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THANK YOU TO ALL! I’m so exited that I’m close to $5k for this project. I feel incredibly blessed that you have brought me this far and believed in this music. I’m so exited to actually start this thing. If you’re looking for a tax deductible donation for the end of the year, do it tonight! I still need a few more donations to take this project even further. There is a link in my profile and you can read why I’m doing this project, why I need your help to get me to this next step in ministry, and listen to two demos! Hope you all have an amazing New Years Eve! 🎉❤️


So one day, the church I grew up in lost its youth group and programs. So my parents encouraged me to go and visit First Presbyterian Church of Bethlehem (now Grace Church...they sponsored and helped our small Arabic congregation back in the day). I went for the first time on their youth group kick off day in September of 2002, and I met a very unique person, Bruce Bowen. Bruce, a large and jolly fellow, automatically started making jokes and loved telling me I walked like an Egyptian. I learned that he played guitar and loved music as much as I did. He welcomed me with open arms and asked me to join the youth worship team, and taught me how to grow in my gifts spiritually. He challenged me, and gave me leadership positions that disciplined me. There was even a time I disappeared from church sophomore year, but he reigned me back in Junior year. After graduating high school and moving to college, I always loved looking for him at church when I was home. If he was there, I sat next to him (and so did all of the other Bruce Bowen fans). Bruce is a special person and loved by so many of us. He knew how to encourage youth and help find the spark that made each and one of us unique. I’m sad I lost touch with him over the past few years, but I know deep inside he is proud of each of his youth kids that he worked with. He was our youth group dad in a way. And I know all of us are feeling so much more and beyond today. Bruce, you made it to heaven. Today reminds me that there is no fear in death, especially when you have a guy like Bruce who is in the arms of Jesus. We’ll have a wonderful reunion one day, brother. “He will swallow up death forever; and the Lord GOD will wipe away tears from all faces, and the reproach of his people he will take away from all the earth, for the LORD has spoken.” -Isaiah 25:8 I chose this photo because it speaks there is no end with living water (and listening to David Crowder because Bruce was crazy about Crowder when I was in High School). ❤️


Just wanted to let you all know some of my favorite essential oils. I’m not an avid user, but when I use them, they always come at the right time. Here are three of my favorites this season: Thieves, Eucalyptus and Valor. Each serve a different purpose in times of need. I roll thieves on the bottoms of my feet when I feel a cold coming on — I say 90% of the time it works! I use eucalyptus in my diffuser when I have a horrible sinus infection (trust me, when I get them, they’re bad)... and valor for a variety of reasons — muscle pain, aches — I rub that on my spine. I still am learning a lot from oils, but if you’re ever interested in getting into them get in touch with my good friend Hannah (@hannahbethwhalen ) —- she got me into the world of oils, and I love supporting her business. If you’re not sure where to start, just shoot her a message and she will walk you through it. Hannah’s passion is helping people, and she’s fantastic at it. So send her a message or give her a follow! #youngliving #essentialoils


Today my heart sings @joshbaldwin ‘s song “You Deserve it All.” I’ve been facing some tough decisions lately, and searching for peace. Please pray with me. I’m also feeling very determined to finish my EP, and start recording it this January. There are songs that need to be sung, and I’m facing a large trial in front of me not related to this.... but I’m doing a fundraiser tomorrow selling fair trade items from Kolkata, India at my house from 6-8pm at my house (message me for my address) and at the L24 brunch this Sunday. Link in profile for my project info. “With every breath that’s in my lungs, my heart cries out to You belongs the glory. Through every loss or victory, my soul will rise to only bring You glory.” Ahhhh, everything my heart is singing today. ❤️


Hi friends! I have in stock 25 blanket throws and 35 scarves from ConneXions, an organization that empowers women in fair trade craft goods in Kolkata, India. I’m selling these to help me finish my fundraising for the rest of my musical EP, “The Head and Heart.” A throw is $65, and a scarf is $25. These are made from recycled saris, each one unique with their own story to tell, hand stitched (known as kantha). Come to my house on Friday, November 30 from 6-8pm (Stop ANYTIME), or get some at the L24 Collective Brunch (@l24collective) on Sunday, December 2 (11am-1pm — stop anytime) in Bethlehem. Also I’ll be selling my client’s coffee too (@backyardbeanscoffee) — so if you need to get your hands on some good coffee roasts, I’ll have them! If you need addresses, please message me. Also let me know if you do plan on coming over, so I can get an idea of a head count. These make really beautiful Christmas presents… you’d be supporting women in fair trade, plus my musical project! If you need more details about my project, there is a link in my profile for more information. For those of you who are not local, I’ll be posting blankets and scarves in my stories starting next week, if you see anything you like — message me, and we’ll work on the shipping! Happy Thanksgiving everyone! And thanks for supporting my project.


So sad to miss this years @reality_retreat — praying, thinking, and dreaming with you guys. Have a wonderful weekend. And I’m totally missing my Mouse Rat crew. 😆@jburgos925 @b_kite @jasondechristopher @trusty_and_true @kite_dani @mindifer @thomashoustonphoto


Awesome time at @photoplusexpo yesterday! I never enter contests but I’m entering this one! 🍾 @lumixusa #photoplusexpo #bestbuyphotosweepstakes




An a-cappella version of Jesus Loves Me requested by @simeonharrar —- we were both youth leader intern in crimes back in the day. Simeon, this is what you get and I’m not doing the other song you requested. 😆 I’m still raising funds for my EP, the head and heart. Link in my profile for more info. All donations are tax deductible. #jesuslovesme


Dug out a tape recorder someone gifted me in middle school so I could make music. Now my kids get it, and J is loving it. I’m proud they know what a tape is too. 😆


Perfect evening for this song while the kids play. “Eyes on You” by @mosaicmsc and @mariahmcmanus —- this wasn’t requested by anyone for my fundraising campaign for my EP (link in profile for more info), but I had this song on repeat all day at work, and just needed to end the day on this note. #music #eyesonyou #mosiacmsc #ep


In Christ Alone — requested by @foxandfinchvintagerentals — here is one minute of the request because Instagram only allows one minute (but I put the full one on Instagram TV). I recorded a bunch of the requests you guys made to keep up with fundraising for my EP, the Head and Heart. Here starts with the first batch of song requests. So far I’ve raised $2,300– and to finally start pre-production on the EP I’d like to get to $4k in order to do so. More details on how to donate with the link on my profile. Thanks for the help! #inchristalone #ep #fundraising


WATCH AND LISTEN TO SKULLS AND BONES. My sister, @charlsava , released another single in Cairo, Egypt and she asked me to make her lyric video over the summer. Artwork made by @nailamareistudio — which made animating this video 👌🏽 for me. @nprmusic you gotta take a listen to this music being made in the heart of Cairo, Egypt. Listen to the full song and more when you visit Charls Ava’s instagram: @charlsava

Sometimes I feel stuck creatively. Sometimes I doubt if my creative expression is even heard. Or I’m not allowing myself to actually do what I’m called because others have walked in and completely taken over and my voice wasn’t given a chance. I want quieter moments in creativity and reflection. I want rest that takes me to be a better wife, mother, and friend. There is so much that distracts me from what is most important, and then my expression is brought down. My body easily tires. My prayer today comes from the song “Defender” by @ritaspringer - ‘when I thought I lost me, You knew where I left me. You reintroduced me to your love. You picked up all my pieces, put me back together. You are the defender of my heart.’ I also read this blog post today that she wrote a year ago and it hits the spot. “God is stirring the waters of creative expression. He is moving on the arts and calling people to rise up and speak life into what they do. Be careful how you speak the doubts over your abilities. Turn the music up. Dream without a ceiling. Color your life with words of hope and not words of death and doubt. The Creator is stirring hearts to speak a language He himself designed. He is up to something wonderful.”


Writing, singing and growing. This has been my past couple of years growing into a disciple. Yesterday I made it to 30% of my goal, and I am so grateful for all of you who have helped me raise the funds needed so far to complete my project. To make things fun, I need some worship song requests from you all and I’ll start recording some acoustic videos either by myself or with special guests. Put your requests in the comments and I’ll start recording! If you’d like to know more details about my project visit the link in my profile for my story and why I’m doing this. Thanks so much for all the support! 📸: @b_kite


I.lost.it.this.morning. First day of kindergarten AND their 6th birthday. I think we were all nervous and excited all at the same time that we waited for the bus 20 minutes early. I can’t wait to hug them after school today.


Saying good-bye to my twenties today. Some great things happened in those ten years that shaped me for who I am today. It started with meeting Ariel while I lived in Philly and was attending Drexel University. Little did I know that meeting Ariel would mean I would marry this incredible man, start a beautiful family, and be on life’s adventures with. Thanks for making me your wife and making me a mother of two beautiful boys. You’ve made turning 30 perfect, because you let me live my dreams too. Those dreams were filled with tons of worship leading, learning the art of photography, and documentary filmmaking. I feel encouraged that I didn’t live my twenties doing nothing or regretting things because you really encouraged my dreams. And in the midst of it all we learned the ups and downs of marriage. And everything is beautiful the way it is. I’m not saying everything is perfect (because social media does that), but when I reflect on the past ten years… I forget the bad, because the good memories triumph over everything. And that’s why I can say everything is beautiful. And now I can say bring on the thirties because I have other dreams and dreams that I want to continue to live and feel. God is good. All the time. 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻


My birthday is this Saturday and just wanted to say the best gift would be a $1, $10, $20 donation to my EP project. ☺️ My goal is to raise $3,000 by the end of the summer and then I can get started on finishing this! Thanks for all of you who donated so far this summer for helping me bring this dream to life. Link in profile to donate. #theheadandheartep #amandadanziger #worshipmusic

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