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@darkturns photos and videos

Dying of the light // #venice #italy #moodygrams #artofvisuals #visualambassadors at Venice, Italy


Rain on your parade // @csoeder . . . This thing still on🎤? Hey friends, I’m feeling rusty as hell but here’s a revitalization of a set I did way back when w/ Ross & Christy. Make sure to check them out in the tags. They’re both extremely talented. I’m feeling better so I felt it was time to finally post something. Lmk whatcha guys think✌🏽 -J _____________________________________________ #nyc #chinatown #portraitpage #moodyports #pursuitofportraits #ourportraitdays #portraitgames #gramslayers #sdmfeatures #portraits_mf at China Town, Manhattan, New York City


Running on empty // . . . This road has been called one of the most photogenic roads in America and after seeing it myself I can agreed wholeheartedly. However every shot I’ve seen was always taken during the daytime and I wouldn’t be living up to my namesake if I didn’t put my own spin on it. In retrospect I can see why I haven’t seen this shot at night. The drive up is pretty treacherous and you’re working in complete darkness with only starlight for guidance. 10/10 would do it all over again. Tip: bring something reflective so you don’t have to worry about oncoming traffic like me😅🏞+🌌 ________________________________________ #yosemite #visualambassadors #artofvisuals #moodygrams #agameoftones #whplight #nightphotography #complexphotos #hsinthefield at Yosemite Valley, California


My own worst enemy // @richardsin_ . . . For those wondering how I made this image I did it by combining a few frames I took on the same day w/ @richardsin_ The sky was enhanced in post with another shot I took off the manhattan bridge. It all started off as an idea I got during times I was stuck and the only person preventing me from getting unstuck was myself. Too often I’d find myself dwelling on negative thoughts and self-criticism that‘d stop me from progressing in some aspect of my life. I’d say I wasn’t good enough or I’d get down on things out of my control. This is a reminder for me and anyone facing something similar to focus of what you can control; mainly your own thoughts & mindset and it’s never too late to get back in the game. -J #whpjourney ___________________________________ #visualambassadors #agameoftones #moodygrams #complexphotos #hsinthefield #artofvisuals #nyc #ballislife #enter_imagination @photoshop at New York, New York


Perfect to a fault // {swipe left⬅️} . . . I took these last year during my visit to London. It was my first time there and it had come just on the eve of weeks of researching//planning prior to my upcoming trip. I was so excited and I had a million different ideas bouncing around my head it was overwhelming and just 36hrs to try to capture them all. I didn’t have the luxury of time so planning every minute would be crucial. Fortunately lady luck was only my side as I was able to witness two beautiful sunsets during my stay. It was a crunch but thanks to an unhealthy amount of caffeine I was able to accomplish most of what I set out to do. Here are three different images I made in the same spot. It makes me sad it’s taken this long to share but my perfectionism has come to the point where I don’t think anything I make is good enough. It doesn’t help that social media only seems to amplify it. Coupled with my ongoing struggles with mental health and you got a recipe for a hot mess. In recent months it seems I’ve been happier distancing myself. Anyway this is me relenting and making up for lost time. I’m trying to be better irl along with this Instagram thing. Be seeing you soon. -J . Which is your favorite 1, 2 or 3? __________________________________ #moodygrams #stayandwander #complexphotos #artofvisuals #visualambassadors #agameoftones #lensbible #thisislondon #bigben #hsinthefield at London, United Kingdom


A work in progress // SWIPE LEFT to see my edit from 1 year ago. • • • I took this shot in Feb 2017. At the time I just reached my first thousand followers. I was still relatively new to photography, the only lens to my name being the “nifty fifty.” The lens I shot this on I rented for a week online. From talking to other artists and from personal experience i know it’s easy to get down on your work, especially in an age where comparing yourself to others is impossible to avoid with apps like Instagram, but I’m reminding myself today it’s all a work in progress. One step back and two steps forward. _____________________________________________________ #nyc #beforeandafter #timessquare #moodygrams #agameoftones #artofvisuals #visualambassadors #depthobsessed #streets_vision #nycprimeshot at Times Square, New York City


My last entry for the #ivvnwongffa It has been an absolute joy and privilege to edit these photos. This one in particular is comprised of dozen of images and most of the heavy lifting was done prior to my edit. So one last time if you haven’t already go check out @ivvnwong Looking back I’m surprised how much I ended up learning during this process. I feel having an incentive helped motivate me to give 110% in these edits and hopefully it shows. I was in a creative rut prior, feeling lukewarm about my own work but having something to take my mind off it has let me focus on the fundamentals and move past it. Thanks so much for tuning in! Hope you enjoyed seeing these photos as much as I did making them. -J 🖤 ______________________________________________ #agameoftones #theimaged #visualambassadors #AOV #moodygrams #nycprimeshot #whpillusion at New York, New York

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