviewfromhome #winter❄️ at Milan, Italy


Fashion Woman in the City #milanomensfashionweek #MFW #Menswear #fw18 Thank you @gennyofficial @guitarpressoffice @sharrapagano for the look and @enzodicaprio for the photo 💋 at Milan, Italy

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