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I'm one with the Force. The Force is with me. Gryffindor △⃒⃘ / Photographer / Speaker / Podcast Producer. Texas-Mexico based. [email protected]

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Uno muchas veces escucha a lo largo de la vida que la única constante del universo es el cambio, que hay que estar acostumbrados al cambio, y que el cambio siempre va a estar presente y sin embargo creo que nadie de nosotros estaba preparado para un cambio de la magnitud y escala de lo que estamos viendo, al menos yo, nunca estuve preparado para algo así. Este virus al día de hoy ya cambió por completo muchas estructuras de mi vida diaria, de mi persona y de mi negocio, hay muchas dudas y mucha incertidumbre, es cierto, sin embargo, no me queda más que rendirme al momento y a la situación y tomar el control de lo único que está en mi poder: mis decisiones, mi vida, mi búsqueda de paz interna para saber cuales son los pasos que hay que tomar de ahora en adelante. Uno a la vez. Ser valiente. Por supuesto que hay ratos de miedo y de angustia y de no verle fin a esto, cuando Citla me tomó esta foto hace 13 días, alas pocas horas de conocer la realidad que teníamos que afrontar si fuí víctima de pánico, de tristeza, de sentir que todo el trabajo de años se venía abajo y que no tenía soluciones incluso para las siguientes semanas. Y después, al paso de los días, aunque el mundo afuera seguía en caos, poco a poco llegaba la calma, casi nada estaba en mi poder, tenía que aceptar la situación, ver más hacia el interior, hacia el alma y hacia Dios. Estos días lo que me ha sacado a flote, es agradecer a Dios y la vida por todo, desde lo mundano hasta lo inverosímil, estos días han sido de encontrar la calma y el silencio en el interior porque me queda muy claro que ahí es donde vamos a encontrar claridad, paz y valentía. Ya lo sabemos, nada es para siempre, todo pasa y esto también pasará. No seremos abandonamos, vamos a volver a ver salir el sol. Fuerza para todos. #luzmexicana


May you always find an incredible red wall to let the magic flow :) #luzmexicana #danielaguilar #weddingdress #mexicowedding #weddinginspiration #weddinginspo #weddingcolors


Every once in a while a like to cover everything in white, let the light be the way it is and just have fun and experiment a bit :) Thanks Mariana for letting me photograph you! #weddingdress #wedding #weddinghat #luzmexicana #danielaguilar #ttd #mexicobride #bridalfashion #austinweddingphotographer #houstonweddingphotographer #bridalportraits #avena1 #weddinginspiration


Been wanting to post this incredible e.session for a while. Had the oportunity to shoot my friend Delisa’s engagement photos in awesome San Miguel de Allende a while ago and it was really a fun, cool experience. We got to spend a couple of days together just walking around the San Miguel streets, taking pictures in awesome corners and eating delicious food. I got to get to know my friend Delisa and Steph even better and for sure this was one of those photo trips that had even more value because I got to hang out with this beautiful couple as friends and not just as clients. Thanks for this opportunity!! Wedding photos coming soon! #luzmexicana #danielaguilar #engagementphotos #loveislove #loveisloveislove #sanmigueldeallendeweddings #preweddingphoto #texasgirls #austinweddingphotographer #houstonphotographer #destinationwedding #sma #starbucks #samesexmarriage


Deb and Mike really threw quite an incredible party for their wedding in @hacienda.sanpancho in beautiful Puerto Vallarta. This was for sure one of the most epic partys of 2019 and I didn’t want to let go the chance of posting a few of their wedding photos and for sure I’ll ve posting quite a few more in the coming days since 10 photos don’t really make justice of the incredibly fun experience that was photographing this wedding. Lots of color, laughs, sweat and dancing. It was an incredible night! As I said before, keep an eye for more to come! Thanks a million Deb and Mike! Thanks also to the incredible Cinthia from @emmotionsep for all her support during this wedding. Thanks so much!! Wedding Venue: @hacienda.sanpancho Wedding planner: Cinthia Ramírez @emmotionsep Guest Photographer: Andrea Chávez @luzytiempophotography #puertovallartawedding #vallartaweddings #destinationwedding #haciendasanpancho #ttd #dayaftersession #danielaguilar #luzmexicana #austinweddingphotographer #newyorkweddingphotographer #losangelesweddingphotographer #muchlove_ig #belovedweddings #beachwedding #mexicowedding


I’m reposting this photo from last week’s wedding just because I love it so much, sometimes at night I really like how the warm light can create a mood that can be easily killed by an Led light or even my own flashes. I just love this moment of Heather and James’ first dance and how all the mood of the light is red, warm and romantic. Sometimes I wish I could shoot a wedding without flash or leds and just see what happens. Hope you like this! Venue: @exhacienda.sanantonio Dj: @perfectplaylistmx #luzmexicana #firstdance #oaxaca #oaxacaweddings #romantic #emotionalwedding #weddingideas #weddingdecorations #weddinginspiration #haciendawedding #austinphotographer #mysticbride #danielaguilar #bodachingona #destinationwedding


This past Wednesday me and @citlalliricophotography had the huge luck to be part of Heather and Jame’s wedding in the unreal @exhacienda.sanantonio in Oaxaca. Heather and Jame’s wedding was almost like being in a pixar movie, surrounded by beauty, color, joy and emotion. This is a small preview of that magic Wednesday and again, we are so thankful to have met Heather and James and their wonderful family and group of friends. Not only we got to be part of such a beautiful day, we got to meet a couple that share the same love that Citla and I have for Oaxaca, Mexico and their food. Really thank you for letting us be part of this guys! Thanks a million! (Photos 5 & 9 from @citlalliricophotography ) Wedding Venue: @exhacienda.sanantonio Flower design: @pineandpetal Delicious food: @susanatrilling Awesome DJ: @perfectplaylistmx #oaxaca #oaxacawedding #luzmexicana #weddingdecor #weddingdress #weddinginspiration #danielaguilar #austinweddingphotographer #weddingbouquet #mexicowedding #weddingideas #bridetobe #realweddingmagazine


I am so thankful to the community of @inspirationphotographers_ for recognizing six of my images in their latest collection of awards. This is a fantastic way to start this 2020 and always a nice remainder that you are going in the right direction with your work. Thank you Inspiration Photographers, you really made my day! I’m also very happy because this images have never been awarded before and it is incredible for me that a group of judges found the worth a recognition. Thank you guys! Also thank you Julie, Maye, Pau, Chio and Stacy for trusting me with your wedding images, I’ll forever thank you!! Let’s keep rocking this 2020!! #inspirationphotographers #photoawards #luzmexicana #danielaguilar #austinweddingphotographer #chicagoweddings #weddinginspiration #mty #mtyweddings #ensenadawedding #haciendaviborillas


About to start my wedding season in a few days. Very pumped and excited for that one, there’s always a very nice and special vibe for the first one of the season and I hope all the weddings for all this 2020 are awesome. Look forward to share with all of you the images that I can get from this first wedding soon! #weddinginspiration #haciendaweddings #guadalajarawedding #destinationwedding #danielaguilar #luzmexicana #austinweddingphotographer #texasweddingphotographer #coolbride


This 2020 I’ll start sharing a few of my fav images from my portrait work, here is my first set! #danielaguilar #portrait #cdmx #retrato #noflash #luzmexicana


So where do we go do a workshop? Looking for ideas for this 2020 for new places and meet new awesome photographers. Let me know! En dónde armamos el próximo taller!? Estamos pensando en ideas para ir a nuevos lugares y conocer más gente maravillosa este 2020. Cuéntenme sus sugerencias y se arma! #luzmexicana #photoworkshop #danielaguilar #photoeducation


A little bit late, but finally got the time to make the first post of 2020!! Wow, where to start? It’s been a bit of an emotional rollercoaster these few couple of weeks of this new year. I had a pretty busy begining of the year with a super cool wedding in McAllen, Texas, followed by the awesome Friends of Fearless conference held in Austin, TX a few days ago. These couple of experieces have already taught me a lot and gave me lots to think about and reflect about my career and my work but also I’m very thankful and happy that I got to get busy right after the year started and I’m very confident that this year will be filled with more great proyects. So far, 2020 has bean a great teaching experience :) Also I again want to say Thanks!!! To all of you who follow my posts and read me and like my work, comment, share, hire me to photograph you or attend a workshop or talk that I give, you are a huge part of me still doing this after so many years of photographing weddings, you are a big motivation to look back every time there are hard times in this profession, your support is solid gold for me. Thank you! I hope this is an awesome year for all of you as well!! Let’s rock this 2020! #monterrey #luzmexicana #chipinque #bodachipinque #mexicowedding #weddingmty #danielaguilar #newyear #hotelchipinque