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Brazilian Flutist in France 🇧🇷🇫🇷 TJ flutes artist 🎼🎶 tumblr: soyouwanttoplaytheflute 😉 See me play ⬇️

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It’s mornings that I wake up to 4°C that I miss Brazil! 😆at least it’s Friday!! Any musical plans? I’m going to see one of my best friends perform Swan Lake!! 😍😍 Wishing you a great weekend!


Throwback Thursday! Who loves French music? And more specifically.. who loves Ravel? (Played on my @tjflutes Bass flute!) * * * Want to know what else is so French? STRIKES! My train ticket was cancelled and it took me forever to get back home... * * * But I still love living here :) hope your day wasn’t disturbed with any strikes 😉😆 * * * By the way you can find the full version on my YouTube channel ☺️ just search for Daniela Mars flute! Or click on the link on my bio 😘 would mean the world to me if you subscribed!


When was the last time you had a magical encounter? ☺️


Caption this? 😂 for me it’s my *I have no idea what I’m doing* face


Sunday mood... what does your Sunday look like? (Bass flute from @tjflutes )


Coming soon... (Said the queen of procrastinating) who else is catching up on overdue projects this weekend?!


Where do you think this picture was taken? Vibe now: Wondering and wandering... good night!!


Who likes Brazilian music? And who has seen the video I made with @gioflute ? ☺️ here’s a moment from that day, was so much fun ! * * * I really miss playing Brazilian music, it makes me feel closer to home ☺️☺️ (even if it is 4°C outside!!) as you can see we switched our @tjflutes For this collab 😆 * * * For those not yet following @gioflute go check him out! Not only a great musician but a heart of gold ! Hope you all had a lovely day! at Paris, France


8th entry by Jenny Antônia! @jenlauraantonia 😍 what do you guys think of this entry for the #marsbassfluteproject ?? let me know in the comments! * * * * This week I didn’t have much time to record that’s why I could only post one entry... but I’m not complaining! It’s good to be busy right? * * And it’s Friday!! Have a great weekend ☺️☺️☺️ at Ile-de-France, France


Happy women’s day!! Comment below which woman inspires you? I’m really interested in reading your answers!! * * * I can’t help but feel nostalgic of the times in this quartet! So much fun with these girls @marimatsuflute @lalunaformosa @barbaramegyeri !! * * * * Hope you all have a great day ☺️☺️


MULTIPHONICS! Or at least trying 😂..a way too real “work in progress” video for the #marsbassfluteproject ! * * * * Have to practice my multiphonics on the bass flute for an upcoming recording of a piece by @rafortaleza89 * * * Who here likes new music? How about extended flute techniques such as multiphonics? 😆😆


Pensive.. how did your week start? I’ve been trying to catch up with all the things that I’ve been procrastinating... * * * * Speaking of which.. if anyone has any tips on how to stop procrastinating let me know in the comments!! 🤗 * * * Photo for @roupariafriperie


Guys!!!! This is the most impressive fan art I’ve ever received!!!! 😍 check my stories and let me know what you think? * * * * * I’m honestly constantly surprised by the kindness of people... this artist is called Peter Brandt, he doesn’t have an Instagram account but his website is: peterbrandt.com.au * * * he sent this to me all the way from Australia and even put two little koalas in the package!! 😮❤️ * * * * I honesty thought I was going to receive an A4 paper.. had no idea it was this big, on cloth and made from pastel! Check my stories for the original photo ☺️ * * * What do you guys think of his work? ☺️ let me know in the comments !


Isolden’s Liebestod... ☺️ who knows This gorgeous piece?


We switched flutes!😃 me on Gio’s @tjflutes and he’s playing my @tjflutes bass flute!! * * * This was recorded a few months ago when @gioflute was in France! It was so much fun having him round 😃 must happen again soon! * * * * This mind of Brazilian music is called chorinho and the name of the piece is “Doce de Coco”! Have you guys ever played Chorinho? What do you think is this piece? 😁 let me know in the comment section and hope you had a great day! 🤗


Pensive Monday... how was yours?? Photo by the one and only @funny.legs !! * * * * Can’t wait to see him this week! Lots of exciting projects coming up! Hope you all had a great start to the week :)


Number 7!! What do you think of this composition by @gabriel_iwasaki_official ?! * * * * * * He’s a Peruvian Composer, Pianist, orchestrator and music producer based in Lima! * * * * Recorded on my @tjflutes bass flute! Hope you like this entry to the #marsbassfluteproject and have a wonderful Sunday ❤️😃


Colours 🦄. Too many or just right? Missing my London moments with my brother @alecm_ng ❤️

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