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Brazilian Flutist in France 🇧🇷🇫🇷 TJ flutes artist 🎼🎶 tumblr: soyouwanttoplaytheflute 😉 See me play ⬇️

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Who can guess from which Disney film this is from? the photo behind me is a clue actually! 🌴🌱🐵 let me know in the comments!😁 bass flute by @tjflutes


Practicing in Paris... soon @eirikflute will be here too! 😁 can’t wait ! 🌌🌠 bonne nuit!!


Since you seemed to like Telemann on my @tjflutes bass flute.. here is some more! 😁let me know what you think !


Mermaid mood... Sunday mood... ☺️🧜‍♀️ who else is practicing this Sunday?


Paris.. and one of those days where nothing seems to work flutewise.. what to do when you’re having a bad practice day?


Was published a while ago but only just saw the physical copy of the article @tjflutes wrote on the flute magasine Pan! 😁 Lovely to be featured alongside @arianaflute @klarissimaflute @alexaflute @bevaniflute @ginalucianiflute @katieflute and even @thelittleredcup made an appearance 😉


Starry night... bonne nuit ! 🌙


It was another cloudy/rainy day but I have the best Flatmate’s ever so I don’t care☺️ feeling very grateful today! How about you? 🤗 dress: @blackmilkclothing


Did you know @thelittleredcup is doing a giveaway?! If you want to win it’s relative check out it’s giveaway post! 😃 #littleredcup2 @eftihiav.arkoudis


what do you think of Telemann on the bass flute? Cool or blasphemy ?! 🤭 played on my @tjflutes bass flute ☺️☺️


Unfortunately it’s not warm enough to wear dresses.. how about where you are ? (Pic with my @tjflutes bass flute! 😍)


Christmas is near !! 5 days!!🎄🎄🎄 And this chocolate is sooo addictive ! Who here has tried them before ? 😁


Who can guess in which country this was taken in? Clue: it’s where @eirikflute is from!! (Can’t wait to have him visit me in January!!!) 😍😁


@bjork released a gorgeous new album a few weeks ago... I’m continuously amazed by her art.. here is a short #tb of a cover I made of her song - Unravel. Played on my gorgeous @tjflutes bass flute. Hope you enjoy it ☺️ you can find the full version on YouTube !


Sunday mood... with Wagner and his Liebestod. ☺️☺️ who else loves this piece ?


Who has travelled without their instrument and felt a bit... anxious? Haha! I’ve decided to take a w.e off and have this feeling.. anyone else? 😬😁


Dancing... Some photos from a few months ago with @funny.legs at the @mba_lyon


After years of begging... my brother finally agrees to take a photo of me with my flute 😂 maybe he should do it more often?😉 seems to have a good eye!

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