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🇧🇷Brazilian 📍France 🎶International Trevor James Flutes artist ⛰Nature lover 🌎Adventure addict #flute #classicalmusic #photography Hear me play ⬇️

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Did I succeed in imitating Lyon’s street art? 😁 Tomorrow I will be travelling to.... can you guess where? ****************** I will give you a clue: it’s the country where I filmed my cover of “Lugias song” (up on YouTube!) ****************** I have so much to do that it’s making me stressed! So right now I’m in my bed listening to “meditation music” on YouTube **************** and just taking a break before I go back to packing/answering emails! Hope you all had a great day ☺️😘 Dress: @blackmilkclothing


Comment if you get the joke 😂😁! Hope you all had a great day ❤️


Who loves the harp? ☺️ here’s another piece that was sent to Olivia and I ! What do you guys think? @15secondharp ***************** The composer is Caroline Temple! @caroline_temple_ and we were both very happy to play her music ☺️👏 ****************** Olivia is a wonderful harpist and person, plus she also loves new music(obviously!)so make sure to follow her on @15secondharp !! ****************** Hope you all had a fantastic day and let me know what you thought of this piece 😉😘❤️ *************** Bass flute from @tjflutes Harp @15secondharp Composer: @caroline_temple_ at London, United Kingdom


What are your summer plans? ☺️ anything musical? I have an exciting one coming up and will let you guys know sooon!! ****************** Photo taken by @funny.legs on the streets of Lyon! I really adore this city so much! ☺️❤️ ****************** Today is the 14th of July so there are maaany fireworks in Paris! But since I have an early train to catch tomorrow I’m staying in 😬 **************** Hope you all had a lovely day! ❤️


Are you a dark chocolate or milk chocolate lover? Préférez vous du chocolat noir ou au lait ? Or white chocolate? ******************** I used to only like milk chocolate but now I really prefer dark! 😍especially with nuts ☺️ ********************* Hehe I promise I’m not only eating chocolate today! I just found these tablets by @mrchocolat.paris So instagramable! ********************** If you’re ever in Paris go check them out! Not only do they make great chocolate the people who work there are super nice! ☺️ ********************** Hope you have a great start to the day! Bonne journée 😘


What happens when you get asked during a photoshoot if you want to wear a @kenzo kimono/coat?!! 😍😍😍 "yes please!" *********************** Wish I could have taken it with me, it's absolutely gorgeous ! *********************** Got some inspiration from the magical photos by @zemotion a photographer I've been following for a few years now!!if you guys don't know her work please check it out, she's SO talented! *********************** This photo however, was taken by another extremely talented photographer: @christophe.madamour !! ☺️☺️ *********************** Hope you all had a great day! 😘


Who else likes eating breakfast food at night? And What do you think of the new questions feature on Instagram?? I really enjoyed answering your questions ☺️ and would love to continue answering but ont other account: @dani.from.mars ! ********************** So if you guys do have other questions ask here: @dani.from.mars @dani.from.mars @dani.from.mars ********************** Today I woke up to @mymuesli.fr of course ;) it’s breakfast food but sometimes I even eat it at night! ********************** Hope you have a great start to the day! ❤️❤️❤️


How was your Sunday? It’s boiling in Paris so these definitely are not appropriate clothes!! 😬 This was published a while ago but only just got it through the post yesterday! ****************** Thanks to @revistastile for the feature!! Muito obrigada!! ☺️❤️ ****************** Hope you had a fantastic day ❤️ ****************** The photo in this magazine was taken by @funny.legs !


Where am I? Clue: it’s a city in the east of France 😁 ****************** I was in Germany with my brother yesterday but we will be travelling back to Paris tomorrow! ****************** Quite disappointed that Brazil is out of the World Cup ☹️🇧🇷 but never mind! I think England vs France will be a big match! ******************* Hope you had an amazing day! ❤️


What do you think of this mix? Watch @bristonwatches Dress @pacorabanne Bodysuit @blackmilkclothing ************************ It's always a pleasure to work with @christophe.madamour !! ☺️☺️this was taken earlier this year for @bristonwatches ! ************************ They have some really lovely watches go check them out! And you can always use my code DANIELA15 to get 15% discount 😁😁 ************************* Now if you excuse me I have to go and watch Brazil play against Belgium!! How do you think will win?! 🤞 ************* Hope you had a great day!


What's your favourite colour? Mine is acutely green 😂🌲🌳🍀 even though there is a pink overload in this photo! 🌸🌷🌸🌷🌸 ****************** Taken at the @elan_cafe just after I filmed the flower duet video there.. have you seen it yet? ☺️ ****************** Thanks to my brother @alecm_ng for the photo!! It has taken years of persuasion for him to take photos of me without me having to beg 😂😂 ****************** He has just arrived from England and will stay with me for just over a week ☺️! So happy about that! ****************** Hope you all had a great day!! ☺️🤗 at Élan Cafe


Would you eat this? Not a flute pic but isn't this salad Instagram worthy?! 😍😍 ********************* My dad took me to the @restaurantmesa last night and had their 33 flowers and herbs salad! Looks like a flower bouquet but it was absolutely amazing!!! 😍😍 ********************* They have great options for vegetarians!! 😃😁 ********************* So would you eat this? Too pretty to eat?! 😉 at Restaurant mesa


It's my birthdaaaay 😁 how do you feel about birthdays? Do you like celebrating yours? Or just have a quiet day? ************************** I'm not celebrating mine today, will be celebrating in a few days when I'm back in France. ************************** Photo by @funny.legs ! Hope you all had a fantastic day ☺️❤️


How did you spend your Sunday? Mine was practically all spent outdoors hiking/climbing/etc. *********************** Do you know what that means?! That this photo is a LIE 😂😂there was practically NO flute today(I only did some scales..) ********************** But sometimes we need days like that right? Take a break from the flute and adventure out in nature. It's where I feel my best. Usually i take my flute on my hikes but not this time . *********************** Check my stories to see what I got up to! Hope you all had a great day too! ☺️🤗❤️


Who agrees that life is just crazy? Who loves brazilian music? 😃 what a special special night this was! Like a dream to perform next to @carlos_malta_oficial !! 😁❤️ Seriously couldn't believe it! ************************ Carlos Malta is a fantastic musician and he actually sent me one of his pieces for the #marsbassfluteproject ! That's how we got in touch and since he had a show in Paris he invited me to play that piece with him! Insane! *********************** The audio quality isn't great and I apologise for that, you can see the full video on my YouTube channel :) ************************ For those of you who don't know Carlos's music then please do check it out you won't regret it ☺️☺️ ************************ Hope you all had a fantastic day! ☺️❤️ this piece is called "Tudo Azul" and my bass flute is by @tjflutes 😁


Bonjour! Good morning! What's your favourite meal of the day? ☺️☺️ I'm so glad you guys liked my last video! I don't think I've ever received so many comments!! Thank you so much! ****************** This morning I'm starting the day with @mymuesli.fr @caveandcoconut , @sojasun_officiel and some @picspeanutbutter 😍😍very energetic!! ******************** Hope you have a great start to the day! 😁❤️


Name the piece and tell me how you'd describe this place? Wonderland? Dreamy? A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of going to @elan_cafe in London and film there! ******************** It really is a gorgeous cafe and I'd really recommend you to try it out if you're ever in London! (It's also the most instagramable café I've ever been to!) ******************** Do you guys like when I do videos like this? Or do you prefer the classic video with a score underneath? ********************* I'm actually quite a nerd and love making videos so if you guys do enjoy it that's great! 😁😁 ********************** Big thank you to the gorgeous and badass @alexmiller_elan for making this possible! ❤️Hope you all had a great day! Lots of love ❤️❤️ @classicfm


2 questions: who's eyes are those above me? And is there life on Mars? 😉 the second question is a big clue huh? + + + Wanted to take a moment to thank you all again for the amount of messages I received and as I said in my stories I will answer you all! + + + I really feel lucky to receive such support from you guys! You're all lovely! + + Hope you have a great day and let's hope Brazil wins tonight 😉🇧🇷

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