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Amanecer con amigos ⛺️ @joacophe fotazo! at Camp La Llanada


Galaxy gazing 🚀 @johnruzphotography at Camp La Llanada




For years and years and years We evolve from our center Some years are shadowed Some years are broken All years are in circular motion We evolve from our center We root and we reach Sometimes we compete Sometimes we experience defeat All times we still try to root and still try to reach at Sequoia National Park, California


Find your flow ft. Maya and @drexlerjorge 💦


“We each have to start where we are, yet there is no limit to growth”🚀 Living in the Truth of the Present Moment ~ D.R. Butler


Tanto que me hace bien, desaparecerme en las montañas, encontrar una cascada y sumergirme en la natura pura 💚💦 finding solace in solitude🧞‍♀️ at Tokopah Falls


Olaf’s Summer song single cover shot by @bridgetism 🌈💦 at Los Angeles, California


Esos domingos ricos en familia 🤗


Take today to think about what trail you’re on. Do you want to adjust? Was it chosen by you or by someone else? Did you have expectations for this trail? Pause. Become aware. Listen to your innermost energy. Adjust if you need to. Do things for your well-being, so that you can build the abundance to do things for other’s. Drop expectations and instead breathe it in as learning lessons. And if you’re feeling lost, the best way to find your true self is to get lost in nature. Our world has all the answers embedded in her💚 #pauseforpospsyc at Sierra Nevada


(2, 3, & 4/ LIFE) Hiking teaches you: A) a growth mindset will allow you to keep going even if you have blisters🚀 B) having a goal and accomplishing it is mega rewarding- be proud of yourself💪🏽 C) stop and smell all the roses you want to smell, listen to the bird songs, taste the crisp air, gaze at the view, take it all in. The moment can be gone in a heartbeat 💖 D) you don’t need a GPS or a WiFi signal to get to where you want to go. All you need is the courage to ask a friendly stranger a question, wisdom to follow your instincts, and kindness and humor when you f**k up and have to retrace your steps 🐣🧞‍♀️🤗 Pitched up my @kammok read “A Nietzsche Reader” and said THANK YOU at Pear Lake


(1/LIFE) Did you know, that Sequoias are the largest, but not tallest, trees in the world!? Did you know that they’re not only resistant to fire, but also need fire to germinate?! Did you know that hugging one gives you thousands of years of joy!? HEART FULL, MIND FULL💚 at Giant Forest


After some delicious food, sweet fermented grape juice, and dad jokes by @marieegonzalez 🍇 at Malibu, California


Hello hello hey hello hello 💙 at El Matador Beach


Que viva la manzana! @smokingroovesfest at The Queen Mary


Turned out walk cause I’m a ballerina🧚🏼‍♀️ at Chinatown, Los Angeles


Went to go visit a mermaid in the mountains. We followed our intuition and helped each other when needed, and because of this, we also found the perfect spot to set up the hammock and chhhhiiiiiiiilllllll #natureandchill 🌲💖🦎🌸🧞‍♀️✨ at Griffith Observatory


HEJ LA! at Melrose Avenue

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