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🇧🇷Brazilian 📍France 🎶International Trevor James Flutes artist ⛰Nature lover 🌎Adventure addict #flute #classicalmusic #photography GIVEAWAY ⬇️

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Who knows @gioflute !? Because this guy is 30 today 😁! Please do wish him a happy birthday as he is the sweetest person! (Even though sometimes I admit I want to punch him).. * * * Gio and I first met when he made a trip to Europe last year :) met in London for lunch with @tjflutes and then literally sprinted to catch our train to Paris (we very nearly missed it 😬 not the first impression I wanted to give...) * * * Since then we have lots of great times and I’m really glad to have him as a friend ☺️ * * So I’m sharing this video we did when he was in Paris! There is another one coming soon (if you pester him about it I will love you forever btw!) 😂 * * * Wishing you and @gioflute a fantastic day ☺️❤️ at Paris, France


Who here has visited my country? (Brazil!) I miss it but am not so optimistic about it’s political/economic situation and it saddens me :( * * * This photo was originally shared on my other account @dani.from.mars And was taken last time I was there... Summer 2017... can’t wait to go back this winter. * * Hope you have a fantastic day!! ❤️🇧🇷❤️🇧🇷 at Brazil


Flutists do you have a favourite Mozart quartet? Here is a memory from last summer! ☺️☺️ I really enjoyed playing this one! * * * Bipolar weather in Paris today, but as long as it’s not too cold I’m happy! 😁* * * The link to the video of the full performance on my bio! * * * Hope you had an awesome day 😁❤️ let me know in the comments if you’ve ever played this quartet too! at Toulouse, France


Liebestod... from what opera is it from? It’s one of my favourite arias ever... probably a draw with “Wotan’s farewell”... * * * A long long teaching day today... but soon it will be the holidays! In 9 days to be exact... not that I’m counting ;) * * * What have you been up to today? Hope you had a great day ☺️🤗 at Paris, France


Can you guess if those are leaves or flowers ? Those who follow @dani.from.mars have already seen this photo :) * * * This tree is called Ipê amarelo, and it’s flowers blossom during the dry season, (Brazil’s winter). It’s one of my favourite trees.. * * While the surrounding terrain is completely dry, without having seen rain for weeks.. this tree is covered with flowers... it also comes in purple, white and pink ! * * Are you guys a nature lover? Do you have a favourite tree? Let me know in the comments and hope you had a wonderful day ! @dani.from.mars ❤️ at Goianira, Goias, Brazil


How has your Monday been? Mine was a bass flute kind of day... * * * This weekend I rehearsed some Brazilian music to get ready for a gig next week! I love singing/playing bossa nova :) * * Other than that it was pretty uneventful ;) how was your weekend ?hope you had a great one and will have a great week ahead !! :) bass flute by @tjflutes at Europe/Paris


Question for the flutists: do you prefer gold or silver? Or platinum? Or wood?? Plastic?? ;) * * This is another shot with the magical flute by @johnlunnflutes and the shot is by @alfonso_sjogreen ☺️ you can find this gorgeous flute at the @flutecenterofny ❤️ * * As always... wishing you a great day! ❤️ btw is you guys use the code: DANI at checkout you’ll get free international shipping ;) at Flute Center of New York


Do you guys know any duos for flute and cello? 😁😁 this girl is one of my best friends and I love playing with her! * * * So great to play music with friends!☺️it’s starting to get cold in Paris and I’m really not looking forward to winter.... * * Let me know in the comment section if you know any cool duets for flute and cello and I hope you had a great day ❤️ at Paris, France


Bonjour! ☺️ qu’est que vous mangez pour commencer la semaine? What do you eat to start your week? @mymuesli.fr * * * I woke up feeling very optimistic! I think it will be a great week 💪! Hope you’re feeling energised too! 🤗 * * Si vous habitez en France va sur le lien: https://fr.mymuesli.com/danielamarsflute pour recevoir un cadeau!! ☺️☺️ * * If you live in France go to the link: https://fr.mymuesli.com/danielamarsflute to receive a special gift! at Paris, France


What’s your Sunday mood? Today I had the absolute pleasure of meeting @helene_boulegue_flute In Paris !! * * * I really had a lovely time, she is such a lovely person and amazing musician.. make sure to check out her profile!!! @helene_boulegue_flute * * * I’m going to sound like such an “instagramer” but the conversation was so good that I forgot to take a photo 😂😂 * * * What have you been up to today? Hope you had a lovely Sunday ! ☺️😍 at Paris, France


Bonjour! Pink Granola aujourd’hui ! Et quel est le nom de ce Pokémon? 😉 * * * Pink granola today! And.. who’s that Pokemon? 😉 have a great day!! ❤️ at Paris, France


Do you agree with the quote “don’t look back” ? How about “Don’t look down” ? 😮 * * * I woke up feeling really grateful today, and now I’m on my way to the south of France with the lovely @morgan.pappas for a mini hike/swim/camping trip 😍 * * * Have a wonderful Sunday!! ☺️ at Kjerag


You that feeling when you’ve been working on a project for a while? and you’d love to get it done but things keep coming up? * * * Well that’s where I am right now and it can be sooo frustrating... luckily I’m meeting with @funny.legs soon to share my frustration with him 😂😂 isn’t that what friends are for?? * * * I should just be patient.. as sometimes things do take time and it’s just not worth stressing about it... * * Are any of you in a Similar situation? * * Anyway, mini rant over!! Wishing you a wonderful weekend! ☺️❤️ at Paris, France


Miss being above these clouds.. ☁️ good night! ☺️☺️ at Preikestolen Lysefjorden


GIVEAWAY!!! So who has heard of the vibrating metronome by @soundbrenner ?? There is a special giveaway for those who follow me! Swipe left to see what you would win!! (The video is really badass btw!) * * * Some facts about this metronome: •Soundbrenner Core, is a 4-in-1 Smart Music Tool that you can wear •It features your everyday watch plus your essential music tools including a vibrating metronome, magnetic twist tuner, and a decibel meter. •You can now keep your tools with you in one place no matter where you go, and always be prepared •Launching on Kickstarter in October 2nd so make sure to check it out * * So for my followers: They’re offering an exclusive giveaway of the Core that you can sign up for by visiting this link (https://www.soundbrenner.com/exclusive-giveaway) and signing up to their mailing list •Signing up also means you will be guaranteed a spot to purchase the Core at 20% off during Kickstarter. * * What do you guys think? :) as always I hope you had a wonderful day and if you have any questions feel free to DM me or @soundbrenner ❤️❤️❤️ at Paris, France


Quiz of the day: what is this flute made out of??? 😁 Glass? Crystal? Or plastic?? You can find this one of a kind flute at the @flutecenterofny ! * * * * Let me know if you’d like more info on it and I’ll post about it next week ! (as it really is a special flute 😉 )hope you all had a great day 😁😁 at Flute Center of New York


Is it bad I’m posting the same photo again 😬 ? Its because I adore @funny.legs preset and the colours he uses! So when I saw his version I asked him to send it to me ☺️ * * * There are lots of things I want to work on with him this year! Hopefully we will both have the time 😁😁 * * Wishing you a wonderful Monday! ❤️ at Lyon, France


Quelles sont les ingrédients que j’ai choisi pour mon @mymuesli.fr personnalisé ? What are the ingredients I chose for my @mymuesli ? Can you tell? 😁😁 * * * Let me know in the comment section bellow and hope you have a lovely day ☺️❤️ at Paris, France

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